At long distances, the technology of love strikes you with the ability to ease your emotions that don't touch each other.

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At the day of the day, the Niu Lang Vega had only seen once a year, making each encounter even more beautiful and sweet, and it was also the classic representative of a distant relationship.In order to overcome distant relationships, besides the usual phone call, LINE, and video, don't forget that the phone sex is also a method of warming up, making it sweet and hot.

Didn't try it, was it nervous?It's very shy, isn't it?You don't know, you don't know, actually it's a really sweet love.Now, let's let women fans teach you step by step!

Tools needed: small-copy, deep breath, sexy adjectives, special sounds, sexy text messages, salty photos

First Steps

If you never try to make love, you can prepare a small copy and write down some sentences that you think can be used (for example, I want to ... ...) to avoid half the way, and a blank in the head, and the hotter atmosphere suddenly breaks down.

Second Step

Before you begin, you can take a deep breath and let yourself go to a relaxed state. Don't feel awkward.

Third step

Before electrical love, you can start brewing with a few teasing short messages or a sexy picture, suggesting that the other is hot and small.

* Pointing exhorting: If you want to send such a text message or a photo, you must be sure that the other person can be trusted and not to drain these private images.Or don't look at the face so that you can protect yourself.(Recommended reading: Intimate violence!Rejection of revenge porn: no one has the right to distribute your private photos )

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Step 4

When you start to love with your man, you can let him have a little vision of you first.You can tell him what you're wearing (let him start to imagine), or some detail and reaction on your body (though not necessarily true), and let him feel excited and excited when he doesn't feel it.

In addition, you can ask him to describe his current state, and then to tangled up and say, how much you are for his body, and ...

* Pointed to the heart: Don't forget to provoke him with your voice.I'm going to slow down and talk, every word can be a little bit of a little bit of breath, and the last rattling, a little bit of breath sounds like you're next to the side.

Step 5

Don't be shy.You can tell from the usual fantasiies.You can collectively outline the scenes that both of you want to try, and even on the phone, play some role-playing games.Bold to say that your body wants to be stimulated, tease, and make him crazy for you.(Recommended reading: Hands with Hands Touch )

Step 6

To be explicit.You can say, "Imagine my tongue is licking your ears." The more detailed the description, the more intense the other person can feel, the more intense the agitation is.

Step 7

Reaction points.When your partner begins to talk about hotness, don't let your shy conquer you, boldly respond to his tease, tell him how your body feels about him, your breath begins to heat, your body starts to heat, and the body is humid, and it gives you a little reaction, and it makes this process more exciting.

Step 8

If the other person is somewhat shy and dare not interact with you, you can guide his voice to touch his own body.Love also requires the participation of two people in order to have a special sense of intimacy.

Step 9

Manufacturing a little background sound.For example, breathing, grunting, groaning, pillows, and cotton-pulled sounds can add different emotions to each other, and make the feeling more real.

Step 10

In the process of electrical love, if two people go to the climax together, don't hang up on the phone, and then share the fun of the cloud over the rain, so that the two of them will be more sweet.