Which brand is it that makes Hollywood stars love not to let go?With a woman fan, look at the comfort and the fashion of the time!

New brand Dream Culture — — Cozy & Fashion and Stylish & Luxurious Jobs

Founded in the spring of 2008, it was founded by the American designer — Andrew Bernie, from Los Angeles.He believes that fashion is a kind of soul, a kind of soul, not a profit, and not just an accessory that is worn by the body.As a result, he created the “, " Dream Culture ”, which enables everyone to have a beautiful dream.He said, " Dram Culture wants to create a sincere and pure fashion dream, and to offer the best of this brand of inspiration to perfect customers."

A large number of Hollywood stars named Dresses

Dream Culture, which has more than 500 stores in the United States, is also a love card for Hollywood stars.From movie star Jessica , Halle Berry, Halle Berry, Walt Disney Sung, and many TV presenters, and so on, both in front of the screen or in private, they are often chosen for the brand!

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Design concepts: At the same time that customers are pursuing brand fashion, they can also enjoy high quality

A blend of comfort and fashion, showing a low profile, and a combination of subtle design.In a short span of two years, Dram Culture's sales base in Los Angeles, USA, has been located in 35 U.S. states and has opened more than 500 stores.

Dream Culture is a new inspiration for moving, cozy, sexy, high-priced, and not able to resist the charisma of the world.

Each season creates an unimaginable theme line, with original and stylish design, and a focus on materials and special work, as well as a focus on the product, and a unique personality and style for each individual. (Recommended reading: New weather for the fashion brand!The Great Wind of Excellence Designer )

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Foreign Fashion Magazine highlights

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Whatever you want to play today, is a charismatic workforce, a dazzle party queen, or a fashion and casual holiday, and Dream Culture can absolutely satisfy all of your imagination!(Recommended reading: Five fashions for a dazzle party queen )