Thursday afternoon, Sunny, we are in the coffee shop in Huashan, saw a long time to see shun son. Nearly 10 years past, shun son, back!

International singer Shun son rarely accept the magazine interview, this time we are honored to invite her to chat with the readers of the female fans. In advance of the interview, we were especially nervous about our loyal fans. Imagine a lot of plot, but probably never thought to face shun son, this our eyes of the Big star, will be so close to, shun son also said for a long time did not talk about music in the interview so comfortable.

Free, is the first impression we see shun son. The front of the skin skin, the big spicy, the body exudes the charm of the wild, even if the sitting is like a restless soul, can't wait to get out. We sat down and talked to each other for a whole afternoon, talking about music and creating ideas, until now we still can't forget her directness that afternoon, with a little ABC accent and a little Beijing film, chatting with her and listening to her singing.

During the interview, we often fascinated to look at the shun son, talk about the music of the soul commotion, talk about the creation of the clarity of eyes, we know that she is not a big star, but a good love of music creators. About Junko, we had a pity that we didn't know much, from now on, let's take you to hear more about the Shun son story that you would like to know.

Junko: "I'm not a big star, you're my stars."

After a more than 10-year absence from Taiwan, Shun Zi came back with a fuller musical energy, a more pure musical attitude, a richer musical material, and an opening song to miss her listeners.

After years of development in the mainland, Shun Zi said that he particularly missed Taiwan. To leave for a long time, and then tread Taiwan land, in Shun son's eyes, Taipei is increasingly modern, Lane Lane also left a unique culture of Taiwan, in this new and old blend of the city, shun son feel like home, very comfortable very cozy.

For a long time did not see Taiwan audience, shun son hearty smile said oneself of course also will be nervous! Because of special care, so will also give themselves pressure! "When I sing in Taiwan, I raise my demands and never let the Taiwanese audience down." "So long did not come to Taiwan to sing, shun son with very high standards to examine their music, personally for the audience."

Shun Zi mentioned Taiwan's attitude towards music is open, so that she can rest assured that more difficult to prepare the music type, no longer can only stand on the stage with the pre-recorded Kara, sing a song. This time in Taiwan, the Legacy can bring the red Rhythm band together and enjoy the spark of playing music with the band.

In music, what's really important is always people. It's people who go out and play those music.

"I've seen myself singing on the show with karaoke, and with Band, it's two." "Sings well not to own heart to know, the music wants to do well, the most important is to be happy?" Shun son to the attitude of music is very direct, singing people first happy, listen to music talent will follow together happy.

When it comes to music, Shun Zi said: "This Legacy music night in Taiwan is a gift specially tailored for Taiwan." I begged not to sing every treble, but to play with the audience a night of music, embrace the original intention of playing music! 」

Junko is a big star in our eyes, but Junko always honorifics in the interview that I am not a star, never a big star, but a good love of music, all the people in the stage to listen to her singing talent is her brightest star. (same field Gayon: Deng Fu: Music is the way I love )

Shun Zi: "Music, is to play, to play with Heart"

Taiwanese listeners watched TV, singing competition contestants sang a classic song after song, "Go Home", "Write a song" ... And so on, had to press the playback keys of the previous albums again and again. We miss Shun son's music has been a long time, shun son has been put in mind!

So this time back, Junko also brought their own independent production of the new album to the top beyond. This album is shun son, Lin Zhemin and music director Lawrence KU Lawrence Ku single-handedly contractors, the mother belt is their own, music style is their favorite, because they are their own, so wantonly indulge in playing music! There are acoustic, there are symphony orchestra, there are reggae , there are jazz, there are funky style, this record, there are some shun son most comfortable to play the appearance of music.

The album has a 7.5 song "Three Doors, three keys"three Doors, Three Keys, shun son said he wanted to challenge, good music why must be 3.5 to shout stop? " Good music, listen to a long time should not be greasy. If you get tired of it, it means it's not good enough!

Music, to play, but also to play with heart.

Shun Zi said that even if the music ecology changes rapidly in modern times, singers can use "build", "training" to develop, perhaps sometimes "good-looking" more than "singing strength", but back to the essence of music, real good music, it is not afraid of the test of time, shaking off the dust of time to take out again sing, also as moving.

"I think I do music for a long time, the most important thing is the heart." Return to the essence of music, will live longer. "One side said, shun son pointed to his heart position, do music has been nearly 30 years, from that time that a song" Home "Red Taiwan Girl to the present, shun son to the end of the face of music, all with the same pure love of music.

Shun Zi said in retrospect "I was the poorest when I was happiest." "Shun son head up and remember the first album, his face the unknown market, simple singing on the happy mood, and do not know if others will like their own kind of cute." Shun son said he walked all the way, never feel famous, is how great creators, all along, she wanted to do is simple to play music.

In writing "Home" that year, she felt the heart of the feelings of homesick feeling, touched everyone. We also want the song to be so fascinating, probably the sheer purity of her song that Never Dies.

Shun Zi: "I don't sing well, then you must tell me"

When a singer is always said to be good and sings well, it is very negative . As a singer, you should know how well you sing, and a listener who truly loves you should tell you the truth. If you don't sing well, you should be criticized.

In the face of criticism, Shun Zi accepts it, but it's definitely a good thing for musicians to be more blunt. Because a person who doesn't care about your music can't hear your music, so if the audience thinks it's not good to sing, say it out loud. Shun son is very magnanimous, sing well, you know, we all know, there is no need to conceal.

About music, shun son very dare to play, also absolutely have the cost to play.

Shun son and the same stage of the Red Rhythm Orchestra show a good music tacit understanding, shun son said Red rhythm is definitely her life cooperation the most powerful band. The members have never heard of Chinese songs, to fall in love with Taiwan, and then arrive at the Legacy stage to play music. On the night of the Legacy, they played at ease under the stage, and the audience at the bottom listened to the crowd. Red Rhythm Band for the wide range of music types, catch a deep music base, like the auxiliary phase, that one in the Legacy night, is a music adventure too worthwhile.

When it comes to music creation, Shun Zi's eyes always have musicians who cherish the brilliance of musicians. During the interview, she mentioned Wu Bai and her several times, Zhang Zhenyue and the main line, praise their music, but also in the Legacy of the night, sang Tao and Asan song, music people are cherish it, Because it is too deep to understand how good music is a valuable asset to the reader and the music market.

Shun Zi: "Write a simple song is the hardest"

There is a well-known musician mother's shun son, four-year-old mother is the logical "forced" to play the piano, shun son back then, can't help shouting: "At that time only four years old, and I hated it! 」

Six-Year-old shun son to the United States, a radio has become shun son for the music of the first teacher. Turn on the radio, DJ introduced the song, Shun son to hear like the music to press the recording key, did not know at the time, but also pressed the music for a lifetime of the beginning of the road key!

Shun son admits that he was a child and rebellious, told her mother I just do not want to play Beethoven and Baja! Mother is also very open-minded, Shonzi said as long as you play the piano, I don't care what you played. Mother's attitude towards music, but also deeply affected the small shun son, so now singing her on the stage, is so enjoy and comfortable.

Shun son back to think of his first creation, is in 14, 15 years old Love wrote a love Song, write a song only for him. "Everyone write love letters, I do not write, I will write a love song to her." "When the small shun son although shy, but there is a natural to the persistence of music." (same field Gayon: to be unable to turn back the youth, belongs to our old Love song )

This thing to shun son an inspiration, whether good or bad, it is her first brave to make out the song . As long as the first one, there will be the second and the third.

"Creation is very lonely, but as long as there is a audience under the table nod like my song, My Life is not white live." "Talk to the creation, shun son said creation is a very hard and lonely road, often have no inspiration to write songs." But when she stood on the stage, looking at the next one after another to listen to the crazy eyes of music, suddenly feel that everything is worth.

Writing a song is like having a child, seeing a child born, and then the pain is a beautiful process.

Back to the essence of creation, is to use music and himself and everyone to tell a story. And shun son, has been a very good story teller, people always want to rely on her noisy listen to the next story.

In private, shun son ...

Shun son was born in Beijing, the United States grew up in Switzerland to study, bought a house in Paris for his mother to live, from childhood habits stay in many cities. Who let the drift of the habit of the son set down? Ask to let the son life change most of the moment, shun son show rare shy smile, originally is life inside that two chocolate VIP!

Shun son said that feel like a prodigal son, from a small drift, has long been accustomed to waking up in different cities every day, has long been accustomed to everything is worldly possessions, suddenly one day, found that life inside the original also have important things. Sensible people need a nest, to realize the meaning of home, is to open the door, the original someone (dog) at home waiting for you.

Once played music play to no own, now shun son know to sing well, must first treat themselves. In order to get up early to walk the dog, shun son forced himself to live a more regular and simple life, sleep better every day, exercise a little more, get up earlier, shun son more smile said to maintain a healthy body to make her more energetic on the stage.

The son of the private, is so, simple, speaking of music on the soul of the turmoil. Without a little shelf, speak with the most forthright words, sing with the purest heart.

We also asked Shun son to record a film, and women fans of the reader to talk about when women most proud of the place, the most admired women and want to give the world woman's words.

Shun son said to hear the topic first a smile, and said that he is the most proud to be a woman's place, is not men cause I am not a man. We could not help but the son of a high five! Also say their own mood: "I grow so I finally know to first hurt themselves, can hurt others." "More shun son wants to talk with you, all in the film."

Finally, shun son Special said this accept the woman fan interview very happy, can a good Chang chat music, also good talk about their own. We are not concerned about where she was last night, but about her music and her true appearance.

Shun son said: "I am a singer, I am singing, you think I am not tall enough thin enough beautiful, said I do not care." But I care about the quality of my music, I care about the songs I sing Out, I am not satisfied with myself. 」

Shun son do not want to be a star, but no one can deny that she has long been in the music of the star that nobody can wipe out the dazzling stars.

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