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Since the first album, the form of Lady Lady Gaga has always been the subject of everyone's topics and the subject of the chase. What exactly does the “ Gaga Look ” need to have?

Point 1: Thick high heels

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The most important advantage of high heels in high heels is that you can "pull up your leg"!

The most recent album of the "Natasha Morro", a goddess of the British designer, “ Natasha Morro ”, was the high heels of the British designer — "— Morro", who was the goddess of the high-heeled shoes.(Recommended reading: As a woman, you should learn to pick up high-heeled shoes!)

Point 2: Ttrendy design

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Due to the MV of the Poker face, the brand — New York's New York Designer brand, — Chloe , has a unique design and shiny material so that the Lady Gaga is a fan of the new designer!

Point 3: Shiny sleeves

In the Chinese community, a "sleeveless sleeve" that is regarded as an ancestor of the old ancestors, it is a hot fashion to dress up in the West!Whether in MV or on a concert, we can find that Lady Gaga is wearing a sleeveless sleeve, while her sleeves are fashion apparel designed by designer brands — Gloveup ".

Point 4: Curve close-fitting clothing

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Clothing and close-fitting clothing can show the beautiful curves of the body, and Lady Gaga is very smart to use the Ma A + fluffy dress, or the close-fitting dress, to highlight his own figure.(Recommended reading: That is, Penghu Penghu skirts )