Before the mother, everyone in the heart of the mother have a different imagination it.

Some imagine is rosy, feel that when the mother must be extremely happy, experience watching a small life gradually grow up process; some imagine with a little fear of color, feel when the mother is very nervous, the child was born to start a game can not be again to develop. No one was born to be mother, so Womany and the yuppie guest state embarked on the mother's Day tribal guest interview program, inviting different moms to talk to us, and want to be a mother, afraid of being a mother, you talk about "as a mother of pain and joy." (Wonderful review: Chen Anyi: Teach children to go the most suitable instead of the best way , Gao Mei: Happy mothers have happy children )

Today invited to the yuppie Hakka mother Kelly, talk about when Happy Mother's secret! Kelly said: "In fact, learn to be friends with children, mother is very easy, the child will be happy." Sometimes the mother let go more, the child will go farther. I have always believed that when 2 points of parents, raise 98 points of children. 」

Kelly and two daughters, little pear, are friends!

After we became a mother, with the children, get along with their own, and husband to get along with three angles, invited Kelly to share the happy Mother's 10 questions and answers. After reading, for when the mother and married children, I believe you will have different feelings! (Looking at the photos of their family, I really feel so happy when mommy)

1."when 2 points of parents, the development of 98 points of children" is a very new parenting perspective, why is there such a realization? "

Photo Source: Kelly Blog

Kelly: My family has five children, as a child parents to raise us is not easy, so often before the day is not light out, after sunset even we have to sleep will enter the door, I am a big sister, so to take care of my brother and sister's responsibility, remember when the students can go to the school to see movies, to drink shops, to play ball, but I want to go home before six to cook rice , so that the younger siblings and parents come back from work before they can eat.

A little older, found that the original parents do not often at home, so that my brother and sister personality are very independent, and the feeling is very good, compared to the students home have mother cooked rice, holiday can sleep to wake up naturally, our children to wash clothes, drying clothes, buy food cooking, the original parents do not have time to take care of children, but let the child's personality more independent, So I want to follow the practice of parents, of course, not the sunrise to do this thing, but to the child do not get full marks, so that children can be independent from life.

Relative, in the small dew, little pear in front of nothing, what are lazy mother, the most often encountered is "when", one time my coffee dripping on the table two drops, two drops yo! Two-year-old pear sitting aside to eat breakfast to see, immediately said: "You go get the toilet paper to rub"

I continued to eat breakfast, little pear: "You hear not quickly to get to rub", I "Oh" a sound ready to get toilet paper, the result of the way suddenly want to go to the toilet, I will bend into the toilet, little pear after a while come in the toilet: "Why don't you go to rub, coffee kill is hard to rub"

I had to clean the table with toilet paper immediately, and the coffee had dried up. Little pear: "You see, just want you to rub you don't hurry to rub, now kill it!" Why drink things carelessly, to dip a little water to rub, or wipe with a wet paper towel " I am very often at home by two sisters" when ", because my own personality is too big la la and sloppy, small dew, small pears are neat, especially the small pear is neat even, but also must obey the rules. (Pat Head)

2. What is the most important thing for you to raise a child?

Kelly: I actually learn a lot from Lucy and pear, many novice mothers feel that they are teaching their children, but in fact the children teach us more, in see a lot of parents around the 1-year-old children to learn language, learn talent, hope that the children are all the people around, childhood only once, rather than always stuffed to children a lot of talent, It's better to think about what a child really wants, and if the character turns out to fill all our time with talent, then we won't be happy. (Recommended reading: Novice Mother's confession: After becoming a mother, I learned )

Photo Source: Kelly Blog

I hope that after the dew, pear is a healthy, happy, dream girl is good, of course, not too unrealistic, but health, happiness is now the most difficult to pursue it?

3. What do you think is the biggest difference in your life when you are a mother?

Kelly: In life I expect myself to be 30 years old to have the first child, two-child age is three years old, haha may be my last life is a kind of great, so life planning unexpectedly follow my hope to go, when the mother is the biggest difference is to go where to be called "Mother."

A new acquaintance, a colleague at work, kindergarten teacher ... etc., and so on, the greeting will say "mother you are good", then my heart OS always "when I became your mother", husband 25 always said I am very bored, why do you mind this, but I think I have my own name, Why do people all over the world follow their children and call me "Mom"?

4. What is the biggest difference between a single life, a relationship, and a mom?

Many people will worry, when the mother, will not start to have a "mother's appearance", no longer have the girl heart? In the end, is single, love, when the mother for women, is there a big difference? Listen to Kelly!

Kelly took two daughters to travel abroad! (Photo provided: Kelly)

Kelly: It doesn't make any difference.

When I am single, I love to play but my mother will control, after marriage, my husband 25 will not limit me, so I play more fierce. Later had the child the whole lawless play crazy, even the child all takes together to play.

Traveling with children is really enjoyable, there may be inconvenience in the process, a day can not go too many places, but at the end of each trip to find the child's more advantages and growth, so I love to travel with pear. (same field Gayon: as sexy as a child, why can't French moms grow old?) )

5. When you're a full-time mom, do you feel like you've abandoned your life? Or did you learn a new life with your kids?

Photo Offer: Kelly

I love to travel before I'm a mother, and I travel with my children when I'm a mother. See the world together, when my mother before I love carpentry, I love baking, I love to do, I am very wide of interest, and now occasionally or as a painter, the home of the furniture to transform, baking soul can also take the children to do, do noodles, make bread, Pizza, So the child's appetite will be better, because it is the do-it-yourself.

I never felt that when I was a mother or a wife to abandon my interest, the most attractive time is not to be fascinated by the things you are interested in? Why should you give up because you are a mother or a wife?

Photo Offer: Kelly

I can agree that people have different interests at each stage because of their age or life experience, but people must be interested to be attractive. If a full-time mother takes a child and does housework every day, when the child is older and wants to develop an interest, he will find out "What am I going to do?" 』

This is really terrible! So full-time mom can accompany the child, while also cultivating their own interests, if you can combine the interests and children together that's better! (Recommended reading: housewives, live the life they want )

6. Do you like being a mother? What are the happiest and hardest places for moms?

Kelly: Being a mom is a good way to hone EQ, and if someone wants to cultivate their own EQ, try to be a mom!

Because the child can always light up her mother's various methods of blasting. So to let oneself cold treatment, see also want to be invisible, calm ~ calm, has been forced to calm himself should be the hardest place, ha ha ~ I almost from the Tyrannosaurus to become a tiger, I can be seen how vicious. (See also: 12 lessons that kids teach me vo.11: Embrace your own negative energy )

The happiest place is to dream with a child, my mother and sister said I am not long, always in there dreaming, but every time I tell some cold jokes or boring things, pear will follow me laugh together super happy, tube they know not to understand, happy on the good!

Kelly secretly help them when the children sleep to point the sesame nose, the child as a friend, parent-child relationship is very comfortable.
(Photo source: Kelly FB)

To let go of the child, the happy parent-child relationship will naturally be easy to manage.

Take a meal, many parents in Taiwan are accustomed to "feeding", a child to know that I can not do without a hand can also have something stuffed into my mouth, in my home, pear from the beginning will plug things into their mouths, in a safe range I let them eat their own. (France is also the same: French mother relaxed upbringing, children good happy good free )

I would rather pack three months of land than three years of children. Taiwan's mother to protect their children too much, resulting in their own spirit is also very tight, every day, some of the conditions in the security area, you can try to let go of children, so that children can learn, parents can also be more relaxed.

  1. Raising children is a matter of two people, and whether the husband has ever had the idea of rearing children different time?

Raising children is a matter of two people, yes!

So in the upbringing of children, mainly my upbringing policy, the husband 25 only have the right to cooperate, in my home absolutely no bad cop, to black together black, white together, must let children know what is wrong!

If a black face, a white face, that bad cop is not unlucky life, do not grow up will not be close to children, so in our home breeding must be descendent, there is no eccentric problem, we will not fight for breeding. (Because he can't fight me ~ haha)

9. How do you allocate time to take care of everything when you are a full-time mother?

A stay-at-home mom is almost a enjoys job, with no time to work, no rest, no salary. Full-time mother's hard work, many children are grown up to deeply understand. Listen to Kelly's Day chronicle of sharing a full-time mother!

Photo Source: Kelly Blog

Kelly: It's important that kids have a regular schedule. Pear's life routine is too regular, 8 o'clock up, 2~4 point two hours nap, 21:00 night sleep, sleep and meal time law, so I know what time is I can write things, do other things, a lot of friends around two children sleep time is not fixed, is not unified, the result of a sleep, another wake up, or is at night 12 o'clock more still playing, this in my home has never happened, from their daily routines are trained very regular, even go abroad is no time difference, so you can use the empty file quickly do their own things.

Now pear is bigger, also will find things to do, two play together, my time is more! So to have more free time must have two children, two children can accompany each other will not be always looking for their mother. (to be persuaded to be true) (about MOM: How hard is breast-feeding?) Three things you must know.

10. Share with us the little secret of being happy mummy.

Kelly and husband 25, daughter of small pear Dew family blessing!
(Photo provided: Kelly)

Kelly is comfortable with her children, like a big friend of a child. Also once evil whole child help asleep of their nose dot black spot, one second incarnation sesame nose! Asked when Happy Mummy's little secret, Kelly said: "Easy to look at anything, and children as friends themselves will be very happy!" in the end, Kelly wanted to send two children, little pear and 25 simple three adjectives: "Health, happiness, happiness"!

Simple Life form, happy parent-child relationship, mutual communication partner, the original source of everything from "relax" two words began. Dear screen before you, also don't give yourself too much pressure, relax, and Kelly family enjoy a happy life bar:

Message working mother or housewife more hard, there will be a chance to smoke a good gift mother Yo!

All those things about Mommy, so happy.
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