John Legend's new song "You & I (Nobody into the world)" along with the lyrics of the mood, bring out our incomparable self-confidence.

"YOU&I (no one in the world) with" MV

John Legend The latest release of a good gentle mv "you & I (Nobody)", causing a wide range of women's resounding. This MV successfully advocated the most natural and unique beauty of women.

In today's rap singer's mv, she always likes to have hot women twist their hips in front of the camera. But now there is a film in the music circle that advocates the beauty of nature and praises all kinds of women in the world. He let us to recognize the so-called beauty of the definition, not necessarily the slender limbs, waist and hips, perfect nine head body, as long as you are a woman, you have the world's most unique beauty.

You're making up your makeup.
But I guess you probably don't know how beautiful you are.
You try to wear every piece of your clothes
Half an hour ago, you were beautiful in my eyes.
If your mirror can't show your beauty
I'll let you know

A woman in a variety of different situations in the MV. including John Legend's wife, Teigen, and a number of vegetarian women. the lens, in the form of a mirror, brings out the daily life of these women, as well as the moments of success or fragility.

The most impressive is that Cox slowly wiped away her makeup, but under exquisite makeup, even Sohe, a pretty confident woman. Another breast cancer patient, she took off her blouse, looked in the mirror to examine herself, strong face has been removed one side of the breast, no longer symmetrical body. Even though the most important part of women is always cut apart, it conveys a strong beauty.

You're still wondering if you're the one I want
You don't have to try.
No need to try.
Don't try, don't try.
You don't have to try

through the song lyrics and MV, successfully sung the most natural beauty of women. Regardless of age, race or height and weight, every woman in her life is the most special presence in the world. Stop worrying about the flaws in the mirror, and stop being disappointed with your body, your skin, or your illness, John Legend, with his warm voice telling us that we are not perfect, because imperfection is also one of the most unique beauty.

Among all the girls
You're mine, my only girl
There's no one in the World tonight
No star shines more than you
There's no one else in the world but me and you
Me and you, me and you
There's no one in the World tonight
Except for you and me.

John Legend said: "Sometimes it is to tell the people you love that they are unique." "Dear girls, women fans want to speak loudly to you, do not care too much about worldly vision, you are you, there is no body called a bad figure, there is no place can be called ugly." be generous to yourself, you are more unique than the stars in the sky.