Look at the creative life of the design brand Mizar, the designer and the children's heart of the Taiwan design, and add a healing air to your life!

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Mizar Design Creative Alliance, founded in 2009 by 19 Taiwanese designers, wants to create a better life experience by designing creative aesthetics of the people of Taiwan.“ " Mizar ” is used to guide the northern stars in the Western world, and is used to guide the stars in the north.

As a result, Mizar brings better products to people, and more hopes to create better value for designers.

The Mizar product line, which is mainly made of hardmaterial glass, and fine bone china, is based on glass original transparent colors, as well as ceramic white, and uses the ingenuge of the designer to design each product with its focus design.The emphasis on life also needs to have a "multi-sense experience" at any time. When drinking tea, it is not only the smell of the flavor, but also the visual experience of the tea set.

Elegant tea set

With the flower as the design spindle, the elegant tea set of the integrated tea machine and the flower apparatus, the full circle forms a very simple flower device, and when the tea set is combined with the flower device, the fresh flower fragrance will be sweet and flavor.

One side drinks the tea, and it meets the dual enjoyment of taste and vision.Or through a crystal clear glass of glass to enjoy the lively changes of each piece of tea in the process of stretching, who says that it must be complicated and tedious rituals to enjoy the pleasure of drinking tea?

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Play Bowl

"The onus of life, the cluttrelk, let us look at a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, a cup of wine.""

Put the different type of human rack on each cup handle, not only for a smile, but also a smile.The pressure and space of the soul are released even more in the taste of soft drinks!The ingenious design makes the tea bag a place to hang up.(Recommended reading: Designers: Imagination of JumpFromPaper comics )

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ice wine is not divided

With special glass and technology, the cold-keeping effect is hidden in the wine pot and the wine glass, so that drinking can be enjoyed as a kind of enjoyment." Ice.The design concept of wine is to infuse the cold keeping agent in the double-layer glass so that the wine bottle and the wine glass have the cold-keeping effect.In addition, the inner layer uses glass of different colors, and it slowly appreciates the change of the glass colour in the process of melting the cooling agent, which is another kind of visual enjoyment.(Recommended reading: Italian women's winery: wine is a secret of life happiness )

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