Knitting Press:
Taiwan recently entered the typical summer climate, hot and humid weather in the closet all kinds of light and light clothing out of the oven, to show its best side. In addition to wearing a face, we introduced ol ' workplace wear focus, also in the summer before the formal arrival, recommended timely cover the meat of the show thin Five elements . Girls, to remember that their body is always the most beautiful, in the wearing, many methods can let you close to the heart of the ideal figure! Now with Womany to steal three can let everybody and Europe and the United States Fashion Circle model body Seamless connection Secret recruit! (Recommended reading: wear a cool look at the refreshing!) Seven keywords to make you beautiful one summer )

Secret one: Positive elongate ratio of high waist line

The average person's perception of height is not determined by absolute heights, but more often, it depends on the proportion of the lower body. So if you want to be able to lengthen the ratio actively, in addition to increasing the straight line to help, we can also actively change the proportion of segmentation. Compared to the same model, is the position of the following two waist lines to make you feel the leg of the right picture is a bit longer?

In addition, the following figure of the thick belt also has an advantage, you can keep the waist line part of a "tight" position. In other words, to the waist, to emphasize the waist of the slender feeling, redefine the width of the shoulders and hips. Detailed methods will be detailed in the following articles!

Secret two: The loose principle of true bucket false hoist

Every time this summer, I always worry about eating too much last winter. In fact, the daily level of wear, there is no need to lose weight may show the curve of a good way, as long as the heart at any time to grasp the principle, you can easily show the body! And that secret is the loose rule that has just been roughly mentioned. The elastic loose here refers to the degree of fit:

  • In the shoulders of the place to pine, creating a feeling of sickeningly whereas;
  • The place in the waist is important, honesty is good, is a few inches of stature to show a few inches;
  • Finally in the buttocks of the place to pine, that is to highlight the waist and buttocks to maintain a proper proportion.

The best waist-hip ratio was roughly around 0.7, the study said. However, the waist is not so tight that we can actively control, or can use the thick belt mentioned above to help fix. This is mostly in the healthy part of the thin body, so the following for the shoulders and hips to make a small series of considered practical objects:

Shoulder loose: Suit coat

This is absolutely necessary good things, the appropriate use of shoulder pads to create a sense of relaxation, you can emphasize the waist line. First of all, a bad example to start with:

The above picture of the coat does not actively create a suitable proportion, a bit too soft, and the following picture of the jacket is too narrow shoulders, the head proportion of the body too much. Let's look at some examples of good applications:

It is worth mentioning that the other point is the hair, if you can put the hair down in a timely manner, the weight of the hair can properly reduce the shoulder width, and soften the hard shoulder lines. Some people say that the standard shoulder ratio is twice times the length of the head (head to Chin) and the reader can refer to the application.

Hip loose: stiff round skirt and soft hakama

The pine mentioned here is actually a relative concept, relative to the waist. And most of the time with the paragraph is not an absolute relationship, but with the choice of cloth. As mentioned above, the best waist and hip ratio fell in 0.7, so the use of stiff cloth round skirt can create their own lines, and the soft hakama is to use the pendant of the cloth to increase the buttocks weight. (Extended reading: The most popular knee in the spring dress!) There are 7 examples of pendant fabrics similar to the one that let you wear fashion up.

The above example also succeeded in demonstrating the principle of looseness, tightening at the waist, and relaxing the hips with soft cloth in the lower body. The following is a simple two-piece round skirt that can be used as a stiffness cloth to expand the lower body curve of the possibility.

Secret three: Pick out the European and American style used in the high saturation style

If it is because how can not wear out of Europe and the United States and the freehand brushwork, always feel that Taiwan to sell Japan and Korea always have too many lovely, too little handsome. So avoid the color of the low style will be the girl's winning trick. Here the color is low, is the color of the proper terminology, detailed reference here , also known as saturation. In short, pink orange, pink, powder green and so on to add white color is a low color (if you do not agree, you can see: color of the secret: pink to make you more love yourself?) , the appearance of these colors, usually represents the lovely. Examples of low color are as follows:

The next is the example of a higher color (another, black and white ash does not count into the calculation of color.) In other words, black white is a safe color for color. However, it is recommended that you skip gray when choosing color, because the yellow skin of Asians is very gray.


After the introduction, for this summer to show the style of Europe and America have been tempted to do? In fact, these tips are not limited to summer, but are applicable throughout the year. Try hard, find your own style, Happy shopping!