3 billion tons Vegetable Fruit Discarding only due to poor “ selling. Vegetable Fruit is dropped for the “ can such a waste of food resources be reduced?

all know that many parts of the world are facing severe hunger, where people don't have healthy drinking water in many places; the local children have a big belly, stare eyes, and they don't know where the next dinners are, not just in the documentary, but actually in the world.

However, even though we all know this cruel fact, if we look at our daily lives more carefully, we will find 're actually still wasting food.

think about it, when a group of people in a world is suffering from hunger and famine, we often follow the unfinished lunch, drink half of the drinks, and dislike flavors of bread in the trash can. the trash, it is not trash, but a full, wasted food resource.

third largest supermarket Intermarche has a series of rescue plans for “ that appear to be ugly and not on the table ” to the French survey, 3 billion tons of vegetables and fruits each year are thrown into the trash because “ are not " sold out ”, but in fact their nutritional value is not the same as the fruit of “ good-to-sell ” fruit.

do you want customers to be willing to buy these fruits that should have been thrown into the trash to reduce excessive waste? Intermache's mindset ” (inglorious fruits and vegetables/Fruits et l é gumes moches). vegetables and fruits that should have been dumped in the trash, put them on the shelf of the supermarket, next to the “ fruits of the " sale of good ”. (Recommended Reading: More Vegetable Fruit, Healthy First )

Legion of Ugly Vegetable Fruit and Fruit Legions Intrusion Supermarket, they are

strange apple A Grotesque Apple

looks like a funny potato The Ridiculus potato

scary Orange

lemon The Failed Lemon (recommended for you! lemonade for virus whitening )

Twist twist eggplant

have also introduced the “ Ugly Vegetable Juice ” test to convince people that they look as good as they look like, as they taste really good conquers the stubborn French appetite, and at the same time, buy “ Ugly Vegetable Fruit ”, and 70 % discount off! (Sibling): , Beautiful, Juice )

project will soon cause a sensation, and they only have one problem, that is, these uncheathing vegetable fruits are sold better than they thought! than a few days are dumped out! the first two days of the sale, the market sold an average of 1.2 tons of fruit and vegetables, and this ingenuucius also allowed the market sales to grow 24 %!

Intermarche's creative thinking not only cleverly avoided the food waste crisis, but also caused a stir in the French media, and even suggested that all supermarkets in France should work together to carry out the “ Ugly Vegetable Fruit Project ”!

there are many things that need to be changed in this world, but at the same time there are many people working to make the world a better one, and we look forward to a similar plan in Taiwan, to reduce the plight of small farmers in Taiwan, and to make food resources better utilized. (We want to see ugly fruit and vegetable projects in Taiwan!) (Not wasted, as well as this example: Fashion is not a waste of time, the advanced booking of the cross-season )

it's only a waste of us, a bit of thinking about our own lives, and a lot of attention to the resources of food, to maintain a more harmonious and lasting relationship with our land, our land.