Star World's most popular American popular album, "Intern 10th", will be premiered every Saturday night 10 o'clock on March 8. Christina's Korean actress Sandrow (Sandra Oh) has announced this season a perfect period of 10 years for her career as an intern, a message that many fans have been making, and more curious about the way the crew will let her go. Another pair of handsome people in the play, Alex Kalev and Josephenwilsen's love, fan support is also polarized, some die-hard fans believe that Alex Kalev's true love should be in the last few seasons in the play by Catherine Hagrid (Katherine Heigl) played by Liz ... How will the next plot develop? Before watching the latest season of interns, let's find out what kind of personality you're destined to meet this year, through the tarot cards of young Meng teachers.

Brilliant album preview

Quiz question: If you are an intern, which outpatient service would you like to be assigned to?

A. Ophthalmology
B. Plastic Surgery
C. gastro-intestinal Division
D. Department of Mental and psychological counseling
E. Dentistry

Teacher Xiao Meng introduced

Choose a: When the love knocks, I smell an infinite fragrance of detachment, Love like the afternoon sun shines in every corner ....

The card shows you recently met a little sensitive peach blossom, the other side in life has a wealth of life experience, he always told himself to be strong and courageous forward, like the intern in the Mejodis grace. This person in the emotional world has a motherly spirit, which also means that the other side will be like a mother to take care of you do not let you suffer from the wind and rain, if the other side of the working hours too busy can evenly distribute time with you to a passion encounter. The two sides can always cheer on each other, although the values are different, but can always support each other.

Young Meng teacher boldly speculated that the other side of the external conditions are very handsome, has a charming smile, peach blossom is also very prosperous, when you introduce to the surrounding friends can also be admired, just as interns in the Drecksepo. In addition, to the Tarot point of view of your feelings in the world is a person too much to show their own ideas, deep in the depths of feelings you do not love to be tied, in the face of the lover you are a bit more straightforward, do not deliberately hide the feelings of the inner world. Young Meng teacher suggested that you face a lover or peach blossom will need to chew the emotional words, more tenderness offensive, when angry avoid straightforward, some words must be converted into angel wings fly into the other half of the heart Fei, so that love feather into butterflies.

Choose B: When Love and work crisscross each other, rationality is greater than sensibility, but the emotional gravity is still buried in the depths of my heart ...

The card shows you recently met the personality is bright hot, dare to love to hate, right from wrong peach blossom encounter. Each other's character is very confident to enjoy the simple taste of love, do not love to be emotionally tied. Each other for the love object both inside and outside both, but also a bit of the non-marriage, all with the cause of the people. The other person is very clear about their goals, not affected by others, like interns in the Christina Yang. You are emotionally a bit too protective of each other to let love catalyze the words of the people, before the lover has not been hurt always exhort. Even if you are in a faraway country to protect each other's heart has been hidden deep in your heart. The life of the intravenous drip, Valentine's behavior patterns like DNA reinforcement in your free time every minute.

Face show recently met Peach Blossom, two personality slightly inconsistent, the other side will feel you a little possessive desire too strong. Young Meng teacher suggested that you meet the object of love, space to give will be better than the words; the life pattern of the love human must construct the rainbow with heart and heart, so as to let love dissolve into the morning dew in each other's heart.

Choose to C: The Taste of love from elegance from the loving, Narcissus-like special feelings, lasting precious, such as crystal clear ...

The card shows that you will meet the sun-like smile, personality straightforward informal peach blossom. The other side in the character of the emotions often written in the face, happy anger trenchant, for their love of the brave pursuit, very single-minded. The other side in the past has been hurt emotionally, for love both look forward to fear of injury, just as the intern's Kelly Torres. From the tarot point of view, you are in the emotional world for the old-fashioned stubborn type, when the habit of nature will not be very different. But you meet the love of the people will pay a hot heart, in the feelings of full tolerance and trust, in the face of the tricky lover, your heart is still like cement solidified into love castle infatuation cling to,

Let fly and blow the rain not to scatter your infatuation absolutely, like you so for the love of people pay no return, just like the intern in Owen Hunter. In the near future when you meet the peach blossom, the two people are very fit for the god of love also constantly rubbing you, good business can be repaired to fruition. But young Meng teacher also wants to exhort you, when the love comes temporarily you must often cook the passionate element not to always go to the same place, or chats the same topic, such one comes to be able to boil the love to be enthusiastic surging when the throb.

Choose D: Gentle and charming among the unique masculine beauty, the sun like gold and the line into the forest, turn around, so with his stroll encounter ...

The card shows that you have recently met the heart is very strong, love sulking peach blossom, the other side negative emotions are very strong. Do not like to be dug privacy, also do not love to mention the various things happened before, this person on the surface looks more frivolous, a pair of indifferent appearance. But in his work he is a creative, innovative and have his own set of practices, like the intern Kalev Alex. And you in the feeling and work appearance although is gentle girl, but in fact is a big boy in the bone. You have extraordinary endurance when you are in a run-in with someone. Although the setbacks will still want to cry, but the personality is optimistic will try to find solutions, such as your personality as the Intern Josephenwilsen.

The card also shows that when you face a lover's flaws, you sometimes hold off the emotional outlet, but eruptions are like volcanoes burning fire. However, your emotional advantage is a careful observation of lovers, good at camouflage inner discontent, always outwardly calm and strong, let the biting words into your heart, you can still stack layers of emotion. Xiao Meng teacher suggested you, when you face emotional problems need to immediately communicate frankly face, not to let the hearts of the butterflies locked in the world of imprisonment, try to let love and emotion lifted, soon the hearts of butterflies will be able to fly in each other's hearts.

E: When I was drunk in this encounter, it was like Cupid kissing me in my sleep. But I still want to ask you, dear I still in your dream ...

Through the face of young Meng teacher boldly speculated that you will recently meet with a pair of attractive electric eyes, handsome and many gold peach blossom. This person sometimes is full of fart to talk to people some conceited, and he together if you do not understand each other's meaning is easy to disagree with the huff. But the other side still has the merit, he is very considerate to the lover, will not because the family opposition will break with you the romantic love, as long as he promises your matter one certainly will achieve, just like the intern's Jackson Avilly.

The card also shows that when you face a lover, you can always say the words to convince your lover, but when you convince a lover it is easy to fall into the other person's emotions. In addition, you are very humorous, have a heart of hearts can laugh at yourself to let the other person forget the sadness, when the other needs you, you can always accompany the right and left to understand other people's emotions and ideas and empathy, and further express their ideas. The recent peach blossom you will be a direct tolerance of each other, even sulking, young Meng teachers suggest you when the lovers appear, listen to their own inner voice, love rhythm and pace, to rely on both sides to adjust together, master, so can both drunk into the love of the river to taste the crystal clear.