Hey, 2014 of women are obsessed with talent recruitment . We received letters from a lot of blood girls and boys. Open every letter, we are very moved, listen to the letter inside you said to find women fans, how life began to change, slowly getting better. Some people love themselves more, some more brave to chase the dream, some more believe that there is no impossible in the world, little by little, you also let us believe that the power of words. You make us believe that the world is really going to get better because of what you've done.

In Womany, we believe that every word is the medium of dialogue with you and you who are fascinated by women. In Womany, we believe in the sense of mission of words, so every word is very attentive.

If you are in front of the screen also like the words of women fans; If you believe in what we are doing, if you have great ideas to be seen, if you also expect the power of Wen Yicaida, if you are obsessed with words that can change the madness of the world, we would like to invite you, to be a woman fan of the station author! Speak to the world with words!

Gandhi said: "In this world, you want to be the change you want to see." In women fans we think that to change the world, not a few people have made drastic changes, but most of them have made a small change.

We are looking for you, with the following characteristics of you, we will be very welcome to the point of view of the writer!

  1. Likes Womany, also pays attention to the feminine life, wants to let the woman live better
  2. Like writing, believing in the power of Wen Yicaida
  3. Have a special interest in the subject, life, tourism, food, art, health, workplace, gender issues, women's awareness, comrades, etc. we are all very welcome (secretly said Womany particularly look forward to have a feminine awareness or attention to the arts or women career development of you, to provide Womany Platform more good points)
  4. In the area of concern with a professional EX: You are a nutritionist, want to eat from the health perspective, so that women's life better ... etc
  5. Your article, you can make people see different "views", and not just the tribal type of mumbling. For example, we use the psychological analysis of the author of Love, Irene, to share the experience of overseas workplace, from yoga to explore the relationship between parents and lovers Ding Ning , focus on Taiwan's problems in the Google , to realize the art of life of the eggplant skin ... Wait
  6. Have a gender awareness (welcome to the author Shishun Guide to feminism)

If you feel very exciting, think that the above conditions are you, please complete the following four steps, let us find you, join Womany Wen Yicaida, with the word to witness the change of the world.

Secretly say, if you want to accumulate popularity, let more people know your words, or you have the intention of the book, women fans will be very suitable for your platform! You can continue to use words to accumulate your personal influence in a woman's obsession, and in the past there have been writers through our platform and publishers to contact to complete the dream of the book! On the women's fan platform, there are also authors from around the world, Nick Hsuof New York, Cadoof France, Mucstyleof Germany, Nicolasof Australia, Hong Kong's Wang Zi and Yu Junyu ... Also look forward to also wandering around the world of your join)

Step 1: Fill in the basic data Form

Step 2: Prepare your text (women fans of the article at least 800 words, if more than one, more than two will let us know more about you!) )

Step 3: Please write the contents of the letter

  1. A piece of text to introduce myself
  2. Why do you want to be an author in womany
  3. The frequency of your expected delivery
  4. What you expect to write about (EX: travel, food, feminine awareness, if you can say more about your projected column ideas, we'll have more room for discussion)

Step 4: Please write in the title "I Want to be a woman fan--name" sent to the mailbox: audrey@womany.net

EX: "I want to be a woman fan--Audrey Ko"

In the female fan, we cherish and each person's meeting. Because we know, each encounter, perhaps is reunion, this is we want to know more about your first step, and look forward to follow-up, further text intersection! 2014 female fans of the author recruitment program, we are looking for a point of view of you, but also look forward to the female fans, we can shine together.

Cheers, dear you, together with words, change the world!

They're in Womany, telling you a deep story.
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