Thank you for your love for Womany, because your support makes us more motivated, we work harder to plan richer content and share with you.

Monday afternoon, we reported Q3 & Q4 's project, because last week's experience, so we are very nervous, although there are many places to learn, but hear senior said we have made progress really very happy, and, content lab unrestrained and carefully planned themes are well liked by everyone really very very Achievement feel, thank you for our love, the wall posted a lot of opinions, we will consider in detail when planning. Thank you for your opinion, every one I look carefully!

this week I served as Fan group Operation the operator, the pressure is really not small, every day constantly press the Face Book fan page to rearrange, worry about which article failed, and I hope which can share the number of praise, began to long-term operation Fan Group Tanya, because it takes up most of my time to run a fan club, spend more than two hours a day thinking about copywriting, thinking about which article to use, what kind of popular, what time period fits, and charmimg Lab cooperation, help push activities, think of different copy or change the map, finally finally sorted into a table, sometimes, there will be some unexpected situation must change the schedule, frankly, I to today's fifth days are still very anxious, every minute is still learning.

This week's article volume because of a lot of accumulation, so to press on, I have been not good at writing books, the mastery of the word , there is a great room for progress, and constantly rush the article at the same time, sincerely for the content of the other partners of lab proud, efficiency first and always write the depth of the text Yoyo , text rendering power is very strong Abby , Image mastery of the yuan, I always look at others, think of themselves, have been told that they can not shout tired, not lazy, do not stop Any learning steps or possible , thank you for giving me a lot of strength to improve.

Thursday afternoon and Jolin with the interview, in addition to tension or tension, although the simulation interview last week, but the feeling of live ammunition is very different, probably to prepare 120 points, in order to be full of brokers, make-up artist, nanny, TV station staff on the occasion, performance of 100 points. Jolin is a very good example, I was in the audit, she also asked me and she said where can be a better place. Interview is a great experience, never thought that they have the opportunity to contact with celebrities, not to mention is face-to-face, to lose professional friends posture chat, will be very cherish, continue to study hard, digging out more wonderful stories .

The last day of work in July, we had a nice dinner together, big eat special Eat also big play than hand draw feet, that two hours is very warm, although everyone's shoulders are still many tasks on the shoulder, but we will not neglect the emotional contact, we work hard, also hard to play, this is I like Womany of the place.

Finally, very jolin and farewell, secretly here and you shout, although the card is also written almost, or to loudly thank you again, thank you for teaching content lab A lot of many, thank you always worry about us, we are worried about you, you really hard! to the United States to eat a bit more yo, you are great, will be more and more good, later still want to come back to see us yo!

One day a woman fan, lifelong female fan, although the body is far, the heart is near.