We found that a lot of people are eager to cotton, but also have a mother want to help her daughter ask whether menstrual cramps, you can start to use cotton strips, but also worry will destroy the daughter of the Virgin film, with this article come to know their own body!

Menstrual cramps, the use of tampons or sanitary cotton? In Taiwan, most women are still accustomed to using tampons, but there are more and more people are eager to health cotton, heard cotton love users said: "Once the use of tampons, it will not be back to health cotton." "Not to go back, it really makes people feel very exciting!"

However, in practical regard, everyone's body (in fact, the vagina) are not the same, with no tampons, of course, depending on the situation of each individual. If you are in the period of attack, you have abdominal pain and even cramps, the use of cotton strips may make you more tense, can not relax! But in general, the use of cotton strips do have good without bad, small cotton strips can help us to have a more refreshing and happy physiological period, why not?

If you still have some doubts about cotton strips, don't rush to get rid of the cotton bar in the thousands of miles away, we first help you break the following five myths, and tell you the first use of cotton Bar on the teaching guide!

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Myth One, what if the cotton strip is missing?

First of all, the tampon will have a pair of cotton thread can be pulled out after the congestion, so that the user convenient to pull out the tampon, so the cotton strips will not disappear. In addition, some people may worry about the use of tampons, in the case of cotton strips of the line will not be able to get out? Will the cotton strips go all the way back and can't get out?

Tampon is a high-density compression, cotton can withstand more than three kg of tension, so the cotton is not very often pulled off the situation. If the line is really missing, in fact also need not be too nervous, still can use the finger to remove the cotton strips. The cotton strips do not run up through the cervix and into the womb.

Myth two, after using cotton strips, can you go to the toilet?

After using the cotton strip, you still can go to the toilet normally, do not worry!

Myth Three, the use of cotton strips, will destroy the hymen?

This should be a lot of people for the use of cotton bar the biggest concern, if I use the cotton bar, is not it means I am not a virgin?

First of all, let's start with the hymen hymen! In fact, the hymen is not just a simple membrane, but at the entrance of the vagina has a flexible mucosal folds, the central opened a hole, and wrinkles there are individual differences, not everyone is the same. (Recommended reading: Blush Knowledge Home: The original hymen has eight kinds of film )

According to a study published in 1994, there was no significant difference between the habit of female sex users and the hymen of habitual cotton users. Because the Virgin mold is a flexible tissue, its opening diameter of about 2.5 cm, so in the normal use of tampons, it will not "destroy" the Virgin film.

and dear, although the first use is not very hands-on, pull to the hymen, it does not mean that you are not a virgin. In fact, there are many vigorous sports, such as cycling, horseback riding ... And so on, it is possible to pull to the virgin membrane. We also can not help but want to say, hope that the girls don't worry about that piece of film so. (Recommended reading: Seven questions about female private care )

Myth Four, when sleeping, also can use cotton bar?

According to the health Food and Drug Administration published figures, tampons can be used for up to 8 hours, and the recommended replacement time is every 4-6 hours. So when you sleep, you can also use cotton strips!

However, if the menstrual flow too much, during sleep worry about leakage, you can temporarily switch to night-use health cotton, the next day will not worry about washing the sheets Ah! (Recommended reading: More physiological knowledge that you are interested in!) )

Myth Five, using a cotton stripe, really can go swimming?

Cotton stripe lovers Another reason to fall in love with cotton strips, is to use cotton strips to let them in the physiological period, still free to exercise! Use cotton strips, can block blood flow through, so swimming completely no problem!

But also remind, after swimming, remember to replace the new cotton strips. Because the front of the cotton bar may be in the swimming process of water, and humid environment for the vagina is not good, so girls should remember to change!

After breaking the fan detention, do you have a better understanding of tampons? Every woman's body is not the same, let us take you step-by-step more understanding of your body, also tells you to use tampons should pay attention to three things! (Recommended reading: from the ancient woman's tampons, are you comfortable today?) )

1. First choose the type of cotton that suits you, do you fit the finger or the catheter?

At present, the sale of cotton strips are divided into finger-type and two types of catheters. In the literal sense, is a must rely on the finger into the cotton bar, the other is to use a catheter to assist, the general first attempt to use the cotton bar, will suggest that the first catheter-type, less nervous.

Duct type (picture source: source )

Use the catheter-type cotton bar to refer to the instructions behind, according to the following four steps into

1. Wash your hands clean! With the thumb and the middle finger, the grip of the outer catheter is lightly held
2. Relax, the catheter to the vagina 45 degrees, pushed up, until the thumb hit the vaginal mouth after the stop
3. Push the inner catheter with the index finger to overlap with the outer catheter
4. Avoid pulling cotton thread, take out the inner and outer catheter together, the cotton strip is finished!

If the use of the finger-type, in general must be the cotton strip into the depth of two knuckles, is the cotton strip should be in the position, also does not cause vaginal pain. But two knuckles is only recommended depth, each girl's vaginal length is not the same, or to find their own body and cotton with the most comfortable position yo!

Small supplement: Short vaginal length of girls, more suitable for the use of finger-type, vaginal length of girls, more suitable for the use of catheter-type!

2. Try to find the best angle for your vagina.

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If the use of the finger-type or catheter-type, feel the foreign body is very heavy, you may not have right side the most suitable location, or is the first time really some of the scene tense.

When you put cotton strips, you can sit on the toilet, you can stand up straight, or put one foot on the toilet, and some people are upturned buttocks, you can try to find the most comfortable posture.

The first time to use cotton strips, will be nervous is normal, deep breath, relax. Vaginal is a 45-degree tilt to the back of the channel, so you can use the left index finger and middle finger to peel off the labia, and then according to the above put steps to try. In the process, remember the regular breathing, do not be afraid, or the vagina will subconsciously launch the intrusion, this time there will be an uncomfortable feeling produced.

If the cotton strips are placed correctly, it is true that you will not be able to feel it at all. So if there is uncomfortable foreign body feeling, may be pushed not deep enough, it may be the angle is not right, friction to the vaginal wall skin. At this time, just pull out the old cotton strips, and try again with the new one! (Recommended reading: Taiwan cotton bar guru Vanessa, to the body most need )

3. According to menstrual blood status, adjust the type of cotton bar

Just like tampons, remember to adjust the model of the cotton according to the menstrual blood condition. Usually in the amount of menstrual blood, because of the relationship between the blood moist, cotton easy to put also easy to take, and in the menstrual cramps in the early stage and the end, because the amount of uncertainty, there may be insufficient blood intake, in the pull out of cotton, there may be friction vaginal avoidance and a small discomfort. These are normal situations, don't worry!

Just start using cotton strips, perhaps because of placement, there will still be a little menstrual bleeding outside the situation, at this time you can then cushion on a thin layer of pads to avoid leakage phenomenon!

The above is we help the girls to clean up the tampon using the full guide, this month let us explore their own body, from the cotton bar to try it!