Network friends are now important trends.From the soul mate of the movie "Electronic Love Books" to the former pop singer Luo Chih-hsiang, who has been fascinated by the long hair on Facebook, the Internet dating website is also a common social tool for everyone.How can you differentiate yourself among many netizens?It is only a traditional 45-degree angle, and perhaps it is already outdated. (Men are already aware of this), Harvard graduate math experts (now the founder of America's largest Internet dating website) are specially preparing a white paper on Internet dating, suggesting what we should do in order to be successful in the Internet!

Interests, real interests!
Since it's a network friend, I don't want to be a formal face-to-face date, a bit of a stickTalking about the real sense of self-feeling is one of the great advantages of Internet dating.He asked him about his views on cycling, asking him about his personal feelings about sex, as well as his desire to speak freely. Before the actual meeting, all the conversations could be based on the "soul mate".
> > Conscience suggests that you don't need to believe in photos first! Let's talk about it when you find it.

Women look at the lens, men look away.
Statistics show that if a woman's picture is smiling directly to the camera, it can be paid on an average of 1.5 times a month. Interestingly, the images of men are opposite, and more than 30 % of women pay attention to the photos of the camera.
> > has an expert explanation: women often want more stories and see pictures like this easily and easily, " What on earth is this man thinking?

men women love the sexy line
is different from the traditional siblings, only to pretend to be a photo of innocent beep, and only to attract young people.A graceful woman can show a little, healthy, confident man, and can show you the lines of your body.The study report of the dating website points out that the young man who is not dressed with a large muscular musculature can pay an average of 1.3 women each month to pay attention to the average.This figure shows that in addition to the strength of the economy, the current man has to compete with the muscle!
> > Healthy, confident and unvulgar photos are the most popular photos.Women can put on bikini, add a large blouse, or reveal the collarbone or any of the most confident parts; men can put on a more tight T-shirt with their bare arm line and chest muscle, which is the most visible picture.