Speaking of ballet, what do you think? Or you think of the ballet dream you had when you were a child, the tutu dance dress, the beautiful hard shoes, or perhaps you will think of the famous Ballet Nutcracker, and you will not forget that the Black Swan Natalipoman the perfect performance of the ballet dancer's perfectionism and hysteria.

Ballet, unlike many people think, ballet was originally made for boys. "Before the man with a smile, he is today's protagonist, Lin Binghau, is also the ballet Group Yin Ballet Monsters fan group moderator."

From high school began to jump into the ballet world, and then with the ballet bond, ballet, ballet designer, ballet cartoonist, Taiwan's first ballet book "Ballet Girl's Secret Diary" book author, Lin Binghau has many identities, The only thing that remains unchanged is that his gaze is always on the ballet dancer on the stage. Today, let him pull you, think of your ballet dream, into the ballet world. (same field Gayon: the dream of ballet shoes in Every girl's heart )

Ballet, not exclusively for girls.

When he met him, he had just returned from a whirlwind in New York, absorbing a lot of new ballet nutrients. He also mentioned that in New York to watch the Youth Ballet competition, the name is half of the boys, the level is too high to No. In New York, ballet male dancers are a natural thing, but in Taiwan, ballet boys will always be labeled as "sissy" labels.

Bing Hao bluntly said: "A lot of people will ask the boys Can Dance ballet?" It's not a problem for me at all. Because in fact ballet originally, is to the boy jumps. 」

Many people in the impression of the ballet is such a soft dream, as if it is for the faint drag women's body and special dance, but few people know that the ballet originally originated in Italy, in France Louis 14 when living.

Love the beautiful French king Louis 14 himself has since become a ballet lover, and the original ballet is to prohibit women to participate in the show, all Donna must be drag by the actor. Back to basics, ballet most focused on the "extension of the line", so that the figure of the dancer looks more slender, but also "fast and slow perfect combination." Ballet jumps, has the origin in Italy's fast dance shadow, but the one foot place's graceful rotation, then embodies the French slow dance spirit. Ballet dance moves no matter what the boys and girls do, they all have the same charm.

In foreign ballet, the ratio of men and women is not 46 or 55 points, not only for girls dance, ballet, is never just a girl's world. But in Taiwan, Bing Hao can not help shaking his head to say that Taiwan's dance education is a problem, so that the ballet boys became heterogeneous, so many people want to learn ballet can not face the heart of the ballet dream. (Recommended reading: dancers: For the Dream and hope to live hard Xu Fang appropriate )

Since Taiwan has so many question marks for ballet, and has been suffering no one to answer, Bing Hao decided to use a clear line of ballet illustrations to echo the ballet, in an interesting way to introduce the ballet.

The ballet dream in the boy's heart

Bing Hao from childhood to learn painting, there is a young sister dancing. But it was not because of the younger sister that he began to embrace the ballet, but by watching VHS's Nutcracker performance one night, watching the ballet star on the stage, the feelings of the heart is surprised for heaven and earth, how someone can pull the leg so high, and so beautiful, so secretly also in the heart of the "I Grow up to jump" fuzzy ballet dream.

The starting point of the ballet began that night, and after the art high school, because Karma was chosen to participate in the dance show, when the people were busy with extra tuition to enhance the foundation of painting, he secretly began to learn dance. The others sway in the canvas, and he spins in the dance room. The students said he was crazy, but he never felt so close to the ballet.

Such a halfway decent dancer, with congenital stature advantage and the day after tomorrow's practice, broke into the northern Art dance department. And that's the first time that Bing Hao found out that the world of ballet was more high-pressure than imagined.

From morning to night, the topic of the classmate, life, in addition to ballet or ballet. is not in the tension is in the rehearsal, ballet dance world is very simple also very absolute. Every ballet dancer wants to be the focal point of the spotlight, to be able to independently as a soloist with a name, who is willing to only be the vague dancer in the chorus?

The world of ballet is the ultimate perfectionist, good and better, able to be a someone, who wants to be nobody? In the dance class, everyone has two words on their faces: competition

If someone turns two laps, you turn around three times, and the ballet world is an arena. There is no day to rest.

There are dark sides in all walks of life, and so is ballet. The story of the Black Swan, at the very heart of it, is jealousy.

Not a dancer, but instead of a ballet observer's point of view, the life of the ballet looks a stroke record down, with a humorous angle to capture the real, so there is a ballet group of Yin Fan group and Ballet girl's Secret diary was born, with another more close to the way of life, the ballet introduced to everyone.

Bing Hao said that he did not want to become a ballet dancer, but like to use their own good strokes, record the posture of ballet. In their own way, the same is on the paper dancing. (Recommended reading: I am Xu Fang, this article to the hearts of people who have dreams )

Ballet is a language.

If you look closely at the ballet, you will find that his ballerina has no mouth. Dancers do not need verbal communication, because their common language is ballet. With slender limbs, with a stiff spine, the word are all hidden in action.

Ballet, a language with a historical background, has been around for a long time and has a new way of "saying" with the change of the Times.

From the traditional Palace ballet to the action Ballet, from the romantic ballet to the present modern ballet. In the ballet world, although every move has the so-called norms, but there have been some people break the rules, to innovate the way Ballet said. Ballet, has been constantly evolving itself.

The example of Munificent Guilland (Sylvie Guillem), the former ballet Queen, was the first in the world of classical ballet, and then she danced satiation and turned into a modern dance. Dance language is very interlinked, dancers are so graceful jumping in different dance fields, no boundaries, only the dancing soul. (same field recommendation: modern dance queen bi Na Baushu Pina Baush )

Hao is not a dancer, but never left the ballet world, body dancing soul is also vivid. He said he was lucky enough to use a painting to make a dream come true in a ballet that was built in his mind.

Ballet, first of all, feel good about yourself.

All the gestures of the ballet, the shadow of the extended body (look at his fingertips)

We have too much imagination about ballet, so can not help but please know the way of ballet with three adjectives to describe the ballet, he immediately came up with the first adjective: self feel good!

Feel good about yourself, ballet people must really like themselves, you feel beautiful, raise your jaw with a little pride, the audience can feel your beauty.

2nd, Bing Hao thought to say: very pure, because the ballet dancer's world really saw and heard is ballet. It is purely for a goal to constantly keep up with themselves, every day to break their past records.

Last but not least, the fact that a ballet dancer must be physically strong is a place where he laughs. Bing Hao said many people have never thought that ballet dancers are absolutely extraordinary athletes, each has extraordinary physical strength. Because the ballet dancer always jumps and continues to do the same thing. After class is the dance rehearsal, after dinner, again to arrange the dance for the evening performance. Normal people may jump a few minutes to be tired, but the ballet dancer will be different from the ordinary physical strength and perseverance into a beautiful dance movements, like flowers bloom in general, blooming on the stage.

The most important thing in ballet is the line. The line should be beautiful first, because all the movements are to extend the body longer.

In Bing Hao's body, we also recognized that "one day for the dancers, life-long dancer gas" is not false. Whether in his gestures, or in his paintings, there is a pure ballet breath, the pursuit of perfect, graceful, but beyond their own.