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Are you also a girl who likes to eat fruit? Although fruit on the human body is a lot of benefits, but if the sensitive physiological period, we have to pay attention to eat the kind of fruit! This Womany help you to organize the most suitable in the physiological period to eat and should not eat fruit, to make you eat all the time the most appropriate fruit, every day when the water! ( to the dear you: eat more fruits and vegetables, healthy first step!) )

10 different physiological periods for eating and not eating fruit

Fruit is divided into four gas, respectively, "cold, cool, warm, hot" these four kinds of properties. Like to eat fruit you, the physiological period to remember to adjust the type of fruit to eat; because some fruits eat may cause the opposite effect, let your menstrual pain aggravate. ( you may also want to know: Get rid of it!) 5 ng habits that make menstrual cramps more serious

If you are not sure what kind of physique, the following has a small body of physical testing; see which one of the physical projects you have the most, you can know whether they belong to the "hot" or "cold" physique of the people!

Small detection:

Thermal Constitution you may easily have >>>

1. Head fever, facial prone to flushing
2. Often thirsty
3. Prefer cold drinks to hot drinks
4. Very afraid of sultry and airless environment
5. Easy to be nervous and excited, angry and furious
6. The sweat is more strong, the body smell
7. Secretion is strong and easy to smell
8. Easy to be agitated, impatient, less patient
9. Often plagued by constipation
10. Strong metabolism, easy to feel hungry
11. On the face or body more easily acne
12. The physiological period is easier to report in advance

Cold sexual Constitution you may easily have >>>

1. blood pressure is usually a little lower than the average person
2. Easy anemia, head will feel dizzy
3. Prefer hot drinks to cold drinks
4. Less thirsty and less water
5. Easy Cold Limbs
6. Frequent diarrhea or a sparse stool
7. A lot of urine, the color is usually very light
8. Low resistance, vulnerable to external environmental impact and illness
9. The recovery period of illness is relatively long, not easy to recover
10. Lips are easily bloodless
11. Limbs often feel powerless and mentally incompetent
12. More likely to be late for the physiology period

If you are hot physique, in order to let the body achieve balance, should eat more cold fruit, conversely, if cold sex physique, it is suitable to eat more warm fruit. and both are not belong to the "flat" fruit, it is suitable for two kinds of physique people to eat. Therefore, the physiological period of reporting, the most need is to eat more flat fruit , will not fan the flames, so that the heat of the Constitution become overheated, cold physique become too cool, destroying the original natural law of the body.

Four gas focus of food finishing:

warm sex: can let the body function is excited, increase the vigor, let you energetic, can help the cold sex physique person to improve the anaemia phenomenon, but the heat sex physique person eats more, may cause the hyperactivity, and causes the congestion, even the constipation situation.

hot sex: can let the body feel heat, reach eradicates cold effect. Suitable for people who have cold sex physique to eat.

Cool sex: can calm the body function, reduce inflammation, reduce the excitement, and help alleviate insomnia, but cold sex body of people eat more, will make anemia more serious, limbs more cold.

Cold sex: can let the body feel cool, achieve cooling effect. Suitable for people who have a hot sex constitution.

Because everyone's response to food is different, and food "hot" and "warm", "cold" and "cool" is only the extent of the difference; so as long as you know what to eat, it belongs to the warm or cold type of food. ( you may also want to know: 7 kinds of fruit that should not be eaten on an empty stomach )

When menstruation comes, can eat the warm fruit to have:

Peach, cherry, litchi, mango, peach, orange, guava, red Tico

When menstruation comes, a lot of eat the flat fruit best:

Hundred fragrant fruit, apple, lotus Mist, papaya, pineapple, raspberry, blueberry, dragon fruit, fig, grape

Among them, to "Apple" as the classic representative of the fruit, it contains rich tannins and organic acids, pectin and fiber, etc., can help stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, so that menstrual blood can be more smoothly discharged, and thus alleviate menstrual pain.

If you do not want to eat apples, you can drink fresh-brewed cinnamon apple tea, not only attractive aroma, but also to achieve the effect of temperature. In a word, the temperate fruit is the best choice for the physiological period, because they are not only sufficient water, the vitamin is also reprehensible complete. If the physiological period will be low appetite, easy waist acid fatigue, eat these fruits can also help you promote appetite, distracting you menstrual cramps attention. ( extended reading: Irritable byebye! Three kinds of fruits that effectively eliminate mental and physical problems

The same field Gayon: can bring to stew soup, tea fruit:

Golden Orange, Longan (Longan), prune, red dates (remember to go to the core will not be lit oh)

We suggest you, in the physiological period of seven days before the beginning of the fill, so the physiological period will not allow the I ching pain! ( You can also massage for yourself: Moon Goddess-essential oils for female physiological periods )

Partial yin cold fruit, in physiology period please avoid or eat less:

Cold sex: tomatoes, oranges, watermelon, kiwi, cantaloupe
Cool Sex: Western pear, carambola, strawberry, loquat, grapefruit

"Key note" physiological period how to eat fruit:

  1. During physiological periods, ingestion of too cold fruit can cause blood temperature changes, slowing circulation, clogging, causing blood clots and annoying menstrual cramps. But can pay attention to good weight, and do not eat in an empty stomach, a small amount of cold fruit is not serious.
  2. Too sour fruit, such as plum, immature acidic fruit, as well as spicy food, such as fried things, chili, mustard, etc., also do not recommend in the physiological period to eat, to avoid the impact of blood circulation; if you do not eat, it may cause a large menstrual flow, menstrual pain will be more drama.
  3. Physiological period, if not careful greedy and eat too much cold food or ice food, the remedy is to drink brown sugar boiled ginger, in order to balance the body's blood temperature. In addition, brown sugar ginger can also help the blood fluent and warm the uterus, and thus reduce menstrual pain discomfort.

I hope this introduction, so that each girl on the fruit of the four gas theory has a clearer concept, learn how to eat the fruit, you can make changes in the physiological period of beauty! ( Finally, we want you to always remember: Woman, you are actually more beautiful than you think )

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If you eat right, happiness will follow you.

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