Who says you need to starve?Let womany teach you to drink beautiful and have a good figure!

womany Editor's: However, in the face of slimming, don't forget to take good care of your body, today womany wants to share with you a good way to get a healthy body! Author Wonderful Fruit juice > of < 7 days Fujii, once unfit to 70 kgs, was not confident at the time. She gradually recovered the juice and let's take a look at Juice The magic power! (Recommended to you: fruit should be cut like this!-

Leverage the power of enzymes to downsize! Beautiful!

you with juice : Wake up in the morning with a cup of fruit juice with vegetables. It is surprising that such a simple habit can affect your body, skin, mind, and many “ good effects ”. But it is not possible to deny that this is the fact that I, as well as many of the people who started to drink morning juice, are indeed feeling. First, let me first talk about the good morning juice and how it works. Then pass on the simple and good drinkable Juice that I've been drinking. First of all, please start with the day of the week “ every morning at the ”.

The beauty and health of new fruit juice is more pleasing to others. Let's first mediate the secret of the power.(Pushing for you: Three-meal).(from Qingming to the Beauty of the Slightly Beautifying)

1. A rich enzyme that makes you skinny !

indispensable to metabolize food and body metabolism. We have a potential enzyme in our body. But because of too many eating and so on, the digestive enzyme can be reduced when the digestive system is too heavy for the digestive system. metabolic , which is a fat body. The ability to make up for this is the food ferment in the food. Vegetables or fruit is the treasure of these enzymes. Use Fruit and Vegeated Fruit Fruit juice to be used to replenest the enzyme as the enzyme is ideal as soon as the enzyme is destroyed. Fruits and vegetables Fruit

2. Vitamins, minerals make you more beautiful, more gas-

In fruit or vegetables, a vitamins A, C, E, and vitamins B that are metabolically deficable.It also contains minerals such as iron, calcium, and so on which are readily available.If you get used to drinking a drink in the morning, you can get a beautiful skin and a full vitality.

3. Food fibres allow gastroenterounch

The gut environment is a key to health.Vegetables and fruits that contain rich food fibres can increase the volume of the poop so that it can be smoother and smoother.The good bacteria in the intestine increase and improve the enteral environment by excretion of the old waste material discharged from the health.Let beauty spread naturally from inside and outside.(Recommended for you: Beautiful time difference, Korean Star taught you to make a natural check-in)

4. Antioxidant components to resist

Fruit or vegetables with rich polyphenols, cigars , vitamins A, C, E and so on! You can avoid active oxidation attacks that lead to the aging of the cells, and thus have the effect of age resistance. You should also be able to harm the anti- .

5. Potassium combating swollen

If eats or lunchs are too much eaten, they consume too much salt, and the sodium ions in the body are kept at a certain concentration, and the body will water , which is easily swollen. To adjust this point, there is abundant potassium in the fresh fruits and vegetables. fruit juice has a good effect on preventing edema.

6. vitamin C against mental

Adrenaline, blood pressure rise, and increased sugar in blood when mental stress becomes larger. At the time of adrenaline production, vitamin C will be consumed in large quantities. People with large mental stress, use vegetable juice or fruit juice to supplement vitamin C every day. (Recommended to you: out of the circle!Ten, the more beautiful you drink, the more beautiful it is

cutting method for juice

make Juice with a conditioning machine, learn the basic ingredients of the food. can easily loosen the juice you drink!

kiwifruit peel after

bitter when seeds are broken. Juice is bitter. Cut off the head after cutting off the skin, cut into four equal parts, and then throw it in the machine and stir it, and prevent the seeds from being broken.


the of the head is cut off, cut into four bars. Then peel the skin into a sip. When you eat directly, you have to go to the core, but you can use it together as a juice. (also recommended: delicious cooking recipes: 30 minutes of hyperbolic dread )

Peppers to Deseed

sweet pepper can be easily removed with a thumb to After lengthwise cutting, clean the seeds, cotton, and cotton, and cut into 3 to 4 centimetres. Because the skin is hard, it is easier to stir up a little bit more easily.

Carrots to be ptiles

carrot is clean, and even the skin can be used. Cut the head and cut it in half, and then cut it into a few centimetres in length. Like carrots and white radishes, this kind of hard food should be used together with the more ingredients of the fruit juice. (I hope you like: delicious cooking recipes: low calories!Water-boiling tomato potato radish salad )

to the core and

the apple is cleaned, the skin can be used. into four , and then cut to 3 to 4 cm in length after removing seeds. The closer the apple gets closer to the core, the more sweet it is, so you don't cut too much around the core.

Fruit juice practice- Remember the trick is simple!

's learn the basic way to use conditioning machinery to make juice. As long as you know the secret, you can easily make a good drink with a conditioning machine in your own home.

. Water-to-water food should be placed under the

cut vegetable or fruit is placed in the conditioning machine. citrus or grapes, pineapples, and so on, are placed in a much more easily rotatable way.

2. The leaf category is to be placed at the

Fruit or hard vegetables are first put in. It is not easy to have bitter taste in the uppermost order of leaf vegetables or vanilla. (Recommended to You: Vegetable Fruit, Healthy First Steps! )

3. Cover the lid and start agitation

easy mixing, you can add some water, cover the cover, open the switch. When the conditioning machine is not easy to rotate, stop temporarily, open the lid, and centralize the material to the center.

4. Leave Vega Meat Enjoy

a few pieces left behind. If you stop stirring before becoming smooth and fine juice, you can enjoy the taste of the fruits and vegetables.

5. Further stir become more slipperless

agitating and the scum of the scum is finished. ON is alternating with OFF repeatedly, stirring to the extent that it likes to fall into the cup.