When you see a picture of Marina Makaron Moskw , no one will be unimpressed by the vivid and smooth visual sensation.The color freshman, the pattern bulk silk product is easy to get popular or old, but the Marina Makaron Moscow merchandise makes people feel the new wave, even young and energetic!Let's introduce today Marina Makaron Moskw designer: Marina L. Makaron and her design perspective.

Marina was born in Moscow, Russia, and studied international business after graduation in the financial, publishing, and legal institutions, and then completed academic research in the London School of Economics, until he decided to engage in a design work filled with passion and creativity.Many of the Russian cultural and artistic baptism, the most important of which are the images of Russian traditional culture, and fairy tales, are the most important factors influencing her design concepts.With its own understanding and background on international markets, and the design of skillfully integrated tradition and fashion, Marina's scarf became the world's single-tree design and greatly influenced the name of Marina Makaron Moskw !

Next, the designer Marina will personally explain to everyone the characteristics of the MMM scarf!

Q: Your specialty is the use of traditional Russian silk technology to produce your goods. What is the character of this technology?

Marina: The secret of this traditional technology is that silk is a sensitive and soft-like product.Share an interesting knowledge of silk: the silk fabric is easily recovered after a general injury.For example, when the good silk is damaged due to pulling, the simple washing and ironing actions can restore it to completely new.

Q: The pattern of marina makaron moskow is always full of vitality, complexity and content, and can you ask your inspiration?

Marina: Skies.Sometimes we neglect the concrete cities of high-rise buildings, and there is actually a variable sky.For example, when sitting on a highway running on a highway, you will find that the scenes look like a beautiful picture of green, a red and purple in the form of a tree, combined with the city of our lives, so that it becomes an inspiration for a curtain of creation.

Desired silk scarf

Goed silk towel

Q: Where do you travel most often? Where are your favorite places?

Marina: For me, every place is beautiful.I enjoy the history, culture, and originality of every region, and I feel the way I feel about these things!

Q: Talk about the new spring and summer 2011 that you have published!

Marina: The great composers of centuries have said that every piece of music has its own color, and for me, the design of the spring summer 2011 is like the one that has been created from my soul, and that this music has only one central purpose, which is to bring warmth and happiness to people.

Last spring of 2011 that brought you Marina Makaron Moskw to enjoy this spring-dancing fashion feast!

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