There is a training experience that is more powerful than today and every tomorrow.See how female interns think about, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

womany editor: June 30, 2014, Women's Blood Plan begins with the heat of summer!The iron is a good heart for the interns. The blood is beating in the mother's heart. This is a schizophrenic and schizophrenic education.A series of seamlessly connected curricula: Meet women's fans, understand the media, edit getting started, brand concepts, leaders, lead interns into a high-standard team of minds, give you an attitude, tell you what make sense, give you knowledge, grow your evolution quickly, and burn in this office that requires a target office.The cosmos of interns.

Once on a chair, it's difficult to get up again

'true' is the first thing I've learned in women's memes.

First true : the people here are real, fresh fruit after lunch, easy music at work, it should be our boss, but like a partner, and we spend time in intensive courses to irrigate our depleted brains and be patient with the problems.The first is that the first is that all teams are willing to share experiences, and the second is Tanya and Jolin's unselfish experience, and that it takes time to teach us how to be a shared team, to teach us how to actually do it, and to be a family of women who are constantly striving for growth.

Second True : A sincere team, whether it is planned, subscripted, edited, or content today, is reflected in the spirit of women, and you should be very much like to say: Women are many, and you are the only! In addition to the soft power of women's fans on the website, it is also an honest team in life. In addition to the above mentioned slingers, they won't say good, because in women's fans, it's not enough, but it can only be even better!They give positive encouragement, and don't censor standard answers, so that the interns in the frustrations have become more and more courageous.I think this will be the most precious thing I have ever in . 's a . 's a beautiful film. It's a beautiful film. It's a beautiful film.

First Real : The course content is very real, and every minute is precious. Each page of the small study is absolutely not a joke. It's like getting a box of first-aid kits, and I have a lot of incomprehension terms, such as CPM/CPN, SEO, which I haven't been able to do, and I'm a self-evident mocking of women in the team.In addition to giving me knowledge, the little school is more "attitude," which is far more than technology and ability to do things, like the gardener is tidying a potted plant to trim some of the mixed Ridge corners of my personality.

Second Real : Every day is good.I still remember the second day of the internship, and my mother called and asked me about the internship situation. I said, " It's very challenging!But I think it's full of happiness.When I first met you, I found that everyone was great, and the interns here were selected: mastery of language, strong sense of logic, bold expression, rich experience, and many countries, all of which I'm not good at, but I'm more than happy to be able to work with a group of ideas, good people, collisions, and more likely.I look forward to a more vigorous development that will follow.Every day, I've done something in this office, I've learned a little bit more, and I feel so deeply about myself growing up, becoming a little bit better, and occasionally looking at your own, and imagine that many people are looking at what I want to say at this point, and that's what I call a sense of pragma.

likes lunch, cup coffee, and play games with everyone

Real and discover many things you want to work hard to edit, index cards, don't go deep enough, the web site isn't wide enough, the reading direction isn't wide enough, lots of things I can't make up for a half hour, and it takes a long, cumulative, continuous observation, and I think there's still a little more time to run.I'm going to get you out of here.Women are like a certain religion, and through its deep baptism, we become a frenzy believer, and here we believe in the same thing, we know the gloss of women in the dark, and we believe in the unique existence of each individual, and that person is you and me.

you get off work, you decide to listen to the old rock and roll on the long kilo, and on the long road of Keelung, it may be like this Keelung Road, perhaps occasionally traffic jams, and a lot of red lights, which will eventually arrive at the end of the road.

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