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Dear, when you hear the June, you will suddenly remember that it is the Western wedding season? We are still talking about the "June Bride", the source is actually from the Roman mythology Oh! Regardless of your side now have to hold another hand, first of the future to pick the focus of the wedding dress to learn it! A perfect balance between highlighting the bright spots and reducing the weaknesses makes this special moment a wonderful memory! (Recommended to continue reading: luxury like art, Bride's Dream jewelry )

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June, to the women who have been holding hands, is a season of anticipation, looking forward to their own can become the June bride. The allusion of the "June Bride" originated from the English language of the June June Juno, that is, Roman mythology Zhongtian Emperor Jupiter wife Juno, she represents the women and marriage, is beautiful, gentle, loving symbol, so June marriage, can let Juno bless your marriage, so that the next life peace, Everything is appropriate.

(Myth Brief Introduction: The Western myth system of Taiwan's relatively ripe series can be divided into Roman mythology system and hope Greek mythology system, both in history overlap, the god name also has misappropriation, here Jupiter is the Roman god's emperor of heaven, is not our custom, the Greek system Cupid Cupid. Incidentally, we often hear of the gods Zeus and his wife Hera, is the Greek god of Heaven and the Days of the Gods, the life traces we introduced: the Gods visited the island-Pegasus

For most women, however, wedding dresses are the most important. How to dress a wedding dress is the focus of their attention. In the wedding design, most of the design elements will be used to emphasize specific parts of the body, forming the focus of attention. In reality, the choice of wedding dress is mostly out of wedding photography company, the choice of style may be more fixed or limited. So the reasonable approach should be to choose a dress that resembles the design style for the area where you want to emphasize and reduce attention. (Continue reading:"self-help wedding dress" Six major attack )

The following is a simple introduction to the possible emphasis by classifying the parts:

Full of personal features of the upper body

Don't forget that people's style and impressions of others are mostly built on the upper body, so it is easy and intense to emphasize the upper part. Here the upper body screen in addition to the neck above the makeup, hairstyle, and veil, after all, it is another professional project. So if the clavicle and neck of their own confidence, of course, is the choice of flat-mouth dress style, and in addition to exposing, on the chest to add a little ingenuity, that is, flower design and jewelry. and dress color matching the flower can directly set the audience's gaze, so that the overall image of a more prominent step. Jewelry is needless to say, its own expensive gas is Jiao point. The only small reminder is that the volume of flowers and jewelry is too large, easy to grab focus with the face, causing an abrupt feeling.

Flower and jewelry ( photo source )

The clavicle and the cervical fossa emphasize may consider the flat mouth dress ( picture source )

But if you are slightly unsure of your upper body, you can consider stretching the lace style of your shoulders and sleeves in the style of your dress. Here the lace can have a band of shoulders and arm effect, let the version of the ideal body, you can reduce the proportion of the upper body visually, to form a convergent effect. In addition, lace also has the effect of enhancing the sense of gorgeous

Lace band stature ( photo source )

The real waist.

For wedding dresses, the true number of the waist is not the focus of attention, that is the category of body-shaping movement. But the waist of the wedding design is focused on the temporary waist between the weight of the fat to other places, you can timely emphasize the waist chest poor, or bad waist and buttocks. Now the design of the wedding most of the waist are similar to the version of the body clothing, so there will be no beautiful waist lines. For the brides who want to emphasize the waist line, the emphasis on the skirt can emphasize the softness of the waist line, for example, the tail skirt strengthens the waist buttock difference. In more technical jargon, do not design transverse shear wiring at 20 cm under the hip line, using straight strips to cut loose and hip to the perfect presentation will achieve the effect you want.

Plastic body clothing cut moderate show waist line ( picture source )

If really to show their waist line a bit shy, then change the emphasis on the chest line bar! After all, the proportion of waist and chest is right, everyone's focus will fall on the bride's upper body, if within a short period of time can not repel the waist between the weight, you may consider the use of breast pads slightly increase the size of the chest, the pursuit of the beauty of the shape curve.

Chest with soft fabric design, increase chest volume ( photo source )

Female beauty of the lower body

Do not say the wedding of this moment, the shape of women's lower body beauty can be said to be a lifelong topic and topic. But for wedding and wedding photography, the emphasis of the lower body can bring out the elegant and noble temperament, but also a strong point to bring out the feeling of sexy temptation. If you have confidence in your slender legs, use the transparent sense of the yarn fabric to work hard! Short skirt long yarn may be an option. In addition, if you have confidence in your hips, you can also use the fish tail and a skirt fit design to highlight the focus.

Tail skirt emphasizes buttock shape line ( picture source )

To reduce your attention to their lower body, simply create a little classical feeling it! The classical feeling here refers to the dress braces that are used in weddings and reshape the lower body. This is the wedding design has not given up the use of clothing materials, the former bride will be directly wearing a large skirt support, now the wedding dress is to make this design retro feeling. Please remember that the emphasis will always be on the waist and buttocks, with the waist size to control their hips or skirt circumference. After the expert research, usually wears the best waist buttock to fall in 0.7 (waist size/buttocks size =0.7), in the wedding design part, suggested can enlarge the size a point, the buttocks approximately is the waist twice times to 2.5 times times not to have too exaggerated annoyance.

Pay attention to reasonable skirt support ratio ( photo source )

Extra beautiful embellishment of the back

The back is not necessarily a point of attention, but it will be pleasantly surprised if it is heavy. Simple sense of transparency and lace cloth to emphasize the beauty of the back lines, you can make people have a sense of surprise, if the back line for their own self-confidence, you can imagine when you see the design behind the eyes for one of the bright feeling. Don't be too negative for people with no confidence in the back line. , there can be magic in the back of the magic position, the people do not want to see the part of the transfer to the lower back, so you can use the fabric to cover the position of the cloth, small adjustment of the other parts of meat, so that the body can be flawless debut.

The back of the yarn cloth is the bonus point ( picture source )

Peerless elegance of the instant with its behind

A woman's desire for a wedding is a positive projection of the future, and it is precisely because this moment cannot be reversed that everyone gives this ritual a great expectation. In order to present a different day, and only stay in the present special beauty, the modern prospective brides are still committed to the strict weight loss plan, only a dream like a beautiful moment. But we in addition to strictly face their own body, may also let go of their own a horse, from the wedding design angle to pursue that gorgeous gorgeous beauty. Because the future, may be more solid than imagined, enough to expect more beautiful. (Recommended reading: not the same wedding dress : Retro fresh feeling )

Peace and happiness of marriage ( picture source )

Lens, it can also be the way to see the wedding dress
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