Have you ever noticed an ornament in Lady Gaga MV? "ALEX & CHLOE", which designs the principal axis with Rock and Roll, has been a trend in the fashion industry!

tidal wave ALEX & CHLOE — — weath-most designer of fashion circles in Europe and the United States.

ALEX & CHLOE, ALEX, United States, and L.A. The design of the dual-man ALEX & CHLOE was established in 2004, showing a unique style of rock, decadent, or sweet-American design with a bold and humorous line and outline of the unique style of rock, decadent, or sweet-beauty, as long as it has been seen once and for all.The inspiration comes from the '80s and rock' n ' roll culture. It is closely integrated with fashion industry, emphasizing the simplicity of contemporary art, and with the addition of Hollywood stars to become one of the most popular brands of Hollywood in recent years!(Recommended reading: Follow the goddess!The Hollywood actress's haircut class is open. )

Hollywood, Jessica Alba Jessica Alba wore a necklace of ALEX & CHLOE, appearing in public and private events

American Youth Idol Jessica Stroup The shooting plays with the ALEX & CHLOE necklace

The classic design is made from acryl as a material, with a variety of geometric solid graphics, showing the three-dimensional sense of space on a plane. The famous works are "Shadow and Lie" (" Shadow and LHigh "), which is the focus of attention and is based on the European and American fashion circles.

two people who advocate nature and innovation are also commonly used as coral, skull and skulls, bats, and armor, to show the style of street-mix and bring in fashion trends.(Recommended reading: Spring Festival Fashion!)to make a multivariate mix of girls )

Alex and Chloe is closely integrated with the fashion industry, and the "Diamond Girl", which is based on the works of Gareth Pugh, the English fashion ghost, transforms the three-dimensional structure into a mini-dazzling necklace.

The world's goddess card Lady Gaga, teasing each other in the Poker face MV with a male dancer, and the Big ALEX & CHLOE's Triangle (chain) not only sparked a wave of ALEX & CHLOE in Europe and Europe, but also the Asian audience noted the unique design of ALEX & CHLOE!

A bit of FUNKY, a little punk, a little rock, and a very hot topic.Breaking all the boundaries, the bold and humorous simplicity of the finished product line is nearly as close as invinciable!It is made of transparent acryl, natural black gold, and sometimes precious metals and jewelry, all of which produce works of the ALEX & CHLOE sensation.

A pair of decorations, and a perfect exclamation mark for your dress!