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Is it always the last step to travel at all?There are always too many hasty, too many human relationships , too many traction.We want to tell us that travel is not as far away as you can imagine.Starting with the small changes around, it can also discover that life is also full of travel, and that there are people who have encountered love .Starting here, it will be a step closer to a true journey!(Recommended reading: Accidents and In-depth Kyoto Travel )

Don't know if there's a chance to travel on the road in Taipei, and think about the days when travelling abroad? Many of the people who miss it are economic factors, attitudes of life, and so on, but they are actually more realistic.Every inch of Taipei's land is filled with dazzling applications. For each and every time after work, it will be natural to rule out the need for a little bit of time to be left to their own. In addition to the five senses,

Travel, in other words, is often a key way to convert these nervous and noisy key methods, and look at the resorts of those famous people, who often fail to see other people, except for the necessary service personnel.But what if we can't leave at the current half of the hour?If there is a way to make a positive change in the atmosphere of the holiday, it will be perfect if there is a way to change the atmosphere of the holiday, if there is no onerous job.So there are the next five steps.Starting from the small world where you live, and by changing your consciousness, actively strive for some kind of leisure time like a vacation!(Recommended reading: Honeymoon to be romantic, five big honeymoon resorts )

1. A faint of place light

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