Massage, at first glance, it feels like it doesn't have much direct correlation with sex, but it's actually very effective and romantic, and it's very romantic, and it's an interesting way of getting a new player.

Sentiluring method of seduced people

Asian, because there are a lot of cultures in Asia compared to Europe and America, we know that there are still a lot of women who are shy about taking the initiative to take the initiative to attack sexually, even though they are proclaiming themselves as a guardian of the idea.At this time, it is a very good way to propose a massage for each other.

However, dear, remember, the massage here is not so much that the massage is being pushed by the people, and the sweat and the sweat of the sweat are hideous. This is really not a sexy thing! A gentle massage can help boys to enter the sex model more quickly. If the techniques are so high, it is not hard for the boys to have an itchy heart and blood pulse, which is a bit more difficult to do!Moreover, the process of massage can also help to alleviate the feeling of being shy and shy. When massaging each other, it can also brewed the desire of oneself by touching the other person's body.Massage is a seduced method of seducement.

Cultured atmosphere and sensory

At the time of the massage, the bodies of the two people touch each other naturally. You can juggle with your own body. Sometimes you can let each other's pores be filled with excitement and unpredictability, and it's a little heat!The massage can improve the efficiency and the thermal efficiency of the chemical reaction between the two people simply!

In addition, in the process of massaging, it is possible to explore different sensitive bands on the other side of the other side, increasing the probability of orgasm and opportunity.Of course, this kind of good thing cannot only be shared by boys, but girls also need to make their own services.Yes, girls can even hint at each other through massage, which places the feelings of the other side in a particularly strong sense.Before you can understand your own body, you can find yourself in a sensitive area by touching another half of your massage.

During the process of massaging, there is an opportunity to uncover different sensitive bands on the other side of the body, increasing the ease of orgasm

romantic massage is not difficult to use!

At first, half kneeling in front of him, let him sit in front of you in a comfortable position: beginning with the head of a massage partner, quickly relaxing the other side, massaging his ears with a little bit of strength, and then touching his cheeks to the chin and gently rubbing it back and forth.

Next is a little bit of beware: When your hand touches his cheeks, you take the opportunity to spit in his ear and take a little bit of his earlobe.He then hugged him with both hands behind his back, leaning his head on his shoulder, and whisper in the ear of some of the lovers' sweet chattering.Attention, ladies and sisters, usually attach the upper half of the body to his back.If it's a girl with long hair and a secret weapon, it can make your hair dazzling on the boys' chest, and it's another kind of sensory stimulus.

Girls who have no confidence in their breasts, short hair, or have already known that the other half would have a counter-effect: please try to sit on the bed (or on the floor, or on the ground), as long as you can sit down and stretch your legs, but this part would take your sitting posture to take your seat and open your legs into a V-shape, and allow your partner to sit on your legs slightly.

Then, unintentional hands are moved to the boys' chest, pointing at the nipples of the boys, sliding all the way to the upper abdomen of the boys, and then staying at the lower abdomen of the boys, three to four fingers below the belly button, and moving back and forth between the upper and lower parts.At the same time, the waist of the partner is tightly clamped with the thigh, and the waist of the partner is moved downward, and the inner side of the thighs and the waist of the partner and the waist part of the partner are actually the same as the skin of the skin.

Oh, right, of course, it's better to wear thin and sexy effect!Let's try to provoke him in a new way in the new beginning in 2013!

Womany ’ s HOT tips:
1. Many boys really like girls to surround their waist with their legs, and their own sexual implications are very strong, and it is said that they will also stir up the desire of men to conquer.
2. The skin is exquisite and tenable inside the inner side of the arm and inside the thigh, making use of these parts for emotional massage, doubling the effect!
3. More hotter darts, you can try to see the lubricants with massage oil or different flavors, adding to the stimulus that looks like a bath, and you can just occasionally lick his sensitive waistline with the tongue. " I'm just trying to try strawberry flavors."

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