US Idol 13Q and Women fan womany invited to witness the birth of a new generation of global stars!

The people in Taiwan say, "Spring is ringing, and the weather is about to warm."The American media claimed that "when the American Idol" entered the top 10 final, it represented the springtime.The top 10 contestants will be announced this week, along with the < American Idol > of the United States and the global audience of 13 years.This also represents a step closer to this year's finals, of course, , of course, who will be able to get the American Idol > Summer Tour " to make the game more white-hot.

This year's newly — "Little Henry Connie" also brings exciting performances to the show, and the contestants "can learn the same tricks on Henry Conney's name, and let himself continue to push forward."The likes of Dust, the Schieder "and" Caliber " were seen as good to be judged by the US public.Will the great performances Anke and Maraja last night be able to take the top 10 seats them?

The American Idol is the grand draft of the singing draft, and this year, this year, this year, this year, year, this year, this year, this year, this year, this year, this year, this year, this year, it joined the Each contestant has the courage to go through the next level of the race, he said. " At the end of the dream, the contestant is emitting heat on the dance platform of the dream.More Handwriting This Week is New This Week: 10 Competitors Create New High Spec. Let Many Competitors Direct

It's a dream come true that singing on American Idol Dancing is a dream come true.

Star World and Woman s fan womany invites you to witness the birth of an American idol , leave a message telling us which competitor you think will be eliminated, and that every week you have the opportunity to start a high-level SMS Audio headset by 50 cents of a well known rapper.

  • Four, five nights a week, 6pm Star World satellite
  • Six days a week, 6pm in the Star World Chinese text

Start prediction:

Active Time:

2014/3/14 to 2014/5/11

Activity prizes (randomly shipped):

Last 7 Weeks Forecast of SMS Audio Street by 50 on ear headset, pink, Selling Price: $6,290
Last three weeks Forecast of SMS Audio Street by 50 Over ear ANC earphones, silver, $8,590
wanted to understand the charm of SMS Audio Street by 50-series headphones? I understand!

SMS Audio Street by 50 Earphone

The current headset brand, created by the US Rap the Great-Fifty Cent (50 Cent), has been introduced by SMS Audio to launch the STREET by 50 On-Ear Wired color limited ear headset, with full colors and tidal current.The earphones are designed to be excavated, folded and designed together with their own storage shells, convenient to take away with a 40 mm driving monomer tuned by the [SMS Audio] professionalism, with a clear sense of rhythm and tone, as well as a top-notch sponge with memory function, providing a senseless feeling of comfort when listening.

STREET by 50 Over-Ear ANC Wired headphones a 40mm drive unit and an ANC drive unit with an ANC drive with an ANC active anti noise. The can effectively eliminate noise, isolate the outside interference, use to listen to music for 70 hours, even if it is used for a long

STREET by 50 Over-Ear ANC Wired headset mounted with an [SMS Audio] tuned 40mm m drive unit with strong bass strong, high -medium audio, music, , rock ' n're-rhythm pop music. With mobile devices, the STEET by 50 Over-Ear ANC Wired earcap supports aggressive noise, which can eliminate all environmental noise, effectively reduce aircraft, automated people, and car-like , and can enjoy as well as full . 1.7em; ">; Earphone is full of power and plays music under the noise-resistant function, which can play music for up to 70 hours, i.e. to stay outside for a long time without fear of power problems; and, even if it does not have noise-resistant or powerless situations , still listens to music.

[SMS Audio] STREET by 50 On-Ear Wired color limit ear headset specification table:

  • US Rap the Great-Fifty Cent Create Shiplar Headset
  • 40mm Driven Monomer, Strong Bass & Reap
  • OVALFIT ™ Light Ear Design
  • 3.5mm Au-Gilded Transfer Header

[SM S Audio] STREET by 50 Over-Ear ANC Wired ear-headset specification:

  • United States Rap Mob-Pentagon (50 Cent)
  • 40mm drive unit, strong bass & heavy
  • ANC active anti-noise function
  • listen to music with anti-noise function, listen to music for up to 70 hours
  • listen to music continuously
  • 3mm gold-gilded connector
  • phone-controlled microphone, iPhone and general smart phones
  • soft leather memory foam pads, ventilation
  • with Micro USB charge line and flight adapter

Activity considerations:

  1. The host will draw each week's award for the winner of the lucky draw at the time of the draw.In the event of a duplicate winning, the winner is allowed to be awarded the prize for the first time, and the organisasi has the right to award the award.
  2. The winners list will be posted on the website of the event, and the winners will be required to host the names of their names and the counties and cities in which their names are located on the website.If a person gives false or false information, the host is entitled to cancel the award.
  3. The host will notify the winner of the telephone number and e-mail address within 5 business days from the date of the Notice of the Award.The winner will be given an award in conjunction with the organiser, who will not be able to redeem or redeem his/his/his/his/his/his/his/his/his/his/his/his/his/his/his/his/his /
  4. The award is not to provide a replacement, a change of style, and a midperson who is not required to exchange cash or transfer to another person.
  5. This event is an award given by a partner who is not a producer or producer or service provider of the award, and provides no partnership, distribution agent, or warranty relationship between the supplier and the supplier, if the award is disputed (such as defects, warranty and other services plus charges).
  6. Participants shall not be eligible for any illegal, cheated, untrue, unfair, improper, or other technical cheating to participate in a raffle, or use a program or other means to interfere with the forgery of the system, such as the organiser's verification of the alleged wrongdoing, and the organiser will have the right to cancel his or her eligibility.The organizers may determine whether the participants have violated this method based on the discretion of their discretion.
  7. This activity is limited to the residents of Kinmen, Penghu, and Matsu in the Republic of China.
  8. The host has the right to modify the activity method at any time, and to cancel the activity.