In the afternoon of Friday, outside the weather overcast, the Queen pushed the door into the white basket empty plush shirt, black narrow tube trousers, tread low heel heels, neat in a bit soft, like we know from the book and imagine the Queen, speak sharp but also gentle.

With a shallow smile, the Queen ordered a cup of black coffee, with a curved smile began to talk with our sharp love. This afternoon, it became very warm. The Queen before her age, 35 years old, experienced some big things in life, it is the age of elegant bloom.

March, let the Queen bring us together to open a new page, to greet new students. Perhaps is to leave an unworthy person, is to say farewell a section to hurt own feeling, is realizes the happiness is oneself to own ... Listen to the Queen and talk about love! (same field Gayon: are you really happy?) Busy meaning )

1. Do you believe in love? Do you believe there is really mr.right in the world?

Always sharp point out of love blind spot, that love is the life of "dessert" rather than "main course" queen, is to believe in love? Listen to what she says. (The Queen also secretly revealed recently met Mr.right feeling!) )

Of course I believe in love, I think before I find Mr. Right, I will go through a lot of Mr. Left.

In the face of love, whether good or bad, I was very positive, although there are several times of lovelorn experience very painful, but I always feel that leaving a very sad relationship, on their own is a good thing. In the absence of a boyfriend's day, but can calm down to ask what is really suitable for themselves, in order to find and their own clicked object.

I do not like the healing method is "quickly find the next, to escape the haze of the previous relationship." "Because it is more likely that we will find the next one is also a wrong object, and that period of recall, but only two people for the brief heating, or to waste the heart and time of others pay."

On the other hand, I really believe in love, do not have to meet the right people, and lose faith in love.

Love for me, is a search for the process, all of a sudden to find your right sir, maybe we will not so cherish it. (The Queen said , "Ride on a donkey and never find a good horse .")

2. If you use an object to compare love, what do you think it will be? Why?

I think love like flowers, flowers need sunshine, need water, need to grow in a good environment, need to care for her, will open beautifully.

I think love is a need to be taken care of the flowers, it is very fragile, not take care of it, it may be withered, or root rot, grow to half long, like those only half of love.

I think that regardless of the length, whether it is a beginning of the ambiguous, or a long time old wife model, love is still to operate with heart.

Always said that will be sent home, a long time to say you are not as good as your own car home, before the careful preparation of Valentine's Day gift also guess what each other likes, Long said the old man's wife where there is nothing good to send, over time even love is lazy.

It may be lazy to have a long relationship, but it doesn't mean that you don't need to be attentive to the other half.

For girls, when you start dating guys, remember how you dress up, you even start preparing 30 minutes before your date, and after that you turn yourself into a fish girl, you still dress up, but go out with him most casually. You used to wear sexy underwear, now you wear granny underwear ... The boy is the visual animal, it is inevitable that he occasionally can't remember who attracted him at the beginning.

I feel that regardless of men and women, although together for a long time, or to remember the time when the love of their own bar, or to let themselves not too far away from the mountain, so that each other can remember who they love. Naturally very good, but also not the same as casually, the balance between dress and nature, I think it is very important.

In the final analysis, the heart manages the love, also only then has in the love feeling. (same field Gayon: Belle said Love is like the sky, not all the same scenery )

3. What do you do when you fall in love with someone you don't deserve? What would you suggest?

In fact, I do not love the people this piece is very careful to know the opposite sex is usually a friend of friends introduced, because I am very attached to the "Word-of-mouth" of the girls. (laughter) There are married and have a girlfriend of the boys I will be very deliberately to keep distance, do not want to hurt others hurt themselves. I would also like to say that many people now often feel that when the San Xiao really nothing, love is the freedom, but I think it is a very harmful to their behavior.

I will advise a lot of girls, like a boy before, to a little investigation, observe him. See if he's around, but there's another person. Many people are silly do not know, together to find themselves is a little, then love so deep to leave it is difficult to give up.

And if you are in this relationship, I would like you to be better with yourself and leave the relationship. Perhaps you feel very happy at the moment, you have his love, but this kind of happiness will make you more and more painful, to you is a disadvantage. It's possible that in the end, you really don't get anything.

And if this boy really likes you, he will not be willing to wronged you, let you be his big one. If you really like him, he will not jump between two people. (It is also possible that he thinks: small Three is only love, collocation is Life )

Whether or not you really want to cross the knife to take love, if the boy for you to break up with others with you, presumably in the future, you will always live in the boyfriend was robbed of the uneasy, and most of the people have split leg experience, in fact, will always walk the old way of cheating.

I would think that girls have to respect themselves a little bit more before the boys will respect you. If you are really not careful to fall in love with, then remember to protect yourself a little, don't hurt black and blue, and nothing, see very distressed.

4. What do you think about the deadly attraction of playing coffee?

More than 20-year-old I might want to play with fire, but now I may not want to be such a son of a volcano. like playing coffee, it is like throwing stones at their feet, let yourself into a future will be very painful relationship. (Play Coffee true confession: men look at your first glance, never thought to be everlasting )

Some people you know that he is playing coffee, you can not help but want to close, can't help but fall, and know that impossible but want to change him, everyone feel that they will be playing the last port of play coffee. But if it is so easy to play, it will not be a game of coffee bar!

And frankly speaking, I do not like playing cafes, but like obediently boys, a little home a bit of the kind of grass-eating men.

I think when I fall in love, I want to find a complementary object. Because I am outgoing, so I will find a quiet boy. I like to express my ideas, so I need an audience, if the boy is as noisy as I am, probably think two people are noisy. The individuality is complementary, but the interest is congenial, this will be quite good.

5. Trapped in an unsuitable love, do you have any suggestions to come out the quickest?

If you want to force yourself to end a relationship, you must first cut off contact with each other.

First delete FB, do not see her dynamic, do not think of him, or he went to where, your heart has been he led away. Delete it, really do not force yourself to come out soon, be sure to make friends with him or keep in touch with the atmosphere. This time the contact is malicious, if you will answer his phone, will go out with her, basically this thing will be endless.

It's an old saying, it's not as long as a short pain

If you decide to do so, also tell the boy said: "I will say so, please respect my decision, give me calm time." "I am a person who will do absolutely nothing, even App or line will be blocked.

Another aspect, is to face up to lovelorn this matter! Tell myself that he has gone, but I can still live well. I will use a more positive way to face the lovelorn, with friends out to play, so that their lives have a lot of things to do, let oneself busy, make a little new friends, will find a lot of new people can know, the world is still very big, not only he one.

Let oneself walk out, do not own a person at home sad, you a sad, want to call him, like a ghost dozen wall circle.

6. What do you think about having sex without love? Can you accept a relationship that has no love?

If you have sex without love, you mean a one-night stand or a gun friend! Personally I think this is a personal choice, if you are mature enough to do so of course there is no problem. But in the girl's position, I would think that girls really hard to play boys.

Many times, we will gradually like the boy because of the sex, and finally fall into the confusion of love. Why sex, women secrete oxytocin hormones, so that women have attachment )

So I think unless I'm tough enough to accept being a player, I'll just do it. Otherwise, I don't think girls have sex without love, they'd rather find a guy who can socialize with you, and don't get a guy who just wants to have sex with you.

As for my own can accept, I can accept but I dare not, because I think I can't afford to play Ah!

It's easy for boys to get separated, but girls are more difficult. Girls often have sex, sex and love because of love, which is a wonderful cycle of multiplication. A sexual relationship takes place, and over time it will want the boy to enter his life in a more all-round way, and girls may not be quite the same as boys in this respect. so one night stand and gun friends I think is to get what they need, to the people who can afford to play!

7. Do you feel loved or happy or loved?

I personally think that a lover is a very happy thing.

I have experienced the relationship of pure love, although you will be very happy that someone is so good to you, but the part of your heart is very empty. Because you can only always accept, but really can not pay.

It's hard to love someone, you have to be willing to give. But at the same time at the time of giving, you will be satisfied, a sense of accomplishment, will be very happy. That kind of happiness is very different from the happiness of being loved, and the happiness of the lover comes from yourself.

Of course, it would be best if you were loved again.

8. What is your favorite line of love?

To lose balance sometimes-for-love are part of living balanced life. Sometimes losing balance for love is also a way of balancing life.

It's a line in the "Enjoy it, one person's trip." The heroine liked a boy, then fled, met intelligent elders told him: "Do not be afraid of losing balance because of love." "I like this sentence very much."

I think there are two kinds of "loss of balance", one is bad, because love a person, become indifferent to relatives and friends, do not care about work, except he does not care about anything, that imbalance is not very good, you consume yourself, also did not get anything.

There is a good loss of balance, is that you do not lose yourself, but you are willing to do something for him, willing to have some change because of him, and that change, in fact, let you grow. It is a happy thing for me to do it, but to do it for the other side.

My recent situation is that every time I go out with my friends will play late, there are like the boys will say "You have to go to bed early, do not come home so late." "It would be sweet to make some changes for him," he said. Each other likes you, of course, will want you, you because he changed, also let oneself become better. (same field Gayon: love pink!) Queen's 18-ping sweet single nest )

9. What are your mating conditions?

At present, we would like to know the future of development, but also want to set down the people.

I like the zoo's lovely animal area, docile cute type of kind. So I like most of the people are home of the wooden herbivorous man. I have no way of living a drama type of life every moment.

I will not be particularly forced to exaggerate the romance, roses spread all over the street, kneeling on the street ... Wait, it's too much for me. I think the so-called "pain" should be taken care of and care about each other's life, such pain, not insolent very practical, but also very romantic. (Recommended reading: The condition is temporary, get along with is a lifetime )

Maybe he won't do anything particularly exaggerated, but he's good to you in life. When the weather is cold, will take you to drink hot soup, will care about your life, the romantic life, in life, casual time to make you feel very intimate. When you see something too heavy, take the initiative to help you get it ... This kind of life inadvertently show the intimate, for me is very moving.

Plus, I think two people together, the most important thing is that values and ideas are similar.

It's hard to get along because it's easy to fall in love. Many people have the courage to love, but do not get along with the determination. two people together for the way of life and the imagination of the future at least have a consistent direction, if not the same, at least two people must be able to communicate and tolerance.

10. What is the good love in your mind?

"Is that billionyearold can still walk on the road with a hand."

When young, the love is very sweet, very pink, but if a couple is so old, still can hold hands on the road, it is very romantic. The action shows that their feelings stand the test.

I remember one time when I was traveling abroad to meet a couple of sweet old couples, and every year I met my wedding anniversary, two of people went to an unknown place to travel together. Looking at their backs, I think it is a very good love adventure for them.

(Next Womany will reveal the Queen's view of sex exclusively!) )

11. There are many women in Taiwan who have difficulty with the topic of love, sex and so on, what are your views on sex?

I think sex is definitely going to talk.

The topic of sex can talk to a good sister, I have some good sister friends, and occasionally talk about the topic of sex.

Perhaps some people feel that sex is not so important, spiritual love is more important, there is no matter. But personally, I feel that love and sex need to be balanced, and that the spirit and body will fit, wouldn't it be great?

After all, it's not so easy to find the objects that fit the personality and sexual life.

I think the topic of sex between lovers is also to talk about. For example, what kind of posture do you like, like to try new places, to think which place is particularly comfortable, which experience makes you feel good ... And so on, releasing some messages to get to know each other better.

Because if you are bored in the heart, for example, you really hate this posture, boys are super enjoy this posture, you do not say, then one day can not endure on the outbreak, the boy will eventually feel really puzzling ah!

If the first feel that the sex is not suitable, in fact, can be trained, this part can look at the red blush of teaching ! (laughter)

12. What would you say if you were talking to yourself for 10 years ago, now yourself, and the next 10 years?

Very much like the Queen in answer to questions, the face is always hung with self-confidence, for the present oneself, she is so like, others see also feel like such her. She insists on the Queen's Breath and wants to say to all Womany readers, "Love yourself first Before you love others." Whether you are in love or not, you have to put yourself first. 」

Love is not the main course of life, but it will be the dessert that makes life sweet. Do you like the taste of love like this?

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