Be a daring and naïve dreamer, but set your goals and stick to your consistent convictions: do what you want to do, and do it with all your strength.

FLYINGV, a "dream" of fund-raising platform, in Taiwan have a dream and desire to achieve the people, as long as the FLYINGV to apply for your dream may be due to the strength of everyone to achieve! FLYINGV is a gathering place that breeds countless beautiful dreams. (Recommended reading: The feeling of the dream to pull big!) the bigger the better.

On a summer afternoon, we were very happy to talk to FLYINGV founder-Lin Hongquan (small aperture) of his dream. Just walked into the FLYINGV office, red background white logo let a person in the heart filled with a heavy brush the feeling of the guitar, full of overflowing enthusiasm, hope and unlimited possibilities . After listening to countless successful stories, we wonder what kind of person can build a platform for people to tell a good story. Let us share with you the true voice of the small and the heart!

A consistent belief: to do what you want, to do it with all your strength.

Before the establishment of FLYINGV, small light in the university and the same department of the elder brother to build the Taiwan's largest social platform -nameless station, the platform daily flow of more than million, can be said to be the most fiery, even the world's top hundred Web site ranking of the shining star , it can be said that the young has become a very successful "entrepreneur"in the eyes of the public. But the little one smiled and said, in fact, did not think at all, just rely on a momentum, and feel that this thing is very interesting enthusiasm to a network of the world .

"Actually, I never thought I was starting a business, and I couldn't tell you what it was," said Xiao Guang. Taiwan has millions of listed companies, some more than 10 years, some may only set up 56, you say they are starting a business? Probably a lot of people don't feel it. But what is known as ' entrepreneurship ' is nothing different from what we do! "(Recommended to you: successful entrepreneurs are different from what you think )

We just hold a stable company to survive, and then do not afford to trust our friends.

In order to fulfill their promise to the net friend, at that time only 20 years old they came to Taipei with easy baggage, crowded in only two ping big Room began to organize the company, in the even sell advertising is what is not understand the situation, to find ways to support the future operation of nameless station.

If it fails, start all over again.

Hono Lay was the first to FLYINGV, because it was the first team to try and dream with them, and the feeling of a revolutionary partner in North Europe for the small, and their story to some extent also represented the beginner's mind and head of the FLYINGV team. Every time I recall the enthusiasm and momentum, can let the small-aperture heart again boiling!

How could you leave them? The big deal is to fail and start over. (Recommended to you: Eight successful entrepreneurs want to understand the truth when they are young )

In the middle of two generations of small-screen consciousness although nameless is "network 2.0" service, but in fact their business thinking still stay in the "Network 1.0" mode. People in the public are digging up the so-called new profit model, talk about how to innovate, they only want to be nameless as a brand management, good service to those who support their way to the network of people.

Recognize your own nature, find the way to life

After being successfully bought by Yahoo in Taiwan, the unnamed station has spent four years in Yahoo. He has undergone a completely different process from the entrepreneurial period. "In a large team like this, you will experience a lot of communication and coordination skills and experience the difficulties of different departments--even multinational teams," said Xiao Guang. "The biggest difference between a big company with scale and a new one," he says, is to learn to compromise. "It's not good to have a lot of ' compromise 'on the idea and the final outcome that was originally put into execution," said the author. I think this is a certain size of the organization will experience the price. No one or department is right, because they just want to do what the team has to achieve. "And that's what made him decide to leave Yahoo, start from scratch, and then create FLYINGV." (also recommended: woman fan CEO share: Empower team with corporate culture!) )

To venture again with the halo of a nameless station and Yahoo, the expectations of the people around us is beyond imagination, and before that, small-aperture gave himself a "Gap year", which brought him great strength, but also let him recognize his own nature , more sure that he is a although there are too many want to do, But if there is no strong reason not to fight, exhausted to execute the people, and FLYINGV in this situation was born.

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This is also I have the ability to do it well one thing, that is to create a platform!

Small light feel although the orientation is different, nameless is let everyone in above say what they want to say, and FLYINGV is to let everyone in the above to build their dreams , but for him, he is in building a can let everyone glow fever, sway creative stage. He doesn't need to be creative all the time, as long as he's trying to maintain a place where everyone can perform, that gives him ten full of agitation and energy.

The first and most pure force: Don't forget beginner's mind

Asked about the most impressive project, the unexpected small picture did not mention any large or prestigious case, but instead raised the name of the team that was working to boost the recovery plan for Taiwan's unpopular spots. (recommended to the Northern European article: Bend to listen to the secrets of Taiwan's Land )

Hono Lay was the first to FLYINGV, because it was the first team to try and dream with them, and the feeling of a revolutionary partner in North Europe for the small, and their story to some extent also represented the beginner's mind and head of the FLYINGV team. Every time I recall the enthusiasm and momentum, can let the small-aperture heart again boiling!

Only by remembering your initial beliefs and determination can you be steadfast on the way forward and not at a loss. (Extended reading: Practitioner: A Dream practitioner full of passion and creativity, Kevin Kuo)

It is because I believe in the firm belief that I am doing the right thing, so that the small-aperture in the face of many team reorganization, than outsiders think of calm and open-minded. He feels that everyone has passion and imagination for the company, but not everyone goes in the same direction, he gives the best wishes and thanks to the departed partners, and believes that there will be other people who have common convictions to join the team and move forward towards the common goal.

Be a dreamer who dares to remain naïve

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From the nameless to the present FLYINGV, you can imagine that the small number of small must face many regardless of fame or wealth of the temptation, for these temptations he firmly said: "I have never let myself directly face those possible temptations, keep distance will let me more objective to operate the platform." ”

When we asked the little man to give some advice to the person who was trying to pursue his dream, he simply threw the phrase:

Try it! And it would be better to fail earlier! (Recommended to you:Mr jamie Failure and error )

The little man looked at us with a bit of surprise and then added, he felt that people are too afraid of the "failure" of the matter, so confined to the possibility of development, and do not know the exact measure of their ability limit, not a snob, is to think too simple.

As long as you find a thing that you are willing to bet and can do well, it is a good thing to do it well, is not a very serious matter? Of course, a breakthrough would be even better!

Listening to the small and forthright encouragement, and then looking back at his brilliant journey from nameless to FLYINGV, he is using his experience to show young people to realize the dream process needs to understand the real face, but also remind us to remember the importance of beginner's mind .

This afternoon, we have a new understanding of the nature of the dream, but also a new understanding of small. He is really a dream practitioner who does not talk about dreams but shines in his mouth!