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These days, the temperature rises, more and more spring and summer breath! What style are you going to take this spring and summer, girls? Is it a neat symmetrical wind or a sweet retro ? Remember we last a medieval warm clothes bar, secretly predicted this spring and summer, we are about to launch the second Womany x Lin Dazhi: x Clotho Joint section! As to what kind of style, let us first sell a case, please wait and see! Let's see why the symmetry wind is so red this year. (You will also want to know: mix and match fashion!) Play five different styles with sneakers )

The blood of Libra, I have inherent requirements for fairness, division, symmetry (a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder). You must have heard the word of Jesus: "Someone hit you on the right cheek and turned your left face around." "and his original intention was to tell us not to fight against the wicked, but my alternative interpretation was to be symmetrical on both sides."

When I was a child, I accidentally hit the right arm against the wall, the left arm will feel strange, feel to be under the pressure of gravity, the two sides of the "feeling" will be the same (but I do not accept the slap, no one can reward others slap, it is too dangerous, too uncivilized). Not to mention hair ornaments, earrings, shoes, clothes, of course, both sides of the same. (same field Gayon:10 seconds Master!) A little light on the toes, Cap Toe shoes, second up your fashion degree .

However, symmetry rules can be broken.

Slowly, I began to take up my watch (I can't always wear both hands) and put on my leaning shoulder dress, which is a breakthrough for my symmetrical control. Long, "Symmetry" does not seem so uncomfortable, and the choice of changeable, very interesting.

This year 2014 of the autumn and winter fashion has been published, this is full of design sense of asymmetrical fashion trend more refined, together to see the brand's latest thoughts, and I began to do this kind of new clothes design!

3.1 Phillip Lim Normal tailoring and version of the shirt-type long version of the trench coat, the use of simple color block stitching to create asymmetric visual effects, the exquisite part is even the waist seal are taken care of.

Bottega Veneta This is also the use of simple neat color block lines, not only is not the retro color matching, because the shape of the long sharp and slender body lines.

3.1 Phillip Lim Classic black-white, the proportions are particularly important. The chest line and the small flower on the shoulder point out the feminine temperament romantic. (About romance: Super Romantic!) Paris Champagne Bubble Bar )

Christopher Kane Ultra-stereo cut of the asymmetrical pink spring breeze, penetrating clothing vs. the real body (shoulder, thigh) forms an interesting reality.

Céline seems to have rules, but scrutiny is not in accordance with the rules, low-key asymmetrical luxury fashion.

LANVIN dissimilar material splicing the advanced color, asymmetrical good dynamic, taste detached.

Opening ceremony clothes and skirts are only a little unusual, and this point of design, you can get out of the trend.

Maison Martin Margiela mmm just likes to make people smile.
Just want to be a regular office guy? You want to be beautiful!

Marni favorite this one, simple and three-dimensional and contradictory rich.
I like that they all wear flat shoes, and naturally it's like everyone can wear them.

The asymmetrical season that belongs to us has begun! Show thin knitted garments on sale

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"The Light of freedom: the asymmetrical design of the summer "

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