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The second week of the second week of the internship is so exciting!A good weather that should be on holiday, but I am still on the way to the company. The first week of adrenaline is burned, and the second week begins with a tough battle!The company's people stop to listen to everyone's report, and the first lesson is to learn to take the valuable time of everyone.

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Each intern will report a competitor analysis on Monday, but more importantly suggests that womany 'better' be recommended.In women's fans, it can always be better!When you look at your Reports , you find that I still have a lot of places to do, whether it's the architecture, the depth, the key points of the content, the graphics configuration ... and so on. In the past, you could get A's report in a real world: "Children, you're still far away!"(Sibling: say influence: presentation content is fast )

Analyzing reports is the first step, and requires macroscopic and exquisite observation of each object, using objective and fair method reasoning to compare analysis, not only feelings, but also to convince others that it is meaningful to be representative of the real situation!In the end, the "concrete" solution was put forward, and it was very fond of the Corp saying, "The negative list is unable to solve the problem, and the positive list is good.""


we're going to be find a better solution,

that's the way to make a woman, let yourself, make the world a better way!

After the report, it's actually low, and constantly asking yourself, " Why didn't you do better?" you prepare your own standards, you have to be professional, and you have a teacher who says to me," When you make a customer what you want to , what happens after the customer imagers everything you want, " and that's professional !(You would like: Isn't time enough?Take a look at the 12 entrepreneurs to increase their productivity )

When you edit, you turn yourself over to a closer at

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formally starting to enter the editor's work orbit, beginning to produce articles in addition to daily newspaper-making articles!I (though always lazy and slow) writing a blog , I can write something to others, it's a great thing, and I want to be touched by what I write.Let people like it!But the edited job is definitely not like Callie in Desire City , and you can make a book in the apartment one weekend?When I wrote an article, I wanted Kelly to edit the first challenge : reading foreign websites, frankly I wouldn't look at foreign websites, but because of the content sharing every morning, I started looking at foreign websites and keeping up with the latest news and ideas. The daily things are several more what they originally looked at.Although every day watching the article is very tiring, it's also a very interesting process, because every day I find new things, and I am a very pleasant thing to be curious about!

When editing is also a process of digging your own head and soul, the articles written out will not lie. These articles are self-revealing and extensibility, and they are also a process of rediscovering their own.

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How do you see what you want to share? How do you see what you want to share? You can see what you need to explore from a phenomenon. It's a soft and moderate approach to a depth but not too difficult to understand. This from my first depth of four times.(Extended reading: Women, can be different: Helen Browne's life of life )

The last challenge: a title convention, a good article needs to be seen to be worth it, so editing another important job is to get a title that fits the article to get a title that fits the article, but can't be too entitled to .

Edits have fixed work every day, and these are very basic and very important, and the devil is hiding in details , with the exception of the details of the article itself, and constantly enriching the new discoveries that you bring to readers. It is an interesting place to edit life!At present, I enjoy this process very much. I hope that I can work hard to write a good article, so that the number of times that the article has been modified can be reduced by one point to the professional of the

ps. This week it's a little bit of a visit to this week. I'll share with you a few lessons, and I'll share with you later.

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