Do you really want to be a democracy, if you are a citizen of the anti-service trade?

March 18, Taiwan's first appearance of students occupy the Legislative Yuan, in order to protest the black box operation of the Cross-strait trade agreement, without the normal procedure of discussion, analysis, resolution (if you are not clear, you can look at the lazy bag: a sleepless night in Taiwan indignation: Anti-trade black box on the scene directly hit ). Cross-strait trade agreements can create many possibilities, as well as the reality of their market resources requires cross-strait cooperation, but we oppose the brutal act of violence, we oppose the adoption of ignorance, ignoring the voice of the people. Some people say that women fans have political issues, but women fans, understand you, we talk about love, but we also care about politics and the world we are in. So we directly invite the participating citizens to Wu Yunzi , to answer some questions and bring more firsthand photos and news from the scene for you who can't go.

How do you get into the Legislative Yuan?

"I think what to do, to the main entrance to the Legislative Yuan, see the Taiwan Professors Association's predecessors in protest, and then to the side door to see the anti-black box trade concert, heard the Autumn Qin sang Minter, then see a lot of spontaneous students and citizens, the more than 300-400 people." When I walked back to the front door, the predecessors began to turn over the wall into the Legislative Yuan, 20-30 people have entered the court, 20-30 people sitting in the Legislative Yuan, at this time the police still have a number of advantages, because to carry people to walk a protest citizens to two to three policemen to carry. Suppose there are 100 policemen, about 70-80 people are at the main entrance, the side door is only 20-30 people, but the crowd is more than 10 times times, so a large number of students can have the opportunity to enter the debate. after entering the venue, I was surprised that they would read, play guitar, Sing Formosa, which directly reminds me of the miserable world of college students! This is too romantic, if Taiwan is saved, it is definitely the group do not give up, do not let go of the young let me see as the sunflower-like hope! "

Who the hell are the people in the Legislative Yuan? Is it a mob? Was it instigated by political figures?

"I've been looking at my faces all night, young people and, of course, some of the familiar faces of social transport, but they're all for the main, and the major field groups with microphones are the students." But more are looking at the face book and PTT forward the message to the young people, some three or four friends a group, some couples stalls, or as I am a person to see the network news and a lot of citizens, basically can be said to be a group of network on the mob! We people can hold up to seven, guarding the police four times, outside solidarity with the masses began more than 100 people, and now there are more than 2000 people, this is also midnight 500 police force can not enter the debate, because the number of people outside the field beyond the police can be cleared of control, so don't say on the street what to use And now we're still here, the media never reported, to real-time bursts, to CNN, the BBC reported that the trade has never known anyone, to the scene there are 480,000 Taiwanese attention all night , which proves that more and more people from now on, together to act, as Kano said, "Don't think to win, want to not lose!" It is a historic moment for the people of Taiwan to show their power by awakening and uniting with the government. "

What's going on in there?

"The court inside the courtyard has already become the field fortifications, the discussion outside the legislative courtyard plaque has been the solidarity citizen to dismantle, and the outside solidarity number exceeds thousand people, the police force both sides cannot take care of, temporarily cannot be fortified, the citizen Legislative Yuan defends the first round." 4:30, although the air conditioning is closed in the field, the temperature is hot, but the heart is hotter! Students and loudly **"their own country to save, their own Congress to defend themselves! The slogan of the "**; If the police enter the court, all the people will be holding hands together into a wall to protect the President of Parliament; Over the field, the more than 500 citizens who were prevented from entering the court also held a sit-in in the Legislative Yuan! Taiwan's doctors also formed a solidarity medical corps to prepare the citizens for a rainy spot. 』

Many people see mob emotional movements, what do you say?

"The press will only report what they want to report!" 1500 of citizens who came out of the field appeared to be cleared by the police, the 500 citizens in the field are also ready to be carried out by the police, but see Zhongtian reporter only special shot under the conference table computer Damage screen, probably back to do a student mob destroyed the news of public property, he saw just come in the police push under the strong situation? And the MA government's strong Ser trade to destroy Taiwan's democracy and the rule of law of the news transit will do? students sit quietly reading, playing guitar singing, civic forum practice democracy such news have to do? We're not mobs! "

What are your feelings about participating in the civic movement?

"Because I don't know when the police will be on the court quick experience, as this empty Dean throne, the horse government is stronger Ser trade the biggest controversy is not democratic process , through last year's legislature resolution should be examined, and 70% of public support for backing, but the MA government to strength Guan Shan, Temple adults do not act or pretend to have as, like the documentary film "Pull A River" the children of the Christian Church Adult: "Tug of war, is to let go, lose." "Adults to let go of democracy, students know not to let go, so they will choose to occupy the Legislative Yuan *=, practice democracy in the court, democracy has never come out of the sky in the afternoon, is the unity of the people to fight for!" * English has a word called earn, is to use all the efforts to earn, even the children know should not so easy to let go, how can adults to Taiwan's Hard-won democracy let go! * The speaker sitting on this chair and the Legislative Council members, the hearts of people, how can we allow the trade without substantive review on the clearance! Therefore, the citizens of Taiwan should unite in the fight against black-box trade, so that the people will sit back to the throne of public opinion! Like Chiang's famous saying: "Compatriots need unity, unity is really strong!" 」』

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