lot of dreams, but remember what your dream was when I was a kid?We want to the way you dream of museums, you deserve to be treasvalued.

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you often wondering where your dream was when you were a child?

“ Remember when I first got out of society, I was full of blood and wanted to realize my dream, but now every day my whole family is full of anxiety about how to be unaltered.” of fake clothes and night removal, how are you tired of trying to cry again?

“ Tour the world, as a columnist, went abroad to MBA … ”, you have a how-yup dream tell yourself, gritely, because it's not enough to resist the reality that none of these dreams have ever been realized, so we have to go down and go.

, we are all the same.

“ Women have many and many dreams.”

's fans believe that every dream is equally valuable, whether it is big or small. dreams that are hidden at the bottom of the heart are shared with women's fans! , upload your collections of dreams from your dreams and build a museum that belongs to our dreams. you are still afraid, let us go forward together to hear the real stories of bravery dream, and they are all mundane, like us, and also feel anxious and lost. there are some extraordinary things, because they are not afraid of the future of the dream, and are only afraid of those decisions that have not been taken for too long.

, dear, and with us, complete the trilogy of dreams! time you must!

, Womany

first song: The Museum of Dreamany, Dreams Museum, Your Dream!

: 7/16 ~ 8/31

the dream is a small one, we are all the creators of our dreams. The idea of a museum is an exhibition assembled by a dream souvenir, and the story of every dream begins to be treased by everyone. yourself a letter, a ring, an old cell phone full of text messages, a childhood favorite teddy bear, and … on. These mundane lives have become extraordinary because of our dreams. The Museum of Dreamany -- this museum belongs to you, and belongs to us. you upload your dreams, upload your dreams, you have an opportunity to display in good faith, and let everyone see your mundane, but unremarkable dreams. your dream!

page, dream of two songs: entrepor, teaching you how to realize your dreams!

songs: GEM, teach you how to

many ways to approach dreams? many ways to realize the dream? the road to your dreams, we are experiencing difficulties, setbacks, stress, pain, but also feel the joy and sense of achievement. Hear about the dream stories of the two entrepreneurs, the founder of the social enterprise stream, to talk about how to stick to good things in a capitalist society! listen to Flying V's founder Lin Hung-chuen, how big is the effort to make the same effort! two entrepreneurs tell us the most true story about the possibility of realizing their dreams, not just one.

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: 8/1 (5) 19:30 ~ 21:00

at the earth


: Lin Hongquan, Founder of FlyingV,

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  • of the social enterprise: Lin

Graduated from the Department of Public Administration, University of Texas at the University of Texas, The University of Texas at Austin, Texas. first Chinese-language social enterprise information convergence platform “ was launched in 2012 by various social innovation models, wants to share social innovation, social enterprise information, and deliver “ innovation and entrepreneurship to improve the knowledge and intelligence of society ” and connect social enterprises around the world.

  • FlyingV Founder: Lin Hongquan

Hong is co-founder of the Jane Doe, 2007 and Yahoo!After the merger, Chea was also responsible for Yahoo!The Asia Pacific community service product planning manager is responsible for participating in Yahoo!Product planning for the global social platform. Lin officially left Yahoo in March 2011.Chimo, founded in April 2012, created a flyingV.cc (public fundraising platform), hoping to encourage young people to start businesses through this platform. of this point, the flyingV.cc has raised more than 100 million dollars for more than 220 groups and has created a new venture capital ecosystem in Taiwan. (Dot I look at Lin: not talking )

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page, dream of trilogy: Facing dreams, we stand up!

Trilogy: Face the dream, we stand

has dreams, but not everyone has the ability to realize their dreams, perhaps the key is just how much you want to sacrifice for your dreams? much work? you have the courage to set foot on the hard road of thorns? 's fans invite classical straddling musician Su Ziren to tell you how to make a day in the music world of the elite, and to make modern music creative genius Huang Chun-lang tell you how to transform from a lover of music to Chou Chieh-lun's use of a word. Hear their dream stories, face dreams, and you can choose to stand up.

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: 8/24 (days) 15:00 to 16:30


: Tunnen B2F Visual

Presenter: Classical Cross-Border Musicians Modern Music Creator Huang Chun-lang

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  • Classical Cross-Border Musicians: Su Ziyin

-E-C-E-C-classical violinist, Master of Violin Performance in the Juilliard School of Music. link between music and sensory emotion is sensitive to judgment and sensitivity and loves to tell stories to friends with music. been developed in New York for many years, and has been the chief of the violin at the major international music festivals. 2008-2010, Tarisio Auctions, the world's first online auction company, was the project manager and trained the connoisability of the violin and the sound. to Asia in 2010 to find another possibility of music and life. violin player Joe Deninzon and the six-string electric violin Viper, who had been named as Gracpelli and Jimi Hendrix in New York, stepped on his first ruptured tone and detonated an unprecedented sound after his activation and guidance.

  • music creative talent: Huang Chun-lang

on August 5, 1973, and graduated from the Department of Land and Lands in Chunghsing Law, and the Linyuan of Kaohsiung. , Jolin's , Jolin's , doesn't think it's a big deal for the man who wrote the , Jolin's , Jolin's .

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