What do you like to do best on a weekend night? This May, women fans and Star World want to invite you to share your Saturday night with us through the movie! After watching the introduction of the romantic film every Saturday night 11 o'clock, tell us below the page what kind of love you want to talk about, there is a chance to get Bluetrek Crystal bright bluetooth headset a pair!

  • 5/4 Sixth sense of love and death
  • 5/10 Pat's Happy Play
  • 5/17 God-Ghost Supreme
  • 5/24 Sassy Woman
  • 5/31 Love Compulsory Learning

Each film represents a different love affair, ready to relax on the weekend night, the point of a few halo of yellow candle, and then with the teeth on the cheek left fragrant wine, immersed in the romantic atmosphere of the story!

Love of Life and death: crossing the line of the dead

I hope you know how much I love you, you know, you make my life full of meaning, no one can replace you.

Sam and Molly for a pair of lovers, in a late night on the way home, two people unfortunate met the gunman, Sam was shot to death, and his ghost found that shot his own gangsters to harm Molly, he can only help a female psychic, but not the beauty of the soul, Molly is not believe that the world has a spirit, how the lovers should cross the line to continue to love?

Pat's happy script: The search for Love in the heart

I'm crazy, thank you for your crazy way of accepting me.

A former history teacher, Pat (Bladley Guber), was discharged after eight months in a mental hospital and now lives with his parents. The most he wanted to do after he was discharged was to mend fences with his divorced wife. Pat, unwilling to accept the fact that his relationship with his wife has not been redeemed, is still trying to change himself, trying every day to make himself the ideal object of his wife's eyes. But at this point in his life, he broke into another woman: Friends Ronnie's Aunt Tiffany (Jennifer Laurence adorn), she always in pat practice running time suddenly came out to follow him, gradually, the two people in the intersection of day to get along, their relationship began to produce a subtle change ...

God and the Devil: The Adventure of being acquainted with work

When I think life is such a reality and no longer interesting, your appearance has changed my world.

Simon Templar is a thief and has a brilliant make-up that can be disguised as anyone and dive into any place. At the same time is a suave handsome man, over the years to capture the hearts of many beautiful women. But he also had a bitter, dark past, which made him cruel and cynical. It all changed after Simon met the beautiful and kind-hearted woman scientist ...

Spicy women: How to achieve balance in career, life and love

No matter how impossible it may seem to be around, anything can be done as long as you do it with your heart.

Local television news program producer Beziffouleux (Rachel Madens) to the metropolis work of the dream finally come true, she was dug horns to New York to create the national network of Spicy woman program "breaking News", but from the first day she began to work, this dream is likely to become a nightmare. Although she has a strong personality, extraordinary courage and professionalism to become a top producer, she has a huge obstacle to the path to success, but she is more courageous and more convinced of her own decisions and the potential of breaking Dawn news.

Love compulsory Study: School and college students Love

The Goddess of Fortune never favors those who always say no.

Puppy love of the innocent students, melt in the learned teacher Jesse Bosom, she can not resist the teacher sickeningly whereas gentle and elegant breath, will worship admiration of the feelings of all projected in the teacher, they are in the heart of the initiation of the sincerity is "true love" or "indulgence"? And they are in the United States University of the school is forbidden to love students under the school rules, whether can break through the secular accepted taboo love? Find the exits to each other's lives?

Activity period: Immediate start ~2014/5/31

Methods of activity:

  1. Join the Star World Taiwan fan Group
  2. At the bottom of this activity page, answer: What kind of ideal love do you have in mind? Or the type of love you want to try?

Event Prize: Bluetrek Crystal Bright bluetooth headset

List of winners:
(we have replied to the winners ' messages in 7/18, and the prizes for replying to the received data are mailed in 8/5!) )

  • Liu Yuk Ting
  • Chiao Su
  • Hong Jin Son
  • Lucy Chuang
  • Katebaby Jolie
  • Penny Dou
  • Nicole Ko
  • Yi Chuen Lin
  • Lee Crazy Wind
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