The Brazilian defensisShow cast an "sexual assault" as a favour for women, as soon as it came out, and it immediately aroused criticism.Where exactly is the line of humor and political misinformation?

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Sexual assault cases have been frequent in recent days, and the recent rash attitude of the courts in handling cases of sexual assault has also caused a social backlash.But the traditional patriarchal context is still used to misusing rape as a woman, for example, " Why do you want a person to walk on the road in the middle of the night?"," Why do you have to seduced a man's sex with sex?"Even people who are being raped", "ugly girls being raped, and we want to thank the bully," and so on, are absurd.

Take a look at the talk show that has caused heated debate abroad on the past, and the number of sex inequality awareness and dialecs hidden behind the jokes about sexual assault cases.

Rafinha Bastos, a single-port acoustic actor in Brazil, was the most influential star in the New York Times on Twitter.His recent remarks in a show led to a lot of controversy.His remarks were then reported by Rolling Stone Magazine:

"All women who complain about being raped on the street are ugly and ugly ... What are they complaining about?"You should thank God. It's not a crime for you. It's an opportunity. (Laughter) Men who do this (rape) shouldn't be held. They should be given a hug." (Recommended reading: Raped is not a woman's self-finding!)#YesAllWomen voices the voice of women )

Rape was widely seen as the "most brutal act of violence", so Rafinha Bastos immediately sparked condemnation from all circles. Bianca Cardoso, a feminist tribesmen, mentioned in the Groselha press blog:

"Rape is not only a physical violence, it's like a kidney hit, or a kick."Rape is more damaging to physical, privacy, and intimate parts of the world, imposing compulsive obedience and humiliation.Rape of this kind of behavior has more serious consequences for the victims, physical and psychological scars. Serious lacerations from involuntary pregnancy, to sexually transmitted diseases, to vaginal and rectum."

dialecic: denouncing morality and morality is equivalent to ideological control?

In Twitter, the topic label #DebEstupro is commonly used in response to this controversial subject.Singer and social activist TEisa Gargiulo ( @elisagargiulo ) and Vange Leonel ( @vleonel ) demand arrest and arrest of the funnig and actresses who instigate rape, pressuring prosecutors, lawyers, and hoping that they will take action.

Gargiulo says:

Rape = the crime of oppression (the poor, ugly, lesbian, and the lonely people on the street) treat rape as a grace of "ugly girls" - a thought that instigate crimes, and a good lawyer to sue him.

But at the same time, some people defend this funny actor, and the designer, Odemilson Louzada ( @Odemilsonjr ), stated that "it is not difficult to ask for morality to Rafinha." The rapper, Fernando Rodox ( @Fernando RodoxRj ), also said, " I oppose any kind of control, and Rafinha Bastos is caught in the control of thought!"

In the face of these, journalist Mayara Melo ( @Mayroses ) is sad to have so many "follow, push, and defend Rafinha Bastos". A teacher, Lola Aronovich, in the blog Escreva Lola, wrote an article about the advocates of these actors, and the mindset of those who think of him as funny:

These advocates believe that "rape is sexual rather than violence"?They think the victims of such horrendous crimes are lucky?They think only beautiful women will be raped.There is only one truth: these advocates know nothing about rape.Rape is too abstract for them, but it is a reality that is too far away from them, and they can ridicule them at will.If they knew of rape victims, it would be difficult to ridicule these "truthful".

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dialectics: A line of humor and political misinformation?

A series of networked discussions, turning to the nature of humor, its boundaries, and critical political correctity.In this connection, Lola Aronovich said, " Very often, humor is a forerunner.But these people who attack the disadvantaged groups, as jokes, have to understand that they don't cross anything."

For those who violate women's jokes, the journalist Amanita wrote in her blog: "Society is so radical that it makes the discrimination and bigotry of women a sense of humor in the eyes of the crowd."Worse still, this type of "modern humor" female enmity is a proud display of "politically incorrect" labels."

And the tribal client Renata Correa further stated, " Whether we like it or not, humor is entitled to say anything, anything." Humor is a reflection of society, and through this lens we see life. This is the way to see the events around us.We can't censor humor. Humor is funny enough to be able to listen to a smile, and that's right."

She also warned: "A joke on the subject of gender discrimination, gay fear, or ethnicity is not necessarily bad, but it bears great risks that cannot be laughable to the audience."Because it's an old joke.We have heard many times before.A funny joke should ring back and challenge your limit." (Recommended reading: [gender watch] Brazil rounds of violence and sexual assault cases, their victimization experience is not your joke )

A summary of the Well-known blog The Imren ç a blog:

" I recall my mother's advice: it was only when people were joking, it was humour, when some people cried and made some people laugh.This is not a joke, it is a humiliation. I think we can start here. We don't have to be boring, politically incorrect people.It is important not to let anyone suffer.

For the East CQC of Rafinha Bastos, and the absence of TV Bandeirantes in the war, Twitter was a lot of Tartary on Twitter.The companies — Rafinha — Brazil PepsiCo, Brazil's Nokia and Via Embratel TV — were — by the Twitter users (Vange Leonel and Elisa Gargiulo) to express their opinions on the matter, and they did not respond to any of the responses.