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Women always have many dreams, hope to shine on the job, hope forever fashion, hope lifelong love, but support the dream behind, in addition to passion, don't forget health, have a healthy body and mind, we can go better and farther. Woman fan said, health, is to please their most beautiful gift, woman fan X Vogue hope to care about you, give you a happy health gift. Starting with a woman's Healthy Life Survey, 1000 women's health habits questionnaires were collected, and we found that Taiwanese women began to focus on health, but maybe we could love ourselves more 18~35岁. (same field Gayon: Blushing Red sex Life Survey report )

Reading, so that the heart is also healthy

In addition to the Internet, women also love the reading of paper touch!

Catherine, American children's literature writer. Patterson (Katherine Paterson) once said

"Reading lets us practice facing the difficulties and challenges of life" reading is like spiritual food, helping us to be more open and more energy to face the daily challenges.

With the advent of the Internet, the way of reading becomes diverse. Everyone loves the convenience and speed of the Internet, but in fact many women do not forget the soft touch of paper. According to the survey, 29 of women through the book to enrich themselves, 25 of women through the magazine to obtain knowledge, 23 of women are converted to computer reading, no matter which, make reading become an important part of life, make the mind healthier. ( everyone should be quiet and read well )

Diet, eat healthy food to have a healthy body

Women should pay more attention to nutrition balance!

What is the perfect posture in your mind? Is it the bony stature of Milan, or is Scarlet Johansen sexy? Whatever you like, what you should care about is not the number on the weight gauge, but the real body change and health index. (You know, Miranda's beautiful secret )

Maybe you think women are always preoccupied with calories, but the survey tells us that only one person in every 10 women does it. Each other calories, in fact, women pay more attention to eat or not! But it's like "Enjoy it!" A person travels, love, food and soul must achieve balance.

9% of women think that the most important thing is calories, 19% of women pay attention to nutrition balance, up to 23% of women pay attention to good or not, we know that food can let women express pressure to relax, but eat happy to eat healthy, women fans to remind you, occasionally indulge it does not matter, but pay more attention to nutrition balance can make you more healthy and beautiful. (To try, the healthy Rainbow Diet Method )

Maintenance, healthy skin will shine

Women love to buy maintenance products in the physical pathway!

You must be curious, why are some star Sohe looking younger? Secretly tell you a little secret, in fact, do not need a heavy make-up, healthy skin will glow!

What are the maintenance habits of Taiwanese women? 62% of women love in the physical access to buy maintenance products, directly try to make people more comfortable, 36 of women spend 500~1000 yuan in make-up maintenance, 22% of women spent 1000~2000 yuan, it is obvious that women pursue beauty at the same time also know how to budget! Choose the most suitable maintenance products in order to have healthy and shiny skin. (Secretly tell you, five to make the skin beautiful detox water )

Exercise, laying the groundwork for health

Six into women have a good habit of exercise!

Do you know what Angelina Lina Jolie's beautiful secret is? It's sports! The 38-Year-old, who likes to try different kinds of sports, taekwondo, boating, rock climbing and yoga, is her favorite, in addition to taking the gym as a second home.

In Taiwan, health awareness is rising, and everyone loves to move around from work or on weekends to make themselves healthier and more energetic. 59% women have a good habit of exercising, and women who don't like sports only account for 7. And everyone's favorite sport is running (20), bicycles (19) and Yoga (13), exercise can actually feel the pulse of the body, but also the moment of dialogue with themselves. ( woman girl, let running give you power )

Combined with the above results, woman fan X VOGUE want to work with everyone to pay attention to health, regardless of your age and physical condition, every woman should have their own healthy life, from the heart to the body, so that health from the inside to the beauty of the force! 525 I love me to encourage women to love themselves, love their own first step, is to make themselves healthier! We want to further use health to dote on you, to give you reading, diet, maintenance, sports and surprise good gift, now, the health as the best gifts, to their own, but also to the attention of friends next to it! Let the woman fan X Vogue health Yue Self box to become your health good friend, once meet you four of health desire to face!

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