Follow a woman's gourmet dining room and make a strawberry chocolate cake that is sweet and sweet!

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[Aim é e's Handmade] Strawberry chocolate cake

G â teau roul é au chocolat et aux fraises
< English name > Chocolate cake roll with strawberry/Chocolate Swiss Roll with Strawberry

Fresh strawberries, fresh strawberries, fresh strawberries, and black chocolate, which are covered in chocolate, and the chocolate ingredient Ganache Cream is covered in the chocolate chip, and the other is a melt-capable sweet taste!(Recommended reading: Tea time!to do the Arnopama cake )


  1. Oven Preheat:

Fire 180, lower fire 160 degrees, and in household bakeware with a length of 30-40 cm, a width of 20-30 cm, a depth of 1-3cm, and a pastry paper for use.

  1. Chocolate-to-fan cake with egg-separated methods:
  • Eggy cocoa gluten: egg yolk 100g, add fine granulated sugar 160g, salt 3g, stir until color is white, Xu Xu joins Sarooil 96g, and then stir it in 176g, then add sieved flour (40g, low gluten, 200g), and then lightly mix it to the non-granule.
  • cream: protein 240g is added at the high speed of the electric blender, and the sugar 132g and the salt 1 g are added in the middle speed, so the texture is fine and firm, and the sharp angle can be vertical by using the blender to scoop.
  • with the egg yolk cocoa paste, pouring it into the protein frost, pouring it into the baking tray, then pouring it into the oven for 20 mins, turning the baking tray under the oven temperature for 5mins, or adjusting the time according to the temperature of the oven.
  1. Cresting and shaping:
  • Fresh cream: 20 g of fresh milk, 20g of sugar, a proper amount of sugarless can be put in a potted plant, and the ice water is sent to a smooth and smooth curve state with smooth, smooth, sharp-pointed points.
  • The chocolate and the wind cake body after being cooled is uniformly coated on the top of the wide edge (roll up centre) to be cut to take the form of a shallow fresh strawberry and a proper amount of black chocolate bean, and then roll up and form after slightly more fresh cream cream.
  • Ganache Cream: boil the milk or fresh milk 90g to the wok to boil (never boil), slowly add to the melted 100g of chocolate, and then put it in room temperature softer (Ganache Cream), pouring it on the surface of the cake, and finally completing it with strawberry makeup.(Recommended reading: The delicious cooking recipe: low fat-free chocolate cake

womany's sweet tips:

  1. If you want to increase the color and expansion of the cake, you can add a few (about 3g) small soda powder (about 3g) and dip power (also known as powder).The small soda powder will make the cocoa pasta have a darter colour, but it will have more soap; and the foaming powder can promote the generation of a large amount of gas, and the finished product is well expanded.But the cake you make is a health gatekeeper, and you can avoid using these food chemical additives as much as possible!
  2. When the chocolate cake body is just released, remove the grill as soon as possible and tear the paper apart by the anti-cake contraction.
  3. botanical fresh milk, which is specially prepared milk, is easy to foam and hold, it is not easy to separate from animal milk, but it is not easy to separate from animal milk, but it will be used to add a processing emulsifier, a stabilizer, a spice and a colorant.The fresh milk oil of Ganache Cream, which has a low cream fat content, is less likely to cause milk and water to be separated during the course of operation.
  4. You can also brush the sugar (Syrup, sugar and water ratio of 1: 1) with a dark plum wine on the surface of the chocolate chip, so that the mouthfeel is more smooth and well-enriched.
  5. The melted chocolate is recommended a water-isolated heating method. The chocolate sauce covered on the cake can be prepared by the chocolate (Couverture), which conforms to the international standard, which is more than 31 % of cocoa butter, has good ductility, has lustre when it is solidified, and the imported chocolate (p â te à glacer) is suitable for the chocolate products with fluidness and fluid.