There is a training experience that is more powerful than today and every tomorrow.See how female interns think about, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

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I still remember the afternoon of the interview, and the long, three-hour long experience of the was the most interesting and profound interview , and after the end of the interview, I said to myself, "Ah!"That's it, here. Here's the place where you always wanted, women's fan has an undefended force, such as finding a friend who has been separated for many years, not only seeing the characteristics of a single person, but also digging into your talents, understanding the sense of the value and feeling of your insecurity.

True: All of them are real!

The first day went to womany, sex was all day long, from the introduction of women's fans to how to make notes and file management, and then to the media, and to look at a whole range of courses, I was like a sponge that was dry enough, and I suddenly had a lot of moisture.

I know I'm not a computer screen, but a woman who has never imagined how much influence she would have, until she said that we had a very large number of readers each month, and that we had been very cautious, and I really wanted to connect readers and authors with words, and with little force to .

, everyone is serious about working, trying to learn, and many students are willing to go to the end to tell us where the bad things are. We don't feel bad. We all want to get better. We all want to be better. We all want to be efficient.

This is true. People are thoughtful. Some people are thoughtful. Some people are creative, others have strong humanities, others have strong humanities, people have strong humanities, people have strong humanities, others have strong language skills, others have strong language skills, and others have a strong .

Heart: We're a distraction team

"We are a walking team, emphasizing love and warmth, and constantly thinking about how to make yourself better, better team, and better women, always better, be proactive , do logic thinking and action plan." Sister Shuan , and say, softly and sincerely.

Shuan is always worried about whether we're too tired, and I really want to say it out loud.The teacher says that when you to school, the teacher says, "I like to spend some time with you, and I like to think about it."

womany is a very attitutional team with a "energy" force, a "heart" to have a "heart", and what I see as a profession, like "womany, like Harvard, amplifies everyone's personal qualities", sees what works and values combine, and womany becomes a vocation for life.

is dark, unless there is passion; all the passion is blind, unless there is knowledge; all work is useless unless there is a job; all work is empty, and all work is empty, and I'm probably a sentimental person, no matter how blurry and uncertain in the future, is a complete success "

There is no place to go, no place to learn, curiosity and passion, every day with a full of notebooks, challenging tasks, and hum hearts, so you realize that womany has a lot of heart, and you know that you're going to a better place.

I don't know how long this path will be when you go home on your first day home, and you only know that there will be many challenges along the way, and I believe we can all be better than better.