From the necklace, the sleeve to the high heels, and ... every hyperbole on the goddess card, none of them is saying to the world: "Be brave!""

The Kakka Fashion has swept the world, and the Wimbledon Open women will be overthrown as well.The goddess Kaka is about to sing on the fifth day of this week, and everyone is waiting for her ultra-cool clothes. A lot of fans are already in a crazy way. Not only are they yellow ox tickets and various kinds of buying and shopping trends, all the major Internet forums are discussing how to dress up and greet the idols.

Alex & Chloe Super Trippendant in Poker Face MV

Picture | Youtube video screen capture

Lady Gaga's best-selling single Poker Face is not only the national anthem of the club, but also one of her most popular tunes, and is the champion in more than twenty countries and regions in the world.Not only is music a global popular index, but it is also a global fashion for her unique, expreso-expreso-style costume.

The necklace of Alex & Chloe's anatomicity, also a perfect comment on the card spirit.With a special acryl material, the three-dimensional line is decomposed by using a plane line, like a painting of Picasso. The world is interpreted in various ways, and like a Kaka, every person is encouraged to use his own way to understand the world.

Classic Glovedup Sleeve Roll Rendering

From popular music to the world, the goddess Kaka attended the MTV Music Awards last , recently was invited to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, from the butterflies to the big sunglasses, and the snatch accessories have been the stunning fashion secrets.Whether in MV, on a weekday dress or a concert, the sleeve is the goddess card's first choice.The UK's chief sleeve — brand — Gloveup, has always been the goddess card's Queen's, subverting the traditional view of the sleeve in a sleeveless sleeve. (Recommended reading: When the traditional represents the Sleeve Sleeve, the Sleeve Stretch Platform )

Cover Sheet Carcard High-heel Nataka Marro

Picture | Youtube video screen capture

I don't want my fans to see me wearing a high heels, because high-heeled shoes represent the spirit of Kaka, "said Katka, who was on the cover of the magazine's magazine," People's Spirit "." The MV of the latest song, born this way, also wore the high heels of Natacha Marro's high heels and the voice of freedom.(Recommended reading: 100 Change Gaga: Gaga Look )

The goddess card has a variety of styles and is definitely leading the world's pop-pop.She once said, " I want to change the world bit by bit."Women fans also advocate such a card spirit, and believe that everyone can start by themselves."