From the white beach bathing suit to the evening gown, the 2012 holiday series starts with the "Sea Island Wind", and a lot of amazed works have appeared. Let's have a look at it!

Yes!There is no mistake, it's really the latest vacation series in 2012, and on the stretch of the platform, I want to introduce you to everyone immediately. After all, it is still time to enter the holiday season. Wouldn't it be a great time to introduce the early autumn series?

The English name of the holiday series is "Resort", which means "resorts".If we want to go on vacation, it's usually not easy to go to the beach and relax.But for some people, it is actually a matter of business to go to a resort.

So, of course, the Resort series also has a suit of skirt and trousers, which is a relatively loose and light-permeable material to cope with the hot climate of the island.Also, for the night parties on the beach, a tuxedo with different lengths will be introduced.So before the Spring and Summer Big Show in 2012, the Resort family was also very bullish, but not every brand has such a rich creative team that can launch the series.

ACEN | Chanel, who works in pleasure

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It is usually a very narrow pen skirt that the sexy woman loves to wear, and there is a lot of clothes that can be relaxed in the resort.For example, the British avantsplay ACNE is thought to be able to topple the head of a bird's nest with a pair of jute-skincare pants, feeling very leise; or, like Chanel, using a suit and a knee-jerk sandal to give a sexy feeling.The common points of the two are the colors of the set, which are very bright. They are the Bolchoa women who know how to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy life and work in a strong way.

Preen | Jill Stuart Rise of China Blue

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On vacation on the island of Hainan , regardless of whether you look at the head or look down, the sky and the sea are full of blue. How can you still want to wear blue?

But this season began, with images and colors of Chinese flavor that began to spread quietly to the stretch of the stretch, with the elegant and elegant "Chinese Blue" being the most interesting.A fashion designer, Preen, has made clothing a handicraft article in Chinese-style origami, and Jill Stuart has also improved the blue-cloth Han suit into a small flower dress.Both are matched with black sandals, and are best equipped with the calm and quiet atmosphere of the Chinese Blue.

Louis Vuitton | Yves Saint Laurent Fittchicks


WindWind's Most Unlimited is a variety of flowers, and is a sexy feature that is difficult to get out of the city, and the color of the flower is shorter, shorter, and shorter than the color of the skirt.(Recommended reading: The skirt is remote!Creating a Spring-Day Gama )

Louis Vuitton is almost the same as the pink towels in the hot pants, which is the end of the heat of the upper half-body's T-shirt.Yves Saint Laurent is divided into a conservative and sexual route, which can be said to be the best comment on half the sea flame.In order to make the legs even longer, they were designed to go back to the height of the old. With the lines of naked high-heeled shoes, the long legs of the girl would have to compete with the breasts of the breast, and the younger sister relied on this to reverse the reverse.

Oscar de la Renta | Tory Burch swimwear on the street


Can wear swimsuits at a time of shopping, so it's only a vacation spot, so it's a big deal for designers to show how to exhibit a swimsuit in a Resort series.

The advanced custom-made brand Oscar de la Renta tied the luxurious belt on the waist to make the swimsuit completely cloak; the Hollywood celebrity Tory Burch's bathing embroidery was delicate and delicate, and the launch was a bit of a waste.Both are introduced with swimsuits into a whole set of outfitted, so that girls can wear swimsuits and don't swim. They can also be placed on a high profile.(Recommended reading: Challenge four shape, summer swimsuit full strategy

Hemlut Lang | 3.1 Phillip Lim Close Close Fabric


Are you kidding me?Can you actually see this "cold tune" costume in a passionate holiday resort?But skin color, like black and white, can be seen in almost every show, and it's a modern classic.

Moreover, in the warm islands of high nudity, the color of the skin is not to be revealed, but also to the local atmosphere.The large scale of the modern deconstruction of Hemert Lang's skin is ×, and the light is comfortable, even when it is worn together; the simplicity of the Metro's 3.1 Phillip Lim presents a elegance.Both of them choose Black-based high-heeled shoes to make a classic finish for skin pigmentation.