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Hey, honey, you know what?This is a force of less than 2 % of the world's strength. This time, female fans and superviews are invited to join you in facing up to the power of women!

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is a place where women's halls are being held by a partner of June and Liang, presenting a dialogue between the big women and the young men.What is less than strong >?The proportion of men and women on the planet is nearly one to one, that is, one in two women.We believe that women in the new generation do not lose men in terms of capacity, economy, education, and work. These independent women have long been able to stand up for half a day. They have more powerful influence than men. They have their own values and feelings of feeling. We call them "one-two-one strong."

Hot Spice Girls "," Neighbor Girls "and even" Beautiful Women "are filled with a male audience, but not a" handsome man " program for women to watch."One of two" is a program designed for the Pink, and we look at the themes of different women as men, women, and women, and we want women to make their own points of view, and let women and men get together and understand each other.

When a country encounters a lovely Taiwanese woman, it has an interesting and intense spark of interaction, and has ever discussed "Pregnancy Make Woman Queen", "Woman's sense of security from the body of a man?""Women's Public Enemy-Front girlfriend", "Woman's Beware", "Women are also very much driving". … interesting content hopes to arouse the widespread response of the Chinese women!

Introducing the Moderator


Tsai Junru, who has been in the air for more than a decade.The appearance of the show and the performance of the show led her to receive the attention of her career. She was the winner of the Best Actress Award for the Best Actress in the Golden Bell Awards for Television Awards in 2001, and won the Best Actress for the Television Awards.In 2011, when he found a real life, he and Li Yi walked into the auditorium.

In recent years, she was excited by the fact that he hadn't hosted a studio show in the last six months of the play, and that she was returning to the host.In "One of the Strengths", she played the role of a woman, timely, negotiated, and precise, and she was a modern woman.In fact, in June of this year, we are talking about a "strong" woman, her ability to work, economic independence, influence, emotional attachment, and marriage, which is the envy of all, is a goal and a model for most women's pursuit.(Women's fans are going to have an exclusive interview in June. Please look forward to it!)

Liang HGroup

Graduated from the Chinese Academy of Arts, and then worked as a production assistant to the program unit, making it the producer, the TV station, and then before moving to the scene before moving to the scene and the play and the play.For more than ten years, the group has been particularly popular with the audience for fun and humorous talks.

"Strength of One", he was responsible for playing the wall and singing a song in June. He said that the man's inner words ” " accidentally ”, but he could quickly turn to the wind to curry favor with the women, and the wits' reactions to the good of the women were often made to laugh.

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