A person's personality highlights how he chooses beverages, and perhaps you can learn more about each other through a drink test!

Beverage can leak your personality?

Maybe you think it's too arbitrary to judge a person's personality from a drink, but to be honest, some people really sneak from your drink, secretly imagine what you're like.Of course, you can also tell each other's drinks from each other's drinks.

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Martini (Martini)

If a man wants to be a martini, she wants you to be impressed.If you're a woman, Martini, it's a kind of hard-to-control.

whiskey (Whisky)

man with a whiskey of whiskey is a very heavy taste for everything, and is highly sensory.If a woman loves whiskey, she usually has too many stories and needs a big man who can understand her.

Vodka (Vodka)

A man who likes vodka is very hard to grasp, and even looks a little cold on the outside, but in fact he is very passionate.And a little vodka woman who likes to try something different!

Red Wine

man who drinks red wine, whether he understands or not, wants to show that the taste of the product is a little bit more than that of the time. Usually, it's a good one, but it's always a bit smoother.A woman's little red wine and a lazy cup of wine are always more feminine and elegant.(Recommended reading: learn in three minutes!Beginners' Guide to Taste of Red wine )


A man who points to Mojito is always a little childishy, and this is the favorite wine of the Ming family, Hemingway.And women who like Mojito always have a different kind of fresh and childish naiveche.


People who are usually afraid of the wrong liquor will simply have a beer, and you can tell whether he really knows whether he really knows or fake a beer.A man who just nodd a beer is used to perfunctory behavior.A man who is very serious about picking up a variety of flavors of beer will be a bit stubborn.Women who love beers are usually very easy to do with men, and when they don't, they bring a little bit of male child.

kind of wine do you like?The next time you have a drink, you can choose what you want to show.You also have to look at each other, what kind of person is it.