Beautiful girls have had to do manicure experience, but in fact, you know, nail maintenance also has a lot of small details to pay attention yo!

Womany: We use our fingertips to knock on the keyboard, press the button on the remote control, or play a beautiful piece of music on the piano. But have you ever looked at the tiny, hard armor on your fingertips? Nails actually hide a lot of very interesting little secrets, together to understand the most important on the fingertips it! (same field Gayon: Four steps let you have healthy manicure!) )

Today, the pink, and tomorrow to wipe the favorite blue, then the day after the color of what to apply? For many women, nails are one of the most beautiful parts of a woman, and each time you see a colourful nail polish, you will always start to be elated. But about nails, in addition to the nail polish, cut nails, in fact, there are many nails we do not know the little secret, let us come together to find out!

1. No More exfoliating!

Jessica Krant, a dermatologist with a doctor of Medicine, said: "Although many nail therapists will grind off your cuticle, those cuticles can protect you from the important role of bacterial infection!" If the cuticle is too much trimmed, it is to open the protection of the body of the barrier, indirectly let the moisture and bacteria into, causing infection, pain or swelling, or even the last long nails, resulting in nail deformation.

2. The composition of the nails and hair is very similar

Spicknall, also a doctor of medicine, says the nails are made up of layers of overlapping keratin, very similar to hair composition. The surface of our body is actually covered with a thin layer of keratin, the thickest of which is the palms and the soles of the feet. So where exactly are our nails, hair and skin? Nails and hair contain more cysteine than the skin, which leads to stronger links between cells and cells. In addition, the nails also have a small amount of water and fat, while the skin surface is often keratin peeling ( nails do not ). It was amazing to think that the nails and hair, which looked completely different, were so similar to the composition.

3. The fingernails of the habitual hand are relatively fast.

When you cut your nails, if you were right-handed, did you find a slightly longer fingernail on your right hand? This is because the habitual hand is more often active, resulting in faster blood circulation, promote the nail length of the more rapid reasons. Do you want your left fingernail to catch up with your right fingernail? Now, hurry up and start swinging your left hand!

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4. Nails grow faster in high temperature conditions

Shel Pink, founder of the SpaRitual company, says people who live in high temperatures are more quick to grow nails. Why is that? Because the vitamin D in the sun will cause the nail to grow rapidly. So if your nails are cut, let's get some sun shine!

5. Visiting the salon may damage your nails

Although Nail salon is currently the hottest, but too frequent manicure, it is likely to hurt your nails. Continuous polishing will stain the nails, and the chemicals inside the adhesive will peel off the nails and make them brittle. It will take six months to replace the new nails in order to recover. So if you are a person who is interested in nail nail, it would be better to suggest a proper rest.

6. Eat healthier nails are prettier

Nails on average one months long 2~3 mm, and only need six months of healthy diet, can grow a completely healthy nails. Rose advises people to eat foods that provide keratin growth, such as high protein, Low-fat dairy products, or foods full of vitamin C.

Read so much, know a lot about the little knowledge of nails, do not hide private, quickly to tell a good sister! In addition to good sisters and healthy nails, can also be observed together every day, the hand of the fingernails in the end there is no longer faster Oh!