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The 21st session of the supermodel "The Life and Death bucket" has a human eye for one of the bright face, she is the 19-year-old white spot female mold Chantelle Brown young. She touched a lot of people with her own story. White Spot syndrome (vitiligo) may sound strange, but in fact a generation of King Michael Jackson has always been a white spot disease patients, the white spot disease deeply troubled him, and not as the outside world to try to bleach the rumors of the skin. Leukoplakia disease, not terrible, together to listen to the story of the girl, the next time think of the definition of beauty, you must also have a new idea. (Recommended reading: the size of the United States, more than one )

What is your definition of beauty? Is beauty a synonym for big eyes, nose, white skin, slender waist, long legs? Can beauty only have a format? Listen to the story of the 19-year-old actress, Chantelle Brown Young, to remind you once again that we should not have only a certain image of beauty. (Recommended reading: your beauty is your own boss!) Hands up, woman's armpit photo set )

Chantelle Brown, a 19-year-old female from Canada, suffered an incurable leukoplakia at the age of four (vitiligo), which eroded her original beauty from 1.1 spots, and began to be called a "cow" and "Class horse" for a long time. (Note: White spot disease vitiligo, is a skin disease, will be the skin of melanin eat, make the skin whiten, lose the protection of melanin)

Although all the people around me repeatedly ridiculed and told her: "You have a white spot disease, not a beautiful",chantelle not so self-pity, but raised his head more believe his dream, towards the model of the road step-by-step forward. " Just recently, she successfully broke into the fiercely competitive "supermodel Life-and-Death bucket" (America's Next top Model), and with a story-filled body, persuaded the strict judges to rank the final 14 in the 21 season. (Recommended reading: Model: professionalism is the most beautiful attitude Natalie pickles)

In an interview with the British Daily Mail, Chantelle told her story: "There are people in this world who are black, some are white, and I have both." My story, needless to say, was painted on me.

"The longer I grow, the more I talk about gossip, the more I'm going to grow up in the process, the more people may be hard to imagine." To tell the truth, once I also flashed the idea of suicide, but I found the strength to keep myself. I told myself that if I had enough to listen to others tell me what I could do and what I could not do, I would use my own action to prove it. I would like to use my own experience to prove that no matter what a person's "flaws in the eyes", he is free to pursue his dream.

And I think I did it, not just because I was on the stage I wanted, but because I let a lot of people start thinking about it. Many people began to tell me that they had seen my beauty. I would like to have white spot disease in the world, or to their own lack of self-confidence of girls say, do something, please remember to love yourself. I love myself now, and I thank God for making me who I am. After loving myself, I found that the world also began to love me. 」

When we begin to embrace ourselves, the world will begin to embrace us. The Kate Moss also attracts Nick Knight, the fashion photographer who took the shot for her, to take the mirror for her! Take a look at the film, and I believe you will be deeply intimidated by his beauty and self-confidence in front of the camera.

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In the desire for similarity of the contemporary, we often rub the same lip color, tie up the same hairstyle, we cover their own unique, imitate the eyes of others, we want to become like others, but often forget to embrace themselves. and Chantelle not conceal his attitude, inspire a lot of people. Tell us, however, to embrace the true self.

Do not be afraid of different, because we are not the same, is so beautiful.

Same field Gayon: Another white spot disease beauty Cheri Lindsay

Another white spot disease patient Cheri Lindsay also filmed the following film, with a simple remover action, to the world to tell their own story. She said that the real reaction of the child made him feel more comfortable than the frightened and anxious adult. White spot disease will not hurt, not contagious, there is no white spot disease and thus prevent me from pursuing their own chi industry. Cheri looked at the camera and said: "Don't be too quick to cover up, everyone is more or less flawed, no one is perfect." "Don ' t Hide, there ' s something wrong with everybody." Nobody is 100% perfect. "

Looking at her, we were so moved and saw a beautiful woman from inside to outside.

Dear, from now on, will you embrace your true self?

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