Each person has a bad factor, a little ban, a bit of regulation that motivators everyone's rebellito, ...

"No", "not" as if it was a much more attractive magic to do.
Each person has a little demon in his heart, and there are some rebelliy factors that occasionally want to make a bad ...(Recommended reading: divine turkup: How high is your rebel index?)

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What is the "bad factor"?

Do you often hear the devil's voice in the ear?The devil's voice is tempting.When people tell us what we can't do, let the bad factors control the situation immediately, so that we want to do it more.

Our culture reflected this phenomenon a long time ago, for example, Pandora's curiosity opened the box without his curiosity.Rod's wife couldn't help but look back, and turned into a salt column. Romeo and Juliet's parents tried to break them up, but instead let them love it more (or even more intense).Adam and Eve had been expelled from heaven for stealing forbidden fruit.Don't forget, curiosity kills a cat.

The "requirement" itself is often not like a "phantom", but the "violation" is not the same.When we want to rebel, we want to get out of the process, that means the bad factor is affecting us.The bad is that you want to do it, and you know it's not done, but it's still possible to do it.

There are many forms of bad factors in everyday life, and often the pleasure of sin, such as vanity, forgery, overconsumption, sexual desire, and many secrets hidden in Victoria's Secret.

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We don't do things like high blood pressure, but you let yourself eat a third piece of sausage pizza; it's a bed in a room on Sunday; a cigarette in a bar, a text message when driving, and a tabloid magazine when you do a fingernail -- look at , read the Wicy Bible >, or go online and browse the star gossip.

Each one has a different form of bad-factor behavior, but it's hiding in our behavior.Sometimes we want to put the moral code behind us (for example, until others rush into the elevator and press the door button).

Are you ready to dance with the bad factor?A little bit of a little bit of a bad, uninteresting dialogue or an ordinary brand can be fun.

the bad factor four great things: create taboos, bring bad people, take advantage of the "never open black box" effect, and make a brain turn.

If the forbidden fruit is not a "forbidden fruit", then it will not be so tempting. Let's take a look at the tempting world of taboo.

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Creating taboos

Girls often use taboos to make us even more fascinable (just not necessarily more respectful of them).The sex videotapes of balise Hilton and Kim Kettshan have increased their exposure.In reality, people are also robbing the bad guys, because the bad guys are easier to become famous. For example, the contestant's contestants, O ' Marrosa, and "The American Idol", Simon Cowell, are all examples.

Madonna has made the bad factor apply to the extreme: wearing a wedding dress on the dance bench, playing charm, wearing a sexy crucifixion, wearing a sexy lingerie, or a cover of an avatar book.Li Wensky entered the name-brand package market, and was not a low-key one, and the content of the resume was not forgotten with a cigar.(Recommended reading: [ Gender] Madonna's Bad Feminism, A Weird-Addicted Weird )

As long as there are bad factors in the conversation, no one will doze off, and everyone will be able to open the gate.The heroic figures in mind have been manipulated by bad factors, and the hell that has fallen into the end of all hell has made us crazy.

with a bad person

When it comes to bad, the most powerful is Las Vegas, not only with bad people, but also directly into the city of sin.

When Las Vegas is on your ear, " What's happening here is here." You have all sorts of evil thoughts in your mind.This statement has moved us to many of our hearts, fears, compromises, expectations, even religious and moral standards.You can't stop thinking: What is it, Las Vegas?

Make sin more evils

Have you ever seen the "Master of the Flower Show" in the TV series?This program has successfully used the feeling of evils of the public.Each major news channel begins to criticize the behavior of overdescribing the program.However, the "production team" did not apologize but were proud of it.On posters in major cities, he wrote: "This is bad for you", "It's going to have nightmares", "sickening", and so on, one of which says, "It's extremely inappropriate to watch."(Recommended reading: Do your own flower teacher )

Valid?Of course, the ratings are on the rise.The audience is love watching you make bad!

Define Absolute

Imagine we're in the lab right now, and it's just you and me.The lab is a white, totally unadornated, or distracted matter.There's a desk in front of you, and there's a regular black box on the table.The cover on the box is closed, but it is not locked."You can look at this box," I said, " You can touch it, but you can't open it.So I left the room, and before I left, I said, " You can do whatever you want, just don't open this box."

Maybe some people don't want to open the box.But as time went on, you might look at the box and start thinking, " What is it, what is it, I can't drive?It must be something that is so mysterious that it is so mysterious.Anyway, I didn't explain why I had to listen to what I said.You don't even know me, and you don't even trust me.

Now imagine you from the lab window, you can see the other labs, all sitting in the same situation.These people also have a black box in front of them, except that they've opened the box.It must have something to do with it!They look happy.And these people started to notice you, and you saw boxes that you didn't open.They told you to open it, and tell you not to tell me what I said.You struggle, you don't want to go against my instructions, but the inner self is at war.(Recommended reading: To Junderboy Girl: I'm on the loop outside the circle )

"If," you might say to yourself, " ... what if I just took a look at it?"

Just look at it.

Friends, this is the beginning of degradation.

How do you want others to break your rules?

What do we do if we want to fire the bad factor?If you do these things, you'll see how the countereffects are going to be.

  • , set a strict specification that is not black or white.The words "absolutely cannot", "must" and "not" should be used in the words "absolutely impossible".Establish strict, authoritarian relationships and impose severe penalties that are extremely unreasonable.Exexaggerate possible negative consequences.

  • firmly say “ NO ”, do not give a reasonable explanation.For most people, asking them not to do anything is simply like a red cloth for a cow.Let others try to resist you to prove they are independent.
  • Don't build trust.Do not give any familiar situations or data to each other when explained.
  • Last, to take advantage of the Black Box Effects: lure them by the mystery factor, let them take a sneak look, but don't make any explanation.Tell them what they can't do, but don't tell them, why can't we do that?

The bad thing we're talking about here is not really a bad thing, it's a bad thing, it's not about you going to hurt people.Rather, making good use of the little bit of the bad factor in everyone's mind can not only increase the individual's unique charm, but also be a motivator for effectively motivators.