Last night, we were busy sleepless nights the Taiwan press release into other languages to let the world know why the Taiwanese were angry; this morning we decided to go to the Legislative Yuan. 3/19, a real outdoor civic education class, took place in the trade black box, women are obsessed with the Legislative Yuan scene, hoping to bring you the current Legislative Yuan to fight the real situation.

If you don't know what's going on and want to know more, please look at what we've done for you. a sleepless night in Taiwan indignation: Anti-trade black box scene direct hit , Five questions: anti-trade citizens say what democracy is!

"The people should not fear the government, the government should fear the voice of the people." "the people should is afraid of the governement, the governement should is afraid of the people.

Whether you support the trade or not, if you are free, please go to the Legislative Yuan to take a walk in person, we believe you will know better, and more can make their own judgments.

Outside disadvantaged: They persuaded trade to listen to you

"Own country save, own Congress to defend itself!" 」

To the disadvantaged, the scene of the media broadcast, the people sitting on the ground, the speaker took turns on the stage to explain to trade, if you do not understand the trade, think of the scene to listen to see why the Taiwanese angry? You can start from here.

Why is this a real civic education class? What are we going to learn from this class? Let's take a look at Wikipedia's definition of civic education: civic education is an educational activity that trains individuals to exercise their duties and rights as citizens. Through relevant textbooks and teaching methods, students have a basic understanding and understanding of citizens ' rights and obligations, the relationship between individuals and groups, and the relevant democratic, respectful and law-abiding civic qualities.

In this timely civic education class, the student council is all Taiwanese. In this experience, we will learn that as citizens, we have a duty and a right to exercise our duties and rights as citizens. We do not have to endure injustice, we have to make good use of our civic qualities. It's a struggle, but it's more of an education. Please sit on the SAT.

The people who came to support, some from last night sat until noon today, from the cool night sitting to the sun, their faces are obviously tired, but they continue to sit, they can not sleep, they do not want to leave, a yawn did not hit.

The site also has a material rescue center, so that people who can not be in the long-term presence of protest can be in another way to express concern.

Taiwan University professor to share, last night on the scene to support, sent a text message to the children of the family, only said: "Dad today do not go home, dad to the Legislative Yuan, support the court in this group of brave children." 」

This is a real civic education class, case study, do you really know what will be the future of the meeting in Taiwan?

Front door: We're still waiting.

We asked a few of the policemen, they said that in fact very helpless, on this issue, due to the position, they dare not talk more, asked them how long to stay here, they smiled and said don't worry they also have shifts, finally they look at me, slowly said: "You kids, really hard." "In the eyes, only see full of apologies." (photo only schematic, protect the client)

Side door: The police don't move, we don't move.

"Change the situation for a long time, we are all writing history." Zhang suspended the message to cheer the people on the scene.

I lie on the fence, and the people around the chorus humming Formosa, stationed the police still not move, eyes but unknowingly red. They are really tired, some of them, really want to stand with us on the same front. People who protested injustice stayed here all night, did the police not? They are not bad people, they do not listen to the higher level, it is their duty, the high-level did not say, they really have no way, the face is full of helplessness.

We maintain the principle of "the police do not move, we do not move". The conflict arose after the police had been ordered to do so. a 14-hour deadlock, but we understand that we are never enemies.

The flag is an international distress signal, representing the country is difficult, in the autumn of critical survival.

If you turn on the TV, you will see the protest they are portrayed as thugs. And we are in the scene, have not seen so rational and gentle "mob"! Chen Mingzhang teacher sang Formosa, Zhang hung the message concerned, a night also did not sleep policemen red eyes, students holding the guitar, sitting on the floor to sing their love of this land.

Are they, a mob?

Image source: Ken Yang

Yes, everyone has a stand and ideology, but here we are asking for a better future for Taiwan, that's all.

Anti-trade? We are against "this hasty trade agreement", and we do not respect the public opinion, the government is rough, we are most against the people as idiots, and hiding behind, slow to come out to face the top.

Taiwanese are never afraid of free trade and open competition, but the question is whether the previously imposed trade agreement really represents what it claims to be "free trading" and "open competition". Without the participation of people and academics from the Taiwan industry, how can we really make a better future for the Taiwanese people if they want to adopt the service trade hastily?

Photo offer: Ken Yang

If we do not fight, how can we be sure that we will not wake up and the weather in Taiwan?

On the March 19, the day of the Taiwanese people's voice began to officially begin. We are no longer silent, we are so hard to say what the people are looking at, we just want to be heard, and we do our best to ask the government to give the land a better explanation in a peaceful way.

when last night, when party discipline prevailed over public opinion, the people had to stand up, and when I heard them, I sat Gao Tielai Taipei from Tainan and Kaohsiung early to protest , when the government said that those who opposed the trade would eventually become Taiwanese sinners; I think of the policeman who can't be named and I said, "you've worked hard." "I remembered that his eyes were red at that time. I know, we know, we are here to wait for a better future, and we are also creating the history of Taiwan.

In the history of the torrent of us, will not forget this moment. It will not be forgotten that on March 19, the Taiwanese were so brave and so resilient to be responsible for their future.

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Text/photography: Womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko