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Is it always the last step to travel at all?There are always too many hasty, too many human relationships , too many traction.We want to tell us that travel is not as far away as you can imagine.Starting with the small changes around, it can also discover that life is also full of travel, and that there are people who have encountered love .Starting here, it will be a step closer to a true journey!(Recommended reading: Accidents and In-depth Kyoto Travel )

Don't know if there's a chance to travel on the road in Taipei, and think about the days when travelling abroad? Many of the people who miss it are economic factors, attitudes of life, and so on, but they are actually more realistic.Every inch of Taipei's land is filled with dazzling applications. For each and every time after work, it will be natural to rule out the need for a little bit of time to be left to their own. In addition to the five senses,

Travel, in other words, is often a key way to convert these nervous and noisy key methods, and look at the resorts of those famous people, who often fail to see other people, except for the necessary service personnel.But what if we can't leave at the current half of the hour?If there is a way to make a positive change in the atmosphere of the holiday, it will be perfect if there is a way to change the atmosphere of the holiday, if there is no onerous job.So there are the next five steps.Starting from the small world where you live, and by changing your consciousness, actively strive for some kind of leisure time like a vacation!(Recommended reading: Honeymoon to be romantic, five big honeymoon resorts )

1. A faint of place light

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It is surprising that the evening of Europe is not too light.But if you think about it again, if you need to rest on the whole body, then there's no reason why it shouldn't contain your eyes?It is indeed too much to suggest that the white fluorescent lights be avoided.I'll get you a light bulb!The light rays of the yellow light can calm the dry, dry, dry, and perhaps, after returning home, lay down a few deep breaths. The pressure brought back from work into the world is still in the dark of the faint yellow and yellow.If it is possible, we will have to practice not to start the TV at night.No matter what channels you're interested in, the TV is bringing in a lot of news, and it's ready to fill in the memory that is already overloaded.It may be possible to consider designing the interior of the room, so that it is not necessary to arrange the position of the television directly, so that it is convenient to(or disagree? See how the variety shows are good for physical and mental health?)

2. Few open sense

Home, as a place to rest, to reduce the number of things you see, to maintain a comfortable loop, to leave the contacts and frictions between people and people, people, and things in the past, hoping to wake up tomorrow and be ready to accommodate more.

Perhaps you can imagine that everyone has a comfortable distance, and if you can minimize things and transactions in the comfort circle, you can create a sense of leisure.This is probably the same thing as the open sense.But this is probably essentially a violation of Asia's use of space.But the intensity of space is intuitive, and you don't need to learn to feel it.There is a little bit of truth, that is, the number of things that I hope to look at is very small.This does not mean that it is impossible to shop, nor does it mean that large amounts of objects are discarded. On the contrary, it means that as long as there is a reasonable collection of space and the collection of things, the open feeling can be simply constructed.

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3. The soft feeling of bedside mats

It's probably not important to sleep, right?The most impressive thing about vacation is the special mattress and the soft bed quilt.So just a little extravagant!Try to lay down one, twenty beds, choose your favorite, and what's important is that it's like a soft feeling like a hotel.The luxury of this entity can be turned into an extravagant, sensory extravagant, from the daily routine of the day, to a feeling of love that can be expected.But here's a little reminder, don't forget to deal with the sweat of the summer.The simplest way is to wake up the air conditioner to the next day and wake up, and if the burden is too heavy, then the dehumidifier can replace the air conditioner and quickly remove the wet gas remaining in the bed.Finally, if you only have dehumidification, don't forget the hardworking cotton quilt and keep the smell fresh.

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4. Space replacement for essential oils

Overrides that are referred to here refer to the transition space atmosphere.For the five senses in the space, the easiest to convert is not visual, but of smell.Therefore, the standing essential oil tastes can be easily adjusted to fit the space adjustment of the mood.For a moment when you go home from work, I hope to be able to return to the positive direction and have a new source of strength to face difficulties. Consideration can be given to the warmth and relaxation of the Clary Sage, the true Lavender, the spirit of "Black Spruce", and the "Black Spruce", which has been able to cultivate negative energy.The most common method of using the method is to dilute the essential oil and water, and to use the machine (which is mostly incidental to the air cleaner) to spread the air into the air.As long as there is a taste in the background, it is sufficient.(Continuing to learn essential oil: Moon Mega-Women's Physical Periomics )

5. A sense of abstruse of travel books

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Siblemer: Not an elegant dinner of interior design

Finally, the most effective way: To eat a big meal from a top restaurant!It is like the top restaurants in the world emphasize that the raw materials are imported from a place of origin, that is, to create a kind of affordable conversion method.Why do you have to do that?A role playing in the burden?After noon, take a good shower, put on a new sexy lingerie, and have a bright and bright little tuxedo, which is a beautiful dress.At four o'clock in the afternoon, Uber called a good car and slowly went to the restaurant.A four-pack full meal, and then you can put it in the end, and don't force it.A cup of white wine is used to avoid the bitter and bitter characteristics of red wine.The most important thing is, don't think of yourself as miserable, what if you eat alone and eat alone?Look out the window, look out the window, the rush of traffic, the sun can be swell, and I'm happy.

Travel is in a mood, not flesh.

Don't forget the daily life of one step, one step at a time, which is actually a kind of travel.As a tourist, it is interesting to see the people who rush off in a hurry and walk slowly through the morning light. The quiet experience only belongs to their own beauty.Then, slowly hug yourself, a drop of land, and use the hearts of the travelers to make a living.

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