The mood of the baby Down syndrome, perhaps only the same is the people of Down's syndrome they understand best. They recorded a film about the mothers of the children with Down syndrome: Don't be afraid, your child will be very happy.

Ever thought of a woman becoming a mother? The mood of October pregnant, pregnant with a new life mood, feel the child in the belly breathing grow mood, and in the dear child before the birth, was told he has the mood of Down syndrome ...

Which mother does not want her child to be born healthy, the mother worried about the future of the child's failure: "My unborn child has Down syndrome, I am afraid, I fear for him, his future days will be what?" "I ' m expecting a baby." I ' ve discovered he has Down syndrome. I ' m scared, what kind of life would I child have?

The mother's fear, let these 15 Down's children determined to stand up, they face the camera firmly told the mother, do not worry, your child will be happy, please believe him.

Dear Mother,

Don't be afraid. Your child will have the ability to do a lot of things for himself. He can hug you, he can run to your arms, he can talk, tell you he loves you, he can go to school, just like a child of his age.

He learns to write, he writes a letter to you, and one day he may leave you. Because, he can also travel.

He has the ability to help his father with his bicycle, he has the ability to work, to make money for himself, and then he will use his money to invite you to a meal. He has the ability to rent an apartment and live on his own.

Of course, all this is difficult for him. It was very difficult and he had to spend a lot of effort. But is life not always difficult for all people? For all mothers, watching their children grow up is also a worry for their children.

Dear Future mother, although your child will have Down syndrome, but he will really happy, just like us. And you will be very happy too. Trust us.

They all want to tell you, down the baby really can, please you believe he can grow up happy, and remember to give him a lot of love. Every Down's baby's behind, there is a very brave mother, and every down the baby's mother's eyes, there is a very proud of his children. (same field moved recommended: face only live 10 days of small life, the parents decided to do so ...

Watching the movie immediately tears ...

About Down syndrome, know a little more

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Tang syndrome, also known as congenital folly, was first known as Mongolian or Mongolian dementia. (later because the name has a discriminatory meaning, and no longer used) patients with Down syndrome are characterized by a wider face than the average person, with small eyes and a pick. The Tang syndrome is also known as an "international" or an international face because of the similar characteristics of the face of all countries with Down syndrome.

Tang syndrome is a disease caused by chromosome defects in the human body (the 21st chromosome three-body mutation), which can lead to learning disabilities and mental disorders.

In Taiwan, an average of 800 newborn babies are Tang Baobao, and the majority of children with Down syndrome are associated with genetic mutations (95%), and only 4~5% are related to family genetics. And on the early detection of the symptoms of the baby Down syndrome, whether it should continue to give birth to children, but also many mothers heart the most painful question.

In fact, in the progress and efforts of modern medicine, the life expectancy of patients with Down syndrome has been increased from 20 to 50 years of age, and if patients with Down syndrome receive functional and physical therapy early, they can also give full play to their potential, complete university studies and even open employment.

In addition to recommending that MOM be able to do the first pregnancy screening at 11-13 weeks earlier, be prepared psychologically, and also want to say that every part of life is meaningful behind the arrival. Down syndrome baby, is so fragile and beautiful, Tang baby mother to use more thoughts to water this life, to care for his growth and healthy. Although hard, but also lucky to witness down the baby every time struggling to speak, every hard to move forward, every serious life, with more than the general people more fearless attitude towards their lives. (also take a look at this mummy's story: The most lonely and the most full of the road, Tin Ann Mother Choxiaojin )

3/21 is the world's Down Syndrome Baby day, let us say, the world's Happy birthday of the Tang baby! Because of your birth, we understand that life is beautiful, but the world is also happy because of you.