Dear Taiwanese, have you not felt Happy for a long time lately? There are many things in life that you worry about, and there are many problems in the society that make you upset, haven't you smiled from the heart for a long time?

Listen to this Happy from the American rapper Pharrel Williams, with the Taiwanese-friendly MV, to see them dancing and singing in our familiar scenes, to protect Taiwan in a happy way, perhaps to give you a new hug for the pride of being Taiwanese .

Do you recognize the familiar scenes in the film? Quite a traditional vegetable market with Taiwanese characteristics, the words of love in front of 101, bustling East office building, hand-outing of the Blue Lake Bridge, sitting on the MRT to get to the Beitou hot springs ... A scene flashed, dear, these are Taiwan, we live this piece of land.

Watching them move freely, have you unknowingly been infected with the music, with the rhythm of the law? This film tells us in a simple but direct way that everyone can have their own way to protect Taiwan.

In fact, they danced and the screen before us, but only this piece of Taiwan land, a small figure. To put it bluntly, we may not have any real power, perhaps not immediately to change the capabilities of Taiwan's current situation, we have really nothing, but want to give this piece of land we have to dance, and keep that a very love, also want to continue to love Taiwan's heart.

Dear you, together to dance for Taiwan, Happy!

"The same field Gayon: Who is the most Happy in the world"

Pharrell WIlliams's song is red all over the world with its lively and lithe rhythm, and also created a website called 24hoursofhappy , allowing the film production team from all over the world to freely upload the local Happy moment, And through splicing will be all over the happy moment in tandem together! Take a look at the people in any country around the world, is your idea of Happy first place!

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