Womany in the Legislative Yuan recently in the street interview, ask them sitting in front of the legislature, listen to their demands, the respondents ' intonation is mostly gentle, but the expression is firm, we would like to say strong, will not lose tenderness. Today is 3/30, the sun flower movement will bloom in front of Ketagalan Avenue, we want to return to the original purpose of trade, this time we stand up bravely and gently, is to be able to still be worthy of the heart of the people say we are Taiwanese. (also take a look at our Trade topic )

3/181 The campaign, which was named the "Sun Flower Movement" , was quietly launched, casting a shocking bullet for the supposedly calm and silent March. Regardless of support or opposition, Taiwan has indeed started a "trade hot", people all over the country have come out to discuss this protest activities, to express their views. And such a craze has spread to the international, not only the BBC, CNN and other major media have reported the movement of the relevant events, in New York, a group of people with practical action to express their demand for trade .

And 3/23 of the Executive Yuan crackdown activities, let us experience a thrilling night. A large number of police force to the scene of the protest to expel protesters, or even three of the town to mobilize the storm water tankers to help drive. No matter who really holds the so-called "legitimacy", there is no denying that the night, the Taiwan is full of pain and crying.

The protesters pushed away the horse and entered the Executive Yuan. (Photo source: Lisa Wu)

A large number of police officers were gathered at the scene. (Photo source: Lisa Wu)

Repression of the midnight, rescue station a havoc.
(Photo source: Lisa Wu)

These days, the media has continued to report a number of provocative protest images, in various ways to interpret the significance of the movement, in so many opinions, positions of information buried, how many people still really remember the original want to express the "gentle power"?

Yes, the scene of the struggle is filled with a lot of passionate expression, but the core of the appeal is a peaceful, calm, not bloody conflict, and I hope that the government can respond to their protest and conduct an open and respectful dialogue with each other, but there are many people who want to know the whole story of such demands and understand each other's ideas. (Rational and social dialogue: to kill Taiwan is never despair, but hope )

3/30 is the sun flower movement to wear black clothes on the days of Ketagalan Avenue, we do not know what the outcome will be, but we hope that in their hearts and deeds are held in the same way as in the past gentle and calm, in a peaceful and orderly manner parade. For whatever it is, the ultimate goal is to make Taiwan a better place! (also take a look at: is Taiwan coming to an end? 10 questions addressed to Taiwan )

Let us listen to the soft voice of the scene!

"I want children to learn about the importance of fighting for their own rights, and to feel and experience it truly." 」

If you have to the Legislative yuan in the past few days, you can see a very special tent area at the entrance, there are many parents with children around in a circle, with the painting or group activities of the way seriously on the outdoor civic class, they are a parent-child common group.

"In fact, I didn't know what trade was at first, but I do not want to be so ignorant, so that my children accept the government's reckless decision of the future, so I chose to come to the scene, actually to understand what the students are protesting, and how the service trade will affect us. 」

The Ceng, who was interviewed, said to us in a gentle but firm tone. She felt that no matter support or opposition, should be to the scene to make good use of their own eyes to judge, rather than be the media presented by the single point of view confined to the idea.

We went on to ask her why she wanted to bring the baby, and she smiled and asked us: Isn't this the best action citizen classroom?

"It is hoped that they will be able to experience and discuss their citizens and human rights when they are young, because children are not what adults think they know, but need enlightenment and guidance so that they can face up to their rights and obligations." "(in fact, children know more than we think!) )

"How afraid to wake up the next day, the flag changed, and we can no longer call ourselves Taiwanese." 」

Walking in Qingdao East Road, we accidentally visited a person of the foundation's teacher-think about it, she said she had only watched the live broadcast for the past few days before taking to the streets today to see what was happening, and was surprised to find that the situation was not as much as it had been written.

My sister said to me: don't you afraid to wake up the next day, the flag changed, and then we are not Taiwanese anymore? It made me feel like I couldn't just sit at home and watch and ignore it. 」

She hopes that the government will really come out and listen to the people, instead of continuing to make the right decisions in their own little circles. (We all have to learn, be responsible for one's life )

"My paintbrush, is my greatest weapon!" "

Lisa is a girl who graduated from the law department of Taiwan University, these days in the streets for the people who are willing to learn about the trade to do a personal sketch, when we want to visit her, her side still have unfinished paintings, she said that this is what she can do, thank you for standing here to care about the future of Taiwan's small mind.

"Don't fight, back, back, don't fight!" "( source of the painting:Lisa LisaHouse)

Because of her professional background, we asked her to talk about it from a legal point of view, what was the problem with the 20 public hearings on trade with the government?

"Does the government say 20 public hearings have been done?" On this point, I would like to go back to the "Why is the public hearing", in fact, there are three kinds of open dispute settlement mechanism in Taiwan, namely, the public hearing, the public hearings and the hearings . Aside from the public saying that is only for declaring executive orders, the government's choice of office hearings is a bit tricky in itself, because the hearing will protect the rights of the Parties to present their views, and the public hearings, it is not in the procedure that the hearing needs to have strict enforcement rules, including the selection of chairpersons, the process of the meeting is expressly In terms of effectiveness, even the hearings cannot "safeguard the views of the parties", not to mention public hearings.

Moreover, the participation of these 20 public hearings is very high, which means that only a very small number of industries can participate and the timing of the sessions is often subject to change. But the most unacceptable and insecure thing is that the public hearings do not guarantee your voice, so there is a situation where there is not much room to ask questions in the public hearings. Many of the questions can only be submitted in writing, and finally found that the doubts have not been resolved, the entire content of the trade is the same as the original, such a public hearing is not the same as the announcement of the conference? There is no point in getting the views of the participants to be adopted at all! "( The so-called fair justice, still exist?) )

Xu Taiwan, full of bright future!

In any way, what we want to express in our hearts is not the tenderness and love of Taiwan, for it is our home that nourishes and grows us. We also hope that one day, we can say in the most proud voice: "We are Taiwanese"(Recommended reading: Learn Denmark's six happiness genes, Taiwan will be better )

Wang Xiao Li said: "In the process of struggle, our hearts are full of the treasure of life in Taiwan." (Photo source: C.K.) Sogo)

After this time, will Taiwan become better?
(Photo source: C.K.) Sogo)

Please do not forget that these nights support us to sit here with the power of love and gentleness.
(Photo source: C.K.) Sogo)

Give us a hopeful tomorrow.
(Photo source: C.K.) Sogo)

This interview on the street, our hearts are warm, because we found that the Taiwanese still retain the tenacity of resilience. No matter how much fear, and fear, can not cover the feeling that after the night will be full of hope to believe the eyes.

May this love for Taiwan really blossom and bring us back to the hope of tomorrow!

Author: womany Editorial office/Ting-ru Hsieh