You may be able to try the lamixx of the design style with 'Comfort' and 'nimbliet'!

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Fashion lamixx — — The classic modern fashion list of modern fashion

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On lamixx, your most appropriate robe

From the United States, lamixx created by the designer Jacqueline Rose.She was disappointed that she had been unable to find her own costume, and she decided to create her own brand, create, redefine the best suited for herself, and other women's fashion styles.

lamixx is to allow women to wear their styles, feel comfortable, comfortable, and comfortable cloth choices, as well as easy-to-recognize design, simple and practical, and non-time-influenced, all styles!(Recommended reading: [on Friday, Fashion )

The colors used in the lamixx series of comfortable and advanced cloth are also natural, with black and white putty, not only in style, but also in the fashion and comfort of the wearer.Many foreign visitors have been attracted by the lamixx, and they have been able to share a photo of lamixx in their own blogs or micro-blogs, sharing them with all the netizens!

Retire of the fashion of each season, tired of the so-called fashion accessories, lamixx, and uncharismous modern design, high-quality single-product, and easy-to-loosen prices, provide another outlet, and find the most compatible Urban style!(Recommended reading: An Interview with Happer Fashion: Not following the wind, only to be unique )