Can fashion only be interpreted by real people?Breaking your impression, getting the little beauty in the "Blue Wizards >" to interpret the fashion of your time!

The Classic Belgian Cartoons and Cartoons , which will be presented on the big screen in August this year with a 3-D animation!This news is not only crazy for all fans, but even international fashion magazines. It's a rush to put on a brand of designer clothes for the blue mini-genie.

If you can use a little blue wizard as your product model, and the publicity effects and the eyeballs are much better than a real person, would you choose a human model or a model?(Recommended reading: The fashion master at Disney World?

fashion magazine followed in 2007 by applying the fashion master Karl Lagerfeld and its costumes to the Simpson family film series, which resonates with the fans abroad.

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This year, the "Little Mermaid" in the "Blue Little Wizard", which is about to jump into the big screen, is interpreted as the four great fashion brands, which include Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, and Louis Vuitton. Let's watch the Blue Fun.

Dancing in Dolce — — DG Rocking

Star-focused bags and decorations show Dolce & Gabbana's stunted fashion appeal.

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Prancing in Vuitton — — LV Challenges

Focus on dark red, with a bright and tactile-tactile leather, LV is a high level of solemn and high quality.

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She's Lovely in Lanvin — — Sweet Sailing

Elevated dress with a wide hat, with gold ornaments, fully showing Lanvin's romantic style.(Recommended reading: Spring is to spend!Flower dress dress )

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She's Mad for Marc — — is an MJ-crazic

Featured dots, from hats, gloves, bags, and boots to the world: I Love Marc Jacobs!

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