Gaza The conflict has caused many heartbreaking news, and we should think about the innocent people who died under these wars. Is it really necessary to solve it with war?

some say, " Gaza corridor "is the largest prison in the world, because the national conditions, the total total factor of the nation makes Gaza This narrow area was blocked by the Israeli government control. In the long run the world can not hear the Gaza people's cry, those faint cry for help by the ears of the cannon cover up, from July 8 onwards Gaza conflict has been rising, more than 692 Palestinians have died in the conflict in Gaza, thousands of of people were displaced.

We can hardly say who is right or wrong with the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, but we cannot help thinking that Israel boasts advanced technology and why would it let shells fall on the most densely populated Gaza corridor of Palestine? Is this a warning of a Palestinian possession of a rocket, or a massacre? In the face of such a humanitarian crisis, can the international community, as well as us, be silent? (What can we do in the face of sadness?) use optimism and action to care about the people around you! )

In Palestine, a man is shivering on the wall outside a dilapidated hospital, waiting to be buried for his three children. He came home late that day when an Israeli tank car launched a cannonball that hit their home, and when he returned home he saw only charred's furniture burying three children. It is not his personal sorrow, but the tragedy of the world.

the flames of war between Israel and Palestine have not ceased, and the United Nations has issued Five one of the minor victims was killed in the shelling, and the local medical staff confirmed that the victims included a number of women and children. lying in the cradle of the five-month-old boy can also be killed by a stray bullet, every few seconds, there will be a huge tank collision sound, the cry of war, can you imagine? This hatred has spread from the Dominion, the army, the race, the faith to the people, and their sadness has become angry. The father, who had lost his child, cried out in tears , "My Three sons are dead, can they get the freedom of Palestine?" "

These kids are going to practice with guns when they're young, because they have to protect themselves.

They were born to live in hatred, and the war would say to them: "You live in a heartbreaking world ." 」

Think of childhood, we have pure, laugh, have green Meh Ma, have the love of parents
Thinking of childhood, the Children of Palestine, they remembered the display of the army, the beacons, the war-deprived parents

A mother tried to protect her child in the bombing.

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The children crouched and watched the deaths and injuries in and out of the hospital, the dead and the wounded from their eyes, the appalling spectacle they looked at calmly, the child said: " This is not the first shelling, we have been accustomed to." "

What we want to ask is, can you get used to the pain?

Without the blood-dc photos, the son of a corpse, this is too cruel for us, but it exists every minute, the distant place, people died because of the war, these people can not even speak, have not grown up, have not seen the outside world how wonderful, There was no time to convince them that it was a happy thing to be alive.

we may not be able to do anything except pray for them in our hearts, and do not be afraid to let more people know this serious and sad thing, when you really go to see those unbelievable photos, you will feel very real heartache. The world is still a lot of injustice, not beautiful, we do not go to avoid a time to change things , because it is possible, these things, from you are willing to pay attention to start with hope.

What we need to do may not be to judge politics, national conditions, not to see the news of the bloodthirsty reports and choose to turn off the television, we want to say, do not get used to the world far from the disaster and report, if we continue to disregard, numbness, not to oppose these injustices, not to reject the injustice, Will the world gradually forget what is right? The victims of the war, the children who are too late to grow up, and their cries, do we hear? (What we can do is: do not be afraid, the more dark, the more you have to walk together )

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