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May Mother's Day is approaching , we and the well-known Web site yuppie guest State cooperation, inviting the yuppie guest state standing on the famous mother bloggers, and the readers of the female fans chat about being a mother's hard and happy. Today we invited to the Chen Anyi, the yuppie guest state well-known mother bloggers, but also senior media, listen to her own those in the other people look brave decision, how to lead the child to find their own life direction , let them go the most suitable for their own way!

Chen Anyi, formerly a joint newspaper, a media and other newspaper senior reporters, engaged in the media industry for more than 10 years, now she said goodbye to the former compact pace of life, enjoy being a different workplace mom.

In the past, she was in the gap between the family and the workplace, and now the Anyi in the children and their thinking of life, found the most comfortable balance. Anyi, a highly popular mother of the Yuppie clan, has also founded the first family-parent baking classroom and multiple compositions to explore the possibility of a parent-child relationship.

From working moms to Stay-at-home housewives and back to working moms, Anyi has a lot to do with herself and her upbringing. Learn to define children without school transcripts, and teach children not to read for exams, Anyi see the potential of children outside the classroom, but also to teach their own Edison children proud, to listen to her spiritual journey.

Many things are not immutable, but you do not change

Photo: Chen Anyi offers

Anyi, a veteran media man, quit his job in 2005, abandoning his million-yearly salary, leaving the media battlefield for more than 10 years and choosing to go home as a full-time mother. Talking about the decision of the year, Chen Anyi smiled that she was shrinking herself, magnifying the child's world , but she felt that she was working with her child to live in another way. Resign to go home, because want to hold the child's hand, together to realize the world really important things.

Ran drama news for nearly ten years, the cause of the heyday, at that time, the older daughter of a year, the second son kindergarten, the morning when the children go to school Anyi still sleep, evening Anyi home when the child has been asleep, the child can only be dragged to the mother-in-law belt, want to accompany the child, but very cruel is, a little time can not squeeze out ...

Anyi was interviewed with emotion said: "I think the age is different, care about things are not the same." At that time I was tired of the drama topic I was passionate about, and watched the children feel that all the things he was happy I could not participate in, I suddenly feel that I do not want to live like this, so the heart of a transverse resigned. "Despite making a lot of money, the sacrifice is to get along with the children, Anyi found such a life, really not what they want." The child grew fast and she did not miss her childhood without a blink of an wink.

A lot of things can not be changed, but you do not change

"If I could change, I would do it, not just complain about my current life, but do something within my ability," Anyi said with a firm stare. "Take your resignation home as an example, Anyi said many people will think that their family is no problem, the resignation is not a big deal, but in fact, as a earner family, home income because of resignation and immediately cut half, a five to rely on dad's income to live, 80,000 to support a family, and all families have a very realistic problem to face!

It takes more than courage to resign, and every choice has to pay a price. And the whole family made sacrifices that no one else had imagined. Practice to live frugally, sell the parking spaces in Taipei, sell luxury goods, try to cook at home, Chen Anyi said that they often contribute to the newspaper column, earn some petty royalties. That's how you save your money and be responsible for your own choices.

Life is to try, the worst is to return to the original point

After resigning, of course some friends look at Anyi frankly pity, but Anyi feel his world thus has another window. It's not the world that gets smaller, it's the shifting weight of life. "I am actually a busy person, after resigning, I finally have the opportunity to tidy up the old words, at home there are a lot of work at home can do." 」

Also as Anyi said, she is always a full schedule for their own people, full-time mother's days only to maintain the next, Anyi and immediately incarnation of SOHO mother! In recent years, the creation of a parent-child baking classroom, is the first in Taiwan, and then opened a diversified composition class, want to play for the other children also the foundation of Chinese language, find the joy of learning.

Courageous to make decisions, Anyi for their own and children find the most comfortable life form, not without sacrifice, but all the sacrifices are worth. (Recommended reading: Wang-that day I quit my job to become a full-time mother )

When the mother, learn to soft and cherish themselves

Anyi at the age of 29, pregnant, 30 years old when the eldest brother, 34 years old dick. She smiled and said that she still remember her stomach while playing the interview manuscript while dozing off the situation, as a working mother, in fact, really very hard, must be in the workplace and the family caught in the middle of breathing, all of them take care of, and occasionally the most forgotten to take care of their own. Their bodies, their emotions, their own thoughts, often have to be placed in the last order.

Back then, Anyi mentioned that the society was not fair to women. Working mothers have children to take care of and social responsibility to bear, and very realistic, sometimes no matter how good they are, the promotion is not as quick as the male colleagues.

As a woman, although will suffer from the workplace promotion size eyes, but also have a man difficult to experience happiness. From an independent and strong personality Anyi never thought of having a baby, they can become so soft, she smiled when the biggest change after the mother, is to learn to cherish their own.

Before oneself is a person, can be bold, want to do what all can, because oneself is a person. Now have children, must be responsible for the children, and take care of themselves to take care of the children.

Anyi said so, we saw in her the kind of mother's gentle perseverance. This is probably the sweet load of having a baby. The coexistence of children, in addition to the upbringing of children, but also a new understanding of themselves. The heart of softness and gentleness also with the birth of the child, sprouting out.

Take care of yourself so you can take care of the baby.

Despite the current social, late marriage is the normal, but Anyi is very encouraging the birth of children planned mother can be 30 years old before the first child. "Because frankly speaking, the most need for children with the need for body and energy ah" Anyi wry smile said, women another point more disadvantage, is that when the mother is really affected by the physiological age.

Anyi is the locomotive of the family, fortunately, when there is enough kinetic energy, with two children, can ride the family train, to the farther future. (same field Gayon: as a mother, remember to ask what the child wants )

24 Hours of working moms are different than others.

Working mothers have a day to live, the hardest and most difficult is how to achieve a perfect balance between the family and the world. Working mother's 24 hours and others are not the same, to do everything possible to fill the tasks, and every task is done properly, we also specifically consult Anyi, ask her to share their experience.

Anyi says one of the key things about working moms ' lives is that they have a precise schedule. Because of the complexity of tasks, but also learn to make their own limited time to maximize.

We have a deep understanding of this. And Anyi meet the day of the interview, Anyi from Yilan Head City home to Taipei, early arranged for himself a full day of task. In the morning to learn the oil painting, after the interview, evening to lecture, travel full file, Anyi face without a trace of fatigue but very enjoy. Anyi said that once in the newspaper training, every minute, let her already accustomed to time to wait for the rhythm of people, "to do a different thing" for her is to rest.

Anyi also said that working mothers are too tired, so also need to learn the appropriate help and find resources. "To be a eight-claw octopus, you have to have eight baskets to put in," he said. 」

To be a professional mother, with the child's time is not as many as before, Anyi Hand has a few like children's relatives and friends list, no time to accompany the children, let the children go out to play with them, the children happy, their own joy relaxed. (Dear Mummy: You are not perfect, the child is happier )

Teach children to go the way that suits them best

Anyi believes in intuition and believes that children should not be forced to do so because each child has the right path. Early this year, because of children's learning problems, Anyi family also "island immigrants" to the Yilan city, fled the suffocating test system, the child began to embrace learning.

Anyi in earnest to say that the daughter of the country in math, three days a big test, two days a quiz on the math exam put the child overwhelmed. Looking at the daughter of the deterioration of mathematics, for their own study more and more no confidence, Anyi heart sad. Daughter obviously has its own advantages, but in such an educational system completely unable to adapt to the development of. (Recommended reading: Learning right, Dutch children happy )

Anyi said: "I certainly understand this kind of physical and mental frustration, the child will one day be accustomed to, but I can not say to the child life is so, endure a endure on the past." "Do not want to see their children live in pain, in order to unnecessary things to shrink the smaller, in an accidental opportunity to discover the Yilan of the Humanities School, play the spirit of Mencius, so moved to the Yilan head city."

Speaking of Taiwan's education, Anyi shook his head and said a profound story: one day the animal kingdom held three iron competitions, more than the sky, land run, sea swim three items. The fastest eagle in the sky, the fastest leopard in the ground, and the fastest whale in the sea fight, but the last victory is the duck. All ducks do badly, but he will. Chen Anyi said that Taiwan's education is so, to everyone as a duck, and finally a lot of people are not even ducks.

Anyi do not have their own children everything good, as long as he likes to do a good job, that's enough. From the so-called "fair" education myth to break free, do not own children are "education" cut neat, Anyi with one after another brave choice from childhood to teach children "go the most suitable for their own road."

As for upbringing, Anyi says that what he cares most about is whether the child learns to "respect others". She teaches children to do anything, learn to respect each other, do not only care about themselves, because the world is not just you alone. So the child room things can be disorderly, but things littered in the living room, the kitchen is not. The concept of respect begins to be implemented from the clean and tidy maintenance of the public areas of the home. (same field Gayon: Let the child know the real world early )

At last Anyi mentioned Edison's mother. When everyone said that Edison was a fool, Edison's mother insisted that her child was a genius.

Anyi said very moved, also hope that they can like Edison mother believe children. Each child has its own special side and talent. As parents to think about things, do they have a different angle to think about education this thing? Do you see your child's potential and special? Is there any way to measure a child other than the test score sheet?

To understand the children of course can not only from school transcripts, the child's world is not only school, and a larger and wider world is waiting for the mother to hold the child's hand, to explore together! This is the Anyi with a courageous choice to teach children, but also to teach us. (Do you think it's hard to be a career mom or a housewife?) Come to the polls and talk about it.

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